Sunday, 31 July 2011

ATT says it will Throttle heavy data Users

The measures take effect on October 1 and will apply to the top 5 percent of heaviest data users still on an unlimited plan for its wireless network.

Read this blog post by Roger Cheng on Wireless.


XtremeSpeeds BitTorrent Admin Busted

The administrator of a growing private BitTorrent tracker is reporting that he has been raided by the authorities.

The admin of XtremeSpeeds says that he was questioned on suspicion of being involved with leading P2P release group IMAGiNE. While the investigation is underway, XtremeSpeeds will remain offline.


Alibaba launches new mobile operating software

China's Alibaba takes on established players such as Google and Apple as it launches its own mobile operating system.


Heres How US Spies Will Find You Through Your Pics

Iarpa, the intelligence communitys way-out research shop, wants to know where you took that vacation picture over the Fourth of July.

It wants to know where you took that snapshot with your friends when you were at that New Years Eve party. Oh yeah, and if you happen to be a terrorist and you took a photo with some of your buddies while prepping for a raid, the agency definitely wants to know where you took that picture � and its looki


Intermission MTV Explains the Internet in 1995

MTV's Kurt Loder reported on a "big deal technological fad" in 1995.

Some of his wisdom still rings true.


Retweeting rumors and the reality of news as a process

Are those who post unverified reports on Twitter playing an important role in the new ecosystem of news, or being irresponsible and indulging in gossip? That question goes to the heart of the idea of news as a process rather than a finished product.


ATT to Throttle Big Users of Unlimited Data

AT&T announced service throttling for the heaviest users of its unlimited mobile data plans saying the only way to truly solve its bandwidth.


Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Best File Management App for Android

You have a few choices when it comes to browsing your files on Android, but few apps are as powerful as ES File Explorer, which we consider the best of the bunch.


The 25 Funniest Planking Fails Caught On Video

As the craze that took over the Internet draws to a close, we take a look at the lowest planking moments caught on camera.


Security Clearance Backlog Keeps Thousands of Skilled Workers from qualified positions

Government background checks necessary for clearance often take more than a year...



Knowledge management the evolution

There is a well-known transition of thought that has been singularly clear since the beginning of human existence: data becomes information, information becomes knowledge, knowledge becomes wisdom.


Is Internet Explorer For The Dumb A New Study Suggests Exactly That

Internet Explorer users scored a lot below average on IQ tests as compared to Firefox, Chrome etc.

So this suggests only dumb ppl use IE anymore :)


What Do Parrots Prostitutes Have In Common Heidi Fleiss

From Madame to Macaw Madness The infamous former Hollywood Madam� Heidi Fleiss established one of the most notorious illegal sex businesses ever in the U.S. in the 1990's.

Living the high life (literally and figuratively), her stint in the fast lane was replete with a mansion and millions of dollars, before her 'ho empire crumbled. Three years in jail and a stint in rehab under her belt - Fleiss is now looking to get her life back on track.


Friday, 29 July 2011

Rodman was the Original NBA Planker PIC

Sorry Gilbert Arenas, but Dennis Rodman was ahead of his time with this whole 'planking' thing


10 Undeniably Nerdy Burger King Kids Meal Toy Sets

Indeed, the King gave his subjects a lot of great figures and figurines over the years, especially when it came to the DC animated universe.


Nations Climatologists Exhibiting Strange Behavior

For some reason, climatologists have been running around in an agitated state, waving their little arms and squawking about "global warming."


Through the Roof

There are some places you just shouldn't ride a bike, even a BMX


Casey Anthony Mask Sells For 999900 w Free Shipping on eBay

While it's certainly up for debate if Nancy Grace really needs another scary mask, we may never know the identity of the user who pledged to plunk down almost a million bucks for the horrifying (and creepily accurate) mask.


7 Old West UFO Encounters That Probably Actually Happened

American history boasts a fairly healthy collection of Old West UFO stories during the 1800�s.

Newspapers from the 1800�s are jam-packed with awesome UFO sightings. Here are 7 encounters that actually happened�(maybe).


Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Man Without a Facebook [VIDEO]

Once in a while a friend request will come along that will change your life forever. .


US Stocks Drop on DebtCeiling Concern Decline in Durable Goods Orders

U.S. stocks fell, dragging the Standard & Poors 500 Index down the most in almost two months, as lawmakers indicated they were no closer to reaching a compromise on the federal debt limit.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office said Reids plan would cut $2.2 trillion over 10 years, shy of its $2.7 trillion target. CBO said Boehners plan would save just $850 billion rather than its advertised $3 trillion.....


