Monday, 31 January 2011

2011 Oscars Pirates Have to Wait Longer for Fewer Leaks

The 2011 Oscar nominees were announced earlier this week, inspiring many people to fire up their BitTorrent clients and start downloading.

This year, fewer high quality copies leaked online and pirates had to wait longer than in previous years for those that did.


This is way to much 90s awesome in one place Pic

Michael Jordan, Kidd, Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Play


FOUND Gene Roddenberrys original 1964 pitch for Star Trek

Who was the first captain of Star Trek's U.S.S.

Enterprise? And�was the Enterprise even the ship's name? You can find out all this and more by reading creator Gene Roddenberry's original pitch for his now-classic series.


Casting WikiLeaks The Movie [Slideshow]

A new book on the WikiLeaks saga has been optioned as a movie.

Here's who we would like to see casted in the movie.


Sunday, 30 January 2011

The 14 Best from the Detroit Auto Show

From four-door coupes (what?) to hybrid supercars (yes!), Detroit was a glimpse into the segment-busting, earth-friendly future of motoring.


The Force is Strong with this Vader Typography

This Darth Vader typography design that has memorable Vader quotes was designed by Evan Travelstead.


14 Year Old Helps Grandma By Selling Cocaine

A 14 year old boy from Mary Esther, FL was trying to do his part to help out his financially troubled granny.


Elementary School Kids Open Time Capsule Left By Students 100 Years Ago

A copper box buried for a century behind the Cleveland Elementary School cornerstone didn't hold a singing frog in a top hat or a stash of gold coins.

But the 1910 time capsule, opened Wednesday in front of San...


Bristol Palin Pulls Out of Speaking Gig After University Students Protest

When word leaked out, that officials at Washington University in St.

Louis had agreed to give Bristol Palin $20,000 in student fees to come lecture on abstinence the student body mounted a protest. In the wake of the outrage, Palin has aborted those plans.


Top 10 Most Significant Vehicles at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Dozens of new vehicles were unveiled at this year's show but these are the 10 that were found most significant.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Real Reason No One Reads Privacy Policies [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why dont more privacy-craving consumers read the privacy policies of the apps they use? The overwhelming answer is theyre just too long.


Egypt Leaves the Internet

in an action unprecedented in Internet history, the Egyptian government appears to have ordered service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet.


Windows Phone 7 Data Privacy Explained

Windows Phone 7 is said to offer unrivalled social networking, so here's what you should know about maintaining your data and privacy.


BMW teaches evasive driving techniques video

It's not without reason that BMWs are among the top choices for high-security personnel transport.

BMW Security vehicles � armor-reinforced versions of the standard roadcars we see on the road every day � are known to be both secure and responsive to quick, often life-saving maneuvers.


Network Printers Now Targets of Hackers

Paper jams used to the biggest problem with printers.

But now, high-tech home and office printers have become alluring targets for cybercriminals.


Friday, 28 January 2011

Will Human Spaceflight Ever Truly Be Safe

The dangers of human spaceflight takes center stage this week, but just how risky is flying in space?


In High School and Alone in a Homeless Shelter

An 18-year-old who was born in New York and then sent to live in South Africa returned home two years ago, only to be forced to fend for herself before she finished high school.


Amateur Scuba Divers Find 1917 UBoat Wreckage

A team of five amateur divers have discovered the wreckage of a UC-42 submarine which sank while laying mines during the First World War off the Cork coast


BreastFeeding Canadian Moms Create Flash Mob at Mall

Canada is up in arms about breast-feeding and whether it's really OK to do it in public.

And with the help of blogs and Facebook, angry moms are taking it to the streets -- or to the mall, in this case.


Thursday, 27 January 2011

Early results are in 2011 is year of epic hacking

Want to buy a .mil site? Give them $33.

Wait what?... You wanted .gov too? No problem. Rather have customer info from Domino's or Lush's database? Since we are at it, do you like Pink? Here is her password, have fun...


EMCs LowEnd Launch Makes Dell Look Prescien

This week brought the full fanfare of EMC and its Record Breaking� launch, which some say sounded more like a broken record.

Shoving 26 people into a Mini Cooper and motorcycle jumping aside, the main meat of the launch is EMCs new low-end VNX line, which it claims packs all the features any business storage user might need at an irresistible starting price of under $10,000. In one splashy move, EMC shifted focus away from its high-end Sy


Attack of the killer widgets

Widgets are used by millions of legitimate websites to deliver content and advertising.