To the people of Norway Barack Obama

"To the People of Norway -
We are all heartbroken by the tragic loss of so many people - particularly youth with the fullness of life ahead of them.

No words can ease the sorrw, but please know that the thoughts and prayers of all of American[s] are with the people of Norway, and that we will stand beside you every step of the way."
-Barack Obama


13 Entrepreneurs Business Tips to Follow or Not

Those trying to start their own business love looking to other successful entrepreneurs for advice and guidance.

It's only natural to expect that someone with infinitely more success than you would have something intelligent to say, but emulating that knowledge may not always be the best idea.


Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Battlefield 3s Weapon Customization Explained In Two Detailed Videos

Expect a shitload more coverage as the release date nears.

It looks like it will be the biggest game of the year.


Gold Atari 2600 might be the most expensive game console ever

The bar has been officially raised on totems to the legacy of old school gaming courtesy of a gaming mod that marries pimp aesthetics with Cylon-esque sinister metal gloss.


Consumers May Begin Buying Health Insurance In Retail Stores

By 2014, states must deploy public health insurance exchanges, giving millions of Americans purchasing power that could change the landscape for health insurers.

Private retailers are already eying their own online exchanges -- possibly as in-store kiosks.


Cole Phelps Takes on Rupert Murdoch Video

Whenever things look fishy, you send LA Noires Cole Phelps.

He wont let Murdoch get away with this.


100 Artists 25 Years of Zelda PIC

What you will see is a DeviantArt amalgam of over a hundred different artists representations of Link over the years.

Hes an iconic character, and one thats seen a ton of different iterations in animation style, even in his official game canon. Here we see even MORE renditions of him, and there are a few that I would definitely like to see make it to a game.


Researchers Develop Prototype To Detect Fake Websites

Do you go online to pay bills, shop, transfer funds, sign up for classes, send email or instant messages or search for medical information? If so, then this pertains to you.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Cross on Livingston Residents Lawn Becomes First Amendment Flashpoint

Township officials say Racaniellos display, which he intended as a celebration of Lent, violated an ordinance that generally prohibits postings on a structure, including a tree, "calculated to attract the attention of the public."


Fucking Impressive [pic]

Fucking Impressive [pic]


Interesting Facts About 12 Random Topics

Did you know that 70% of people pick heads during a coin toss? Do you know which french fries are preferred by the most people? How many people are willing to have sex on the first date?


Every Argument Every Couple Ever has EVER [video]

If you ever got in a fight with your significant other, it went EXACTLY like this.


Tigers Got Nothing on Cat Cat awesomenesspic

Tiger's Got Nothing on Cat.

Cat awesomeness...(pic)


3500 participate in NYC MP3 flashmob

Over 3,500 people downloaded an MP3 file and pressed play simultaneously.

The masses converged on Nelson Rockefeller Park as twilight ended and participated in a series of synchronized activities involving flashlights, camera flashes, glow sticks, and masks.


VIDEO Australian Waterfall Flows Upwards in 75 mph Winds

Let's have a look at that word there, "waterfall".

Water falling downwards. Not in Australia they don't! With a month's rain falling in just one day, this waterfall was seen jetting water both upwards and downwards with 75mph winds. Watch this beautiful sight unfold.


Monday, 25 July 2011

Marvel Set to Conquer Television

Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that four live-action shows are currently in development: The Hulk, AKA Jessica Jones (otherwise known as Alias), Cloak & Dagger, and Mockingbird.

Imprint fans will be happy to know that Luke Cage and Carol Danvers will indeed be making appearances in AKA Jessica Jones.


Now and Then Sweet Valley High Vs Gossip Girl

Today's "Now and Then" takes a trip to the white, skinny worlds �and unrealistic expectations �of Sweet Valley High and Gossip Girl.

Source: good/lbvp (GOOD Main RSS Feed)

ComicCon Spielbergs Terra Nova Will Have No TRex TV News at IGN

Fans watched the first half of the pilot for the epic FOX time-travel series, starring Avatar's Stephen Lang, today.

Here's what IGN thought about it.


Amy Winehouse A Life in Pictures [wPHOTOS]

From her birth in London in 1983, to her tragically untimely death at the age of 27, we present Amy's life in photos.

See here for her images.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Suspects Social Media Trail Examined

The suspected bomber and shooter in Oslo, Anders Behring Breivik, had a Facebook and a Twitter account, both started last week.


14 Years Old Suspected Hit Man On Trial

The trial is being held under strict security measures.


Half of Americans Think Space Shuttle Retirement Bad for US Poll Finds

Fifty percent of Americans think mothballing the space shuttle fleet will turn out to be bad for the United States.


Exclusive US Blocks Oversight of Its Mercenary Army in Iraq

By January 2012, the State Department will do something its never done before: command a mercenary army the size of a heavy combat brigade.

Thats the plan to provide security for its diplomats in Iraq once the U.S. military withdraws. And no one outside State knows anything more, as the department has gone to war with its independent government watchdog to keep its plan a secret.


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hobo Stormtrooper PIC

Hobo Stormtrooper (PIC)


TSA Agent Grabs a Pen Faces Grand Theft Charges

Toussain Puddie used to work as a TSA security screener at Terminal 1 of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport --- until he told police last month that he had taken home a pen belonging to local car dealership owner Rick Case.

Case decided to press charges, despite Puddie's cooperation in returning the pen.


Homers got woman figured out

Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.


Car buyer irate over lemon smashes dealership

N.H. dealer refuses to take back van, so buyer returns and crashes into 6 other vehicles, says "I got my point across"


Indiana Police Officer Has Sex in City Pool While Children Watch

Myron Helms is a reserve officer with the Laurel Police Department.

Now, to add to his list of accomplishments, he has been arrested for having sex with a woman in a public pool in Connersville, Indiana.


Friday, 22 July 2011

Baroque Obama PIC

Baroque Obama (PIC)


20 Years of Sonic the Hedgehog in Three Minutes News at IGN

SEGA released today a retrospective trailer for Sonic Generations, showing off Sonic's appearances in video games over the last 20 years.


7 Real Insect Superpowers That Put Spidey Sense to Shame

Insects and arachnids, like humans, have their superheroes with incredible powers.

The only difference is that their superheroes are real. And, pound for pound, consistently more impressive than the human version.


GE has 82 Billion Cash Reserve Paid No Taxes expected to report 13 percent rise in profit

Wall Street expects GE to report a net profit of $3.43 billion, earnings per share of 32 cents and $34.7 billion in revenue, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

The revenue target implies a 7 percent drop, which reflects the company's continuing drive to scale back its GE Capital finance arm.


Thursday, 21 July 2011

Man gets 32 years in Chicago beating death

A Chicago man convicted in the 2009 videotaped beating death of a high school honors student was sentenced to 32 years in prison on Tuesday, the fourth of five defendants in the case to have been sent away for a long time.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 [wvids]

The rumors can finally stop.

Capcom has officially announced Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.


Somalis Dying in Worlds Worst Famine in 20 Years

Tens of thousands of Somalis are feared dead in the world's worst famine in a generation, the U.N. said Wednesday, a crisis so severe that the U.S. will allow emergency funds to be spent in areas controlled by al-Qaida-linked militants as long as the fighters do not interfere with aid distributions.


Hubble Discovers Fourth Moon Orbiting Pluto

The discovery gives the unmanned mission headed toward the dwarf planet a better lay of the land.


Homemade Computer Crafted with Legos Crunches Numbers for Medical Research

What do you do when your hobby is building computers, and you have a keen desire to build a highly energy efficient computer that can be utilized by supercomputers for computations for medical research? Oh, and you have a ton of Legos laying around? Well, for one computer geek, that created a perfect opportunity for making an energy efficient, but incredibly powerful PC out of, yes, Legos.


Inside a FAKE Apple store in China PICS

This aint no Steve Jobs joint.


Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Keep Dreaming Buddy PIC

Keep Dreaming Buddy! (PIC)


Reformed Nazi Twin Singers Renounce Racism Credit Marijuana

A pair of twins who caused a media frenzy a few years ago by presenting themselves as the cute faces of white supremacist racism have renounced their former hatred, saying that medical marijuana has helped them see the error of their ways.


VIDEO How to cross the street in Vietnam

VIDEO: How to cross the street in Vietnam


Only US copy of Magna Carta treated at US Archives

A painstaking conservation effort to remove old patches and repair weak spots in a 714-year-old copy of the Magna Carta has revealed that the full text of that English declaration of human rights remains intact even though some words are faded and illegible to the eye, the National Archives said Tuesday.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Woman Convicted of Homicide for Jaywalking After Drunk Driver Kills Her Child

Last April, Nelson was crossing a street with her three children when her 4-year-old was struck and killed by a car.