But attackers are using widgets for evil intent and infection, warned a security researcher at Black Hat DC.


10 Tech Warnings You Should Take Seriously

10 Tech Warnings You Should Take Seriously


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Justin Bieber Vs Nintendo Nintendo Says no to Justin Bieber

We're super big fans of pop star Justin Bieber -- I'm sure you are too -- but Nintendo, apparently, is not.

Bieber's people recently asked Nintendo for permission to use a bit of the iconic Super Mario Brothers theme in an upcoming Bieber-riffic Bieber-fest of a 3D concert movie and lifestyle documentary called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. (I'm expecting a generation-defining film like The Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter.) Nintendo said some var


Top 10 Puzzle Games That Will Make You Pull Your Hair Out

It seems that no genre can insight quite as much frustration in the average gamer as the puzzle game.

With a game of skill you can just walk away, but when you know that there is a logical solution to a puzzle you feel absolutely worthless if you cant divine the answer, regardless of how difficult it may be. Below is a list of the ten games that made you feel so special to the point where you tear your hair out in anguish. Note that Ive bee


You know you suck as a guitarist when

Something tells me this had been building up for a while.


Im a Plumber I Shouldnt Have to Deal With This Shit [Comic]

Well, Marios complaining about doing all those crazy stuff in his own videogame while being a simple Plumber, but he should know that there are more guys or videogame characters out there, who have to endure even much more than he does.


5 Kick Ass Suits of Armor From Video Games

When it's blistering cold outside (like right now), we tend to layer ourselves with "human armor" (aka clothes).

Unfortunately they don't even come close to being as badass as these 5 armored suites from the video games.


Hacked Minecraft Kinect Building Worlds

Today we present you to another Kinect hack but this is by far the best one we have laid our eyes upon for a long long time.


Top 5 Dreamcast Classics That Needs To Be Remade

To this day I still find myself pulling out the trusty Dreamcast and once on a blue moon the good ole Genesis.

Sega made a lot of great titles but just wasnt a well managed company. For fifteen plus years it was managed as if a bunch of really creative alcoholics and drug addicts ran the show and money wasnt a issue in any way.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Top 100 Blogs of 2010

To put the list together we polled 30 Internet professionals who make their living as online influencers: social media experts, publishers, internet marketers.

This left us with a list of over 360 unique blogs. From there, our editors identified the most commonly nominated blogs and made sure to include them in their respective category


What TV and Movies Get Wrong About Sex

Taxi sex.

Couch sex. Smashing things sex. Turns out that real women do not want any of these things.


Awesome Mario 8Bit Papercraft Magnet Diorama PICS

A major fan has made an awesome Mario Magnet Diorama using some amazing papercraft skills, bringing the game down to earth.


Wizard Magazine Is Dead

Wizard Entertainment shut down Wizard magazine today.

I've heard some people say it's just the print edition, Bleeding Cool says everyone on staff was fired, but all I know for sure is that if you want to buy an issue...


Christina Aguilera Will Sing National Anthem at Super Bowl

She will not be performing cuts from Burlesque.


From Teen Sensation To Addicted Frustration Aaron Carter Enters Rehab

Former teen idol/Justin Bieber pre-cursor, Aaron Carter, 23, has checked into rehab for addiction issues.

The last we really heard from Carter he was on Dancing With the Stars Season 9 in 2009. Prior to that he had a successful music career, establishing himself beyond just being the little brother of Backstreet Boys Nick Carter... and maybe most famously he dated Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan causing a reported feud between the two. The press r


Six Cartoon Villians who Absolutely Rock

Cartoons wouldn't be cartoons if there weren't some sort of archenemy villain.� I mean what would make the show fun if Popeye didn't have a Bluto?� Where


Monday, 24 January 2011

100 Lucky Pot Shops Will Be Allowed To Stay Open In LA The Rest Good Luck

Who wants to sell some weed? After a judge shot down the heart of L.A's medical marijuana regulations and warned that if the City Council didn't patch up its rules there would be little it could do to control the spread of pot shops in the area, the body on Friday put some new amendments on the books.