She was crossing at an intersection, but was apparently not in a designated crosswalk. The driver had been drinking...


Nelson Mandela Celebrates 93rd Birthday in South Africa

Former President Nelson Mandela spent his 93rd birthday with friends and relatives in his rural hometown Monday, as South Africans paid tribute to the anti-apartheid icon through song and community service projects


Poll 71 shun GOP handling of debt crisis

Americans tell CBS News they're unimpressed with how Obama and Democrats are handling talks, but GOP fares worst Read more by Tucker Reals on CBS News' Political Hotsheet.


Unnatural Selection Artificial Life and Designer Babies

Should we be able to choose the sex of our babies? What about selecting the most intelligent embryo, the one with the greatest sporting ability or ...


Obama officially threatens to veto Cut Cap and Balance

The White House on Monday warned President Obama will veto GOP legislation to cut, cap and balance� spending and the budget.


San Francisco Police Kill Black 19 Year Old Who Didnt Pay Bus Fare 2nd angle July 16 2011

Bay Area Police once again shoot first and ask questions later! This is what happens when you are Black and don't pay your Bus fare


Monday, 18 July 2011

Why Big Macs Are Cheaper Than More Nutritious Alternatives

Healthy food is not inherently more expensive -- it all comes down to government subsidies.


Smartphone Vs Elephant And Otter

Six Flags' animals dunk and thrash one of the toughest cell phones on the planet to the test.


Scotland Yard and Murdoch Empire Intertwined in Hacking Case

Testimony and new evidence indicate that Scotland Yard and News International became so intertwined that they wound up sharing the goal of containing the phone-hacking investigation.


Mental Math in Infants

Babies understand counting before they utter numbers


Bill Maher Targets Michele Bachmann Sarah Palin in OnAir Tirade

While two Real Time with Bill Maher panel guests got flak today for making sexually charged jokes about Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum on last night's show, it seems nobody batted an eye at the anti-Bachmann, anti-Sarah Palin rant with which Maher ended the broadcast.

Source: air-tirade

Dennis Kucinich Debt Political Theater Diverts Attention While Americans Wealth Is Stolen

The rancorous debate over the debt belies a fundamental truth of our economy -- that it is run for the few at the expense of the many, that our entire government has been turned into a machine which takes the wealth of a mass of Americans and accelerates it into the hands of the few.

Let me give you some examples.


Sunday, 17 July 2011

The AIDS fight 30 years later infographic

Thirty years ago in June, five men in Los Angeles were struck down by a baffling disease.

Today, that disease, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS, affects millions of people worldwide.


The Casey Anthony Acquittal Mismanaging the CSI Effect

There is a phenomenon in law called the CSI effect, wherein jurors appoint themselves as experts in investigative procedure based on their television experiences.

Source: InvestigationDiscovery-theCriminalReportDaily (Invest

Argument Against Planking PIC

It's not that easy..


Blood center turns away straight man for appearing to be gay

Aaron Pace is admittedly and noticeably effeminate, but he says hes not homosexual.

Still, his looks, character and behavior prompted a blood donation center to reject him when he tried to donate blood recently and hes miffed, to say the least.


Shocking videos of humans electrocuting themselves with dog collars

Heres a weird form of torture porn that pops up on Youtube: People shocking themselves using electronic dog collars


Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Largest Gun Ever Built

Like an Aryan Death Star, the Nazis' Gustav was the largest gun ever built and didn't leave much planet where it hit.


15 Styles of Distorted Thinking [IMG]

15 Styles of Distorted Thinking [IMG]


Drink Me Some KoolAid and Sleep like a Baby

Fox News Interviews The Only Woman Worth Interviewing.


Shifting sands First ever flight over 20mile beach sculpted by the wind and untouched by a single footprint

It is a true masterpiece of nature, constantly evolving with every gust of wind.

Paragliders Jody MacDonald and Gavin McClurg have taken the first ever flight over the breathtaking Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique.
Miss MacDonald was able to capture Mr McClurg, 39, skimming the sand from 300 feet above the surface of the region's towering 500 feet sand dunes.


Six Sports that are Really Tough to Learn

Its pretty easy to pick up a baseball bat and swing it. Even if you do it all wrong theres a chance you can hit the ball. Just about anyone can try and tackle a person to the ground. Most people can learn to throw something quite easily. Hoisting up a basketball and trying to get it in doesnt require a ton of skill.


Deal Reached for 76ers Sale

The 76ers are poised for a new owner after Comcast-Spectacor has announced an agreement to sell the NBA team to a group led by leveraged buyout specialist ....


Friday, 15 July 2011

How commercial airplanes SHOULD be laid out The Oatmeal

Thanks for flying SkyOats


Old man with rally sign

Old man with rally sign


The Worlds Wildest and Steepest Roller Coaster

A Japanese amusement park introduces a ride with a record drop that leaves thrill-seekers screaming.


Teaser Trailer for John Carter of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom epic is finally coming to the big screen in March and there's now a teaser trailer for it.


Memorable TV Show Saved By The Bell Fight

We bring you what might have been the scariest and most dramatic moment in the history of the show. Zach and Slater fight. Yes, they fight!


Everybody Chill The Fuck Out PIC

Everybody Chill The Fuck Out... (PIC)


MTV Renews Teen Wolf For Season 2

Good news for all you lacrosse fans! MTV has renewed Teen Wolf for a second season after averaging 1.7 million viewers per episode, making it the network's highest-rated new series this season


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mysterious Countdown Appears on Namco Bandai Site

It looks like Namco Bandai Games is attempting to gain some hype for a big release.

What better way to do that than to start a weird looking countdown on your website?


As ISPs Mull Pact To Fight AFACT Pirate Party Condemns Extortion

Following an ultimatum set by AFACT, Australian ISPs have until the close of business today to comply with veiled threats from the big Hollywood studios to help them tackle online piracy, or else.

As one ISP confirms it wont respond to threats, another is trying to form a coalition to fend off the movie companies. Pirate Party Australia describes the moves by Hollywood as extortion�.


Portal Win

Portal Win


Korean researchers use graphene to create transparent loudspeakers

In yet another novel use for graphene, researchers from Seoul University have devised a method of creating transparent loudspeakers by printing them onto a special kind of plastic, using an ordinary inkjet printer. Jyongsik Jang and coworkers describe the process in Chemical Communications.


Want to Make Your Own 3D Games Jump Into the Sandbox

Creating a 3D game is tricky business, but Platinum Arts' Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker aims to make the whole process more accessible to all ages.


No Mod Tools for BF3 Overdub Video

Characters from LA Noire, Battlefield and even Catherine explain how upset they are about this�


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

LinkedIn HURDLES past tiny MySpace pebble to become 2 US Social Network

LinkedIn Corp., a website focused on job seekers and recruiters, surpassed Myspace to become the No. 2 social-networking service in the U.S. last month, boosted by its initial public offering in May.


Bejeweled Maker Hits Jackpot EA Acquires PopCap for Up to 12 Billion

EA announced Tuesday that it will buy PopCap for $650 million plus stock and earn-outs, which altogether could add up to as much as $1.2 billion.


Is Google a bigger threat to Twitter than it is to Facebook

A lot of the attention on Google+ has focused on whether it's a "Facebook killer," but it's actually more likely to become a competitor for Twitter than Facebook.

Is the Google network just benefitting from "shiny new object" syndrome, or could it pose a real threat?


American Soccer Robots Dominate at the World RoboCup 2011

American Soccer Robots Dominate at the World RoboCup 2011


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What happens to leftover Peeps Pic

What happens to leftover Peeps (Pic)


Apple loses out on iPod playlist patent suit to the tune of 8 million

Apple Inc. was told to pay closely held Personal Audio LLC $8 million after a federal jury in Texas found that the maker of iPod music players infringed patents for downloadable playlists.


Quick Action Helps Google Win Friends in Japan

Through efforts like a Person Finder site and Street View recordings after the earthquake and tsunami, Google is finally winning over new friends in Japan.


Scenes From the First Space Shuttle Mission [PICS]

As the Shuttle program comes to a close, we want to return to its beginning, the launch of STS-1, the first official mission of this era


WellCompensated French Man Gets Interactive QR Code Tattoo In the Name of Marketing

Real, fake or enhanced, this "animated tattoo" marketing video out of France appears to have worked as advertised: A tattooed lad with a desire for a QR code on his chest has received said body art, and it started moving.

Now yes, I hear you.

Source: compensated-french-man-gets-interactive-qr-code-tattoo-in-the-name-of-marketing

Google VS Facebook PIC

Google+ VS Facebook (PIC)


Monday, 11 July 2011

What YouTube creators think about Cosmic Panda

This week YouTube revealed an experimental facelift for video and channel pages, dubbed Cosmic Panda and now open to the public.

The site is actively seeking feedback from users, especially YouTube partners -- so what do folks like the Fine Brothers and Ask a Ninja think?