Gulf Oil Spill Blood Tests Reveal Alarming Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Residents

Designing Your World

Gulf Oil Spill Blood Tests Reveal Alarming Levels Of Toxic Chemicals In Residents -
11 minutes agofromThe Huffington Post | Full...-Comment-Like


The Music Bay Pirate Bay Crew Instill More Fear Into The Music Industry TorrentFreak

The Music Bay: Pirate Bay Crew Instill More Fear Into The Music Industry


DiploTweet State Department Increases Reliance on Social Media to Emphasize Positions

The State Department is tightening its embrace of Twitter and other social media as crises grip the Middle East and Haiti, with officials finding new voice, cheek and influence in the era of digital diplomacy.


Police man stabs neighbors dog in neck with samurai sword

Dude's name is Rambo.

Poor doggie. (She's expected to return home today.)


Was Comcast Behind Keith Olbermanns Exit from MSNBC

Correlation isn't causation, as they say in the sciences.

But it's hard to ignore the near simultane


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Verizon uberfan tattoos Verizon logo on hand forehead next

Tattoo artist Daniel Carrion gave himself a tattoo of a Verizon logo on his hand in preparation for putting one on his forehead to show everyone that Verizon is the best.


Cop Caught Stealing Seized Pot

Its just a little pinch, nobody will notice � right?

Think again.


Woman Partially Paralyzed by Hickey

A New Zealand woman was temporarily partially paralyzed by a hickey on her neck from her amorous partner.


Call of the wild crocodile swallows mobile phone

Crocodile gobbles up ringing mobile phone after device falls into reptile enclosure in Ukraine


George Clooney Contracts Malaria for the Second Time Gets Over it

Apparently it's part of an attempt to bring attention to the plight of Darfur, instead of attending the Oscars.


Prisoner dies guards dont notice for 7 hours


And now three cops face charges of falsifying records, because they claimed to have checked on him every half hour.


This Man Is Truly the Lord of the Lord of the Rings Vid

Have you ever seen the entirety of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring PERFORMED BY A SINGLE MAN? Probably not.



Saturday, 22 January 2011

Coincidence I think not

Coincidence? I think not...


Hey Maude You Got Any Unleaded Over There [PIC]

Hey Maude, you got any unleaded over there? Im running a little low and for some reason the broads like to fill up over here.


Giraffes [PIC]

Giraffes [PIC]


Tiny Robots of Famous People and Fictional Characters

You can spot Jack Sparrow, Miss Piggy, Batman, Spiderman, and other iconic characters in the bunch.

If you buy these and have them delivered to you, I strongly recommend not biting into them, no matter how scrumptious they appear.


How to Wipe Yourself Off the Grid

Here are some tips on how to make the life changes necessary to completely unplug from the grid and disappear from the digital world.


Friday, 21 January 2011

Government Responsible For Hundreds Of Dead Birds In South Dakota

When hundreds of dead birds were found Monday in Yankton, South Dakota, many residents were puzzled, thinking it was the latest in a string of similar mysterious mass animal deaths around the world. But this is one instance of the many where a clear cause has been identified, as the U.S. government claims responsibility for killing the more than 200 starlings.

It was initially believed that cold weather may have caused the bird deaths, but then


Best Companies to Work for 2011

Every year Forbes comes out with its list of the best companies in America to work for.

The much anticipated 2011 list is finally here!


Awwwwwww Little Casanova Makes Cheerleader Give Him A Kiss Video

This kid may seem innocent but as it stands right now, he has my vote for Pimp of the Year.

Watch as he coerces a young cheerleader into planting one on him.


Koreas agree to highlevel talks

South Korea has accepted a North Korean proposal for high-level military talks and will propose working-level talks to pave the way, South Korea's defense ministry said Thursday.


The 10 Companies That Control the Death Industry

Dying in America is expensive.

These companies control who pays what.


What Are the Energy Costs of an AllNighter

Although staying awake can burn extra calories, the body will later try to make up the deficit.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

5 Reasons the Green Hornet Is Not Seth Rogens Fault

Give Rogen a break.

Or don't.


Misleading CocaCola advert banned

A Coca-Cola advert that labels one of its drinks "nutritious" is misleading, the advertising watchdog has ruled. The company said its Vitamin Water was "nutritious" because it con


Top 10 Best B Movies Ever Made

There exists a fine line between the realm of B� movie magic and plain ol garbage filmmaking.