Human Ingenuity A 100000YearOld Story

Humans have been the most successful species on the planet (roaches and rats have done well, too).

Scientists credit our success to three traits: technology innovation, group collaboration, and communication. Humans not only have all three abilities, but we excel at all three. The question of when we started being human and flexing our abilities has been coming under constant revision in recent years.


EFF Urges Court to Uphold Privilege Against SelfIncrimination

A defendant in this case, Ramona Fricosu, is accused of fraudulent real estate transactions.

During the investigation, the government seized an encrypted laptop from the home she shares with her family, and then asked the court to compel Fricosu to type the password into the computer or turn over a decrypted version of her data. But EFF told the court today that the demand is contrary to the Constitution, forcing Fricosu to become a witness again


The Sharks Are Circling Microsoft Oracle Target Android Manufacturers

Android's rise to dominance as a smartphone/tablet OS has reshaped the mobile OS market--but recent actions by both Microsoft and Oracle could damage the operating system's appeal.

Oracle and Google are locked in an ongoing lawsuit over Android's alleged infringement on certain Java-related patents, while both Oracle and Microsoft are negotiating...


Sunday, 10 July 2011

VIDEO Google Maps 57 for Android adds Transit Navigation Better Search More

Google recently took the wraps off of Google Maps 5.7 for Android devices, and the software update adds quite a few new features.

The most noteworthy addition is Googles Transit Navigation beta feature, which provides navigation instructions for public transportation in more than 400 cities around the globe.


What We Want in the iPad 3

A retina display, double the RAM, and a revised design? Yes, please!


Hackers Stick Mango on the HD2 and Microsofts Totally OK With It

It looks like Microsoft's keeping its living-and-let-live stance as hackers actually give the aging HD2 some much-deserved love.

XDA-Developers member backslashid posted the above video showing Mango Beta 1 running on the device.


Zyngas Road to Riches From startup to IPO

Zynga, the social gaming company recently filed to go public and raise a whopping $1 billion in its initial public offering.

The folks from Namesake have put together a graphic that tells the story of Zynga, the people behind the company and how it got here.


Facebook Scam Pretends to Connect You With Video Calling [WARNING]

Facebook now brings you video chat, but at the same time, scammers are lurking just beneath the surface, trying to trick you into spamming all your friends.

Here's how to sidestep them


Saturday, 9 July 2011

Will EuroSquabbles Cripple CrossBorder Electric Car Charging

And there seems to be a very real chance that Europe is heading toward a variety of multiple and incompatible electric-car charging standards.


Its My Birthday Video

It's his birthday, all right.


The Best Of Average Kid Meme PICS

The Best Of Average Kid Meme (PICS)


All Pickles will Henceforth be known as PIC

All Pickles will Henceforth be known as... (PIC)


The 5 Most Horrifying Things Corporations Are Taking Over

But sometimes corporate sellouts involve more than cringe-worthy ads and intrusive product placement.

This is when selling out starts to get just a bit horrifying.


OK is the Most Honest Word on the Planet

From its humble origins as a inside joke for newsmen, 'OK' has become the most popular word on the planet, and the most honest.


Friday, 8 July 2011

Europe Plans 45 Boost To Science Investments Funded By Slashing Farming Subsidies

Screw austerity: The E.U.'s science spending, which is running at about US$79 billion for the current 2007-2013 period, is getting a boost to $114 billion for 2014-2020.

The E.U.'s proposal recognizes that only by spending money on innovation and future tech can income growth be assured. Apart from this 45%+ boost in science cash, the rest of the E.U.'s roughly trillion-dollar budget remains flat.


Mars The Water Planet Was There Life Too

"We can now say that the planet was altered on a global scale by liquid water about four billion years ago." John Carter --The University of Paris Minerals in northern Mars craters observed by two NASA orbiters suggest that a...


Why Does Apple Need All That Cash For A Time Machine

As of the end of March, Apple had more than $65.8 billion in liquid assets.

It probably has more now. So why does Apple need all that money? To build a time machine, of course. It's not as crazy as it sounds...


Climate change will Increase Threat of War

Climate change is a threat multiplier.

It will make unstable states more unstable, poor nations poorer, inequality more pronounced, and conflict more likely,..


Global games market to be worth 74bn in 2011

Research firm Gartner predicts we'll pay out 10% more on games this year than in 2010.

And spending is set to top $100bn in 2015!


Havent been able to get in Google yet

But I imagine it looks something like this..


Apple Sics Secret Service on Spy Cam Artist

That video artist whose software grabbed pictures of Apple Store computer users? He's been tracked down by Apple and raided by the Feds.

He had to see this coming.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Amazon Appstore Not so Amazing

An Android developer is pulling its game app from the Amazon Appstore for Android, calling it a "disaster" because of a number of shortcomings.

It's the complaint of one developer but it highlights some of the challenges in building a mature market for apps.


Meet NASAs Next Mars Rover

At 10 feet long, weighing almost a ton, and equipped with a laser and percussive drill for shattering earth and rocks, Curiosity is our best hope yet of finding signs of life on Mars.


Apple Orders 15 Million iPhone 5s For September

The sources also said that the iPhone 5 isn't very different from the iPhone 4.


Mark Zuckerberg may be the most followed person on Google

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and face of Facebook, might be the most followed person on Google+ -- the social network from Google that is looking to be his biggest rival.


Chrome Extension Lets You Grab Your Facebook Contacts Data

Chrome extension lets you grab your Facebook contacts data and export to either Gmail or your Google+ account.


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Top swimmer 17 defied parents ban on relationship with US gold medallist to compete at championships

New Zealand swimming star Justin Wright won the court battle after his parents tried to stop him competing to keep him away from his girlfriend, a former Olympic champion seven years his senior.


Yeah thats why i dont have a girlfriend

Yeah, that's why i don't have a girlfriend.


10 Cases of Animals Committing Crimes

We treat animals a lot better than our ancestors did.

While we have laws for to protect animal rights, back in the past animals were treated cruelly without any mercy. Any losses to humans or human property they caused were treated as serious crimes. Mostly the punishment was putting down the animal.


The Key To Disaster Survival Friends And Neighbors

A researcher's data suggest that ambulances, firetrucks and government aid aren't the principal ways most people survive during and recover after a disaster.

Instead, it's the personal ties between members of a community that really matter.


Less Is More The Rise of Workplace Sabbaticals

Every year around this time, when summer casts its sunny spell and beckons me to come out and play, Im reminded of the wily wisdom of my mother.


Who wants to live forever Scientist sees aging cured

If Aubrey de Grey's predictions are right, the first person who will live to see their 150th birthday has already been born.

And the first person to live for 1,000 years could be less than 20 years younger.


Bubble CalenderThe Best Calender Ever [PIC]

I know I would burst all the bubbles in one go and spoil my calender!


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Urban Fish Farming Wave Of The Future

A Brooklyn researcher says raising fish in city warehouses could be a solution to depleted oceans, chemically raised farm fish and mislabeled seafood.

Plus, think of the fertilizer! Would you grow your vegetables in a tank of tilapia?


Celebrate The 4th With A Berry Patriotic Parfait

No 4th of July celebration is complete without red, white, and blue.

Get a healthy dose of color with our patriotic berry parfait!


Europes Elusive Gold Reserves Are Greece Portugal Sitting on Billions of Dollars

Deeply indebted euro-zone countries are hoarding gold reserves worth of billions of dollars.

But instead of selling it to pay off their creditors, they'd rather ask the E.U. for financial help.....


Organic Hot Dog Labels Mislead Consumers

Just in time for the Fourth of July, let's take a closer look at hot dogs.

Are they dangerous? What about organic and natural products? Recently The New York Times examined some misleading hot dog labels.


Image Spaceship Earth in 50 Million Years

In 50 million years tectonic plate motions will widen the Atlantic, Africa will collide with Europe eliminating the Mediterranean, Australia will collide with Southeast Asia, and California will slide northward up the coast to Alaska.

The Daily Galaxy


Army program works to make soldiers fit in body and mind

The Comprehensive Soldier Fitness program aims to make soldiers psychologically resilient, and is part of a culture change for the Army.


Maths powers Google bid strategy

Google drew on mathematical constants and astronomical units while bidding for a pool of mobile phone patents.


Monday, 4 July 2011

Miracle claimed for WWIIera pope

Maria Esposito was ready to give up.

Wasted away at 42 kilos (92 pounds), she couldn't bear another dose of chemotherapy to fight the Stage IV Burkitt's lymphoma that had invaded her body while she was pregnant with her second child.


FBI secretly tracked man without warrant

Yasir Affi found a tracking device stuck to his car, and the FBI admits they put it there, but they won't say why.

Now, Afifi's suing the government. NBC's Pete Williams reports.


US nuclear reactors are way past their expiration date

The Associated Press just published the results of a year-long investigation into the dealings between the nuclear power industry and the U.S.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The results are, well, pretty damning.