These films must achieve a precarious balance between low budgets, unknown (or notoriously terrible) actors and unpredictable plots to create a piece of art so interesting and unforgettable that it inspires a cult following.


60s Pot Farm Becomes Napas First Certified Biodynamic Winery

While the original property was already peppered with wine grapes, it's rumored they were just a cover, literally.

During the '60s the vines were supposedly used as a cover crop for marijuana growing on the property. Most of that crop has been eradicated from the property, but some plants still pop up every now and then.


Poster For How Ricky Gervais Hosted The Golden Globes pic

Damn right..


Coffee and an aspirin best hangover cure

Scientists have confirmed what millions of sore heads have suspected for years - the best cure for a hangover is not a fry up or a hair of the dog but an aspirin and a coffee.


That Alien prequel is NOT an Alien prequel anymore

Director Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox have finally announced an official title, release date and star for Scott's highly anticipated Alien prequel.

There's just one thing ... it's NOT an Alien prequel anymore.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mexican guy slams his hand onto a knife during magic trick Vid

This is the Latino version of David Blaine.

Twice the spice and three times the fail. More importantly, Mexican girls are pretty hot.


80YearOld Jewel Thief Strikes Again Gets Own Halle Berry Movie

80-year-old international jewel thief Doris Payne was just convicted of snatching an $8,900 diamond ring, has shoplifted from Monte Carlo to Tokyo, but the most exciting thing? Having Halle Berry play you in a movie.


50 Cent Attempts to Scam You On Twitter Crackedcom

Last week famed marble-mouthed rapper 50 Cent posted several Tweets in which he urged his followers to purchase the stock of a company called H&H Imports, with promises of sure and immediate we...


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Safeway Weighs Continuing to Allow Congress on Your Corner Events on Its Property

Safeway is weighing whether to hold Congress on Your Corner events in the future following Tucson's tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords and 18 other people.


The Facebook Revolution in Tunisia

A group of young Tunisians have helped to organize the protests that deposed a dictator with their activism online. Protesters say this is not a religious revolution.


What Causes That Smell After it Rains

I've noticed a lot of times, especially in the spring and summer, that there is a strong, funny smell after it rains.

Sometimes it is a good smell, and sometimes it is unpleasant. What causes this smell?


Haiti urged to prosecute returned former strongman

Human rights groups are urging Haiti to prosecute former dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier following his surprise return to the country.


So How Big Are We Compared To Other Heavenly Bodies

We're microscopic compared to what's out there!


When It Comes To Steve Jobs Health One Things For Sure Wall Street Hates Uncertainty

Steve Jobs, as you've probably heard by now, is taking another medical leave of absence. The last time he took one in January, 2009 it was for six months and it turned out to be for a liver transplant, likely related to his earlier bout with pancreatic cancer. This time the leave is indefinite and Apple is not going into any further details about his condition.


Monday, 17 January 2011

ApplauseGate The Right Wing Jumps the Sanity Shark in Desperate Bid to Smear Obama

Just a head's up my friends.

Everywhere you go, little brainwashed minions of the TeaPublican Party will be foaming mad about Obama demanding applause at his memorial speech. If you don�t watch Fox News or read certain right wing blogs, you may be hard pressed to respond or even get the relevance when shown the graphic of Obama speaking at the Arizona memorial services for the slain with the word "applause"� under it on the Jumbot


Gun Pointed At Democrat Rep Edward Acevedo


Edward Acevedo (D-Chicago), a state representative since 1997 and Illinois Houses assistant majority leader had a handgun pointed at him in the Lower West Sides area of Chicago. 47 year old Acevedo won re-election last November after running unopposed. The motive....


Lastest Dating News

Article by at 2011-01-17 03:00:05
Categorized in General,


Clever Graphics That Makes You Think

Using everything from clever phases to his favorite movies for inspiration, Uppsala, Sweden based designer Viktor Hertz has a flare for tasty, smart and simple design.

Frequently his creations rework everyday symbols and shapes, modifying the original meaning or reinterpreting them completely with new and surprising results.


MaxGXL MaxWLX energy suppliment and weightloss supplement

Article by at 2011-01-17 01:00:02
Categorized in General,


How to Understand a Baffling Ad Campaign [COMIC]

How to Understand a Baffling Ad Campaign [COMIC]


Nutrition Labels on Menus Dont Alter Habits

Article by at 2011-01-17 07:00:02
Categorized in General,


Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Series of Dispatches From Jersey Shores New Intern

A Series of Dispatches From Jersey Shore's New Intern


NASAs Widefield Infrared Survey Explorer has captured a new view of two companion galaxies

( -- NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer has captured a new view of two companion galaxies -- a somewhat tranquil spiral beauty and its rambunctious partner blazing with smoky star formation.


Genetic testing doesnt change behavior

Ever since the 2007 introduction of direct-to-consumer genome-wide tests � assays that scan a patients DNA and report his genetic risk of developing 20 to 40 common diseases � observers have wondered if telling regular folks theyre more likely to develop illnesses such as...


Gunman Enters Florida Courthouse Threatens to Kill Himself Over His Divorce Case

A gunman got into the Broward County Courthouse, aimed the weapon at his chest, and threatened to kill himself this morning before deputies and police were able to talk him down without any violence. �The gunman has been identified as 59-year-old Marin Stroia, of Oakland Park, who was apparently upset about his divorce case.


BREAKING RNC bounces Steele taps Wisconsin GOP leader as new chairman

Oxon Hill, Maryland (CNN) -- The Republican National Committee tossed out controversy-plagued chairman Michael Steele Friday and tapped Wisconsin GOP Chairman Reince Priebus to lead the debt-ridden party organization into the 2012 presidential election cycle.


Saturday, 15 January 2011

iPad 2 Launch Rumored for April 2nd or 9th

Rumors have it that Apple's new iPad is expected to debut in the US sometime in April -- April 2nd or April 9th.


HP admits webOS tablet is coming at February 9 event

If anyone still had any remaining doubts that HP is planning to announce a new webOS powered tablet next month, an executive dispelled them during an interview on CNBC.


China on track to have 10 million EV parking spots by 2020

Chinas efforts to clean up its roads � and its air � have become increasingly serious over the last few months and now an executive at one of the countrys largest automakers has revealed that the country plans to have 10 million EV-ready parking spaces in just over eight years.


Apples App Store poised to hit 10 billion download mark

Apple confirmed today that it is nearing the 10 billion download milestone for the iOS App Store.

The Cupertino company just launched its countdown page and is at approximately 9.7 billion downloads at the writing of this post.


AntiPiracy Outfit Unplugs Warez Topsite Swan

Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN managed to pull one of the largest warez scene topsites offline yesterday.

The servers of Swan, formerly known as ATS, were unplugged by their hosting provider WorldStream. The provider acted based on evidence provided by BREIN, and also handed over the servers to this private outfit. The police were not involved in the takedown, but instead it was the result of information allegedly provided to BREIN by a rogue mem


Insane 360 Video Taken From a Helicopter INTERACTIVE

Interactive 360 Video of Nimmo Bay and a 150 mile track of the Beautiful British Columbia coastal mainland.

Now you know what makes hovering and racing in a helicopter over pristine waterfalls, rivers, oceans, 10 000 year old glaciers, old growth forests, and fishing holes where almost no one has ever been to is all about!


Friday, 14 January 2011

Herbert Cams Specs Part s Selector

TITLE : Herbert Cams Specs & Part #'s Selector - Engine Kits and Components Air & Fuel Delivery Plumbing Gauges Tools and Shop Equipment Ignition and Electronics Cams & Valvetrain Transmissions Gaskets and Seals Hardware Exhaust Safety Equipment Cooling Oils, Fluids, and Sealers Rear Axle Truck Accessories Chassis & Suspension LS1 & LT1 Sport Compact Gift Certificates Corvette Mustang Braking Systems and Kits Souvenirs and Apparel Tires & Wheels


Brett Favres sister arrested in connection with meth lab

Brandi Favre, the sister of NFL quarterback Brett Favre has been arrested in connection with a methamphetamine lab.


5 reasons your website isnt attracting leads

Whatever your online marketing plans, the end aim is likely to attract more people to your website to drum up new business.

Here are some common reasons business Web sites fail to attract customers and how to avoid falling prey to them.


How to create a realistic travel budget with Mintcoms planning tool

A new year often means lofty resolutions, especially when it comes to planning and maintaining a travel budget.


Brisbane a war zone after flood as cyclone forms

As flood