Because sometimes TP has a more noble purpose PICS

21 awesome toilet paperings pictures


2 Fetuses Called As Witnesses in Ohio Court Say What

Yes, you heard me right.

I just read that two fetuses were called as witnesses in an Ohio courtroom. It sounds laughable, doesnt it? I mean, seriously. How can a fetus be a witness?


Treasure found in Indian temple

Treasure, thought to be worth billions of rupees, is unearthed from secret underground chambers in a temple in southern India.


Things in Movies We Wish Were Real

We've all been there.

In the dark, a 96 oz. soda in one hand, a box of Cruncha Bunch in the other, watching the cool sh!@ in the movie and wishing it was our sh!@. For real.


Sunday, 3 July 2011

I believe I just made a seahorse pic

I believe I just made a seahorse (pic)


Another RealLife version of Up

Randal Acker celebrated the likeness to the 2009 animated movie by bringing 400 helium-filled balloons to fly from the chimney of Figo House, as PSU's new 16-story residence hall rises around it.


5 videos of fireworks gone wrong in big BIG ways

It goes without saying, but, please don't try this at home � said home would end up blowing up.


Woman promised her boyfriend a night of kinky sex then handcuffed him to he bed and tortured him

A woman who promised her boyfriend a night of kinky sex has been jailed after handcuffing him to the bed and torturing him for cheating on her.


VIDEO Selfhugging Machine Possibly the Saddest Invention Ever

Every time someone develops a piece of technology that recreates a basic level of human interaction it makes us feel a little sad inside.

However, perhaps this new self hugging machine will make some people as happy as larry?! Check out how this jazzy piece of tech works here!


Insane Email From Future MotherInLaw Goes Viral

"No one gets married in a castle unless they own it.

It is brash, celebrity style behaviour."


Saturday, 2 July 2011

Topless Robots Transformers 3 FAQ

Short version: Is it as bad as Transformers 2? No.

Is it good? Also no.


Most Awkward Dying Request Ever

Don't promise what you can't back up ... with your penis.


Charting Patriotism By the Stupidity of Your Fireworks

You've got to lose a few fingers to earn this country.


Mindblowing Fight Club poster HINT Tilt your screen back

Mind-blowing Fight Club poster. (HINT: Tilt your screen back)


4 Anger Management Tips the Internet Could Really Use

Getting pissed off at the wrong time can ruin our life.

But stopping a good rage once it starts is sometimes like trying to reverse a lava flow by farting it back up the volcano. This is especially true on the internet, where a lack of consequences mean 'anger management' isn't even a thing.


Friday, 1 July 2011

SOULTHROW made this video for a college project And its better than yours

Got this link today from a Digg user. Very nice guy. Show him some love. If this is a college project, this guy went to the University of Fabulous. "I made this video tutorial for a College project! MUSIC through Graphic Designer's eyes.

Hope you like it and learn something new! Popular music is NOT rocket science after all... Please let me know if i was clear enough, was it hard to understand? If my 7 songs wasn't enough for you, check out th


New Trailer for The Three Musketeers Looks Patently Ridiculous

You'll read a lot in the coming 48 hours about how Michael Bay is the scourge of the Earth, Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the dumbest movie of the summer, and the fact that it will make money only...


Michele Bachmann is a ShortTerm Media Darling

Reporters have anointed the 55-year-old Minnesota congresswoman as the flavor of the month in the wake of her dignified performance at the Republican candidates recent debate.

But their interest in her will dim before long.


40 Years Later Charlies Hiring Is Still Willy Wonkas Greatest Failure

Wonka didnt have to pick Charlie.

In fact, Id argue he shouldnt have picked Charlie. Heres an ordered list of who Willy Wonka should have given the factory to�


1PlusV Files 420 Million Suit Against Google

The company is accusing Google of blacklisting 30 vertical search engines created by 1PlusV and of tinkering with search results to promote its own services over those of competitors.


Transformers 3 A Merciless Assault on Moviegoers

The third installment, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, hits theaters Wednesday, and Roger Ebert says it's one of the most "unpleasant" movie-watching experiences he's ever had.


News Corp Dumps MySpace for Pennies on the Dollar

A day after Google went public with a tilt at Facebook, todays dominant social network, News Corp has found a buyer for MySpace, the ruling online hangout of yesteryear.

The selling price is said to be between $30 million and $40 million � at best about 7 cents on the dollar News Corp paid six years ago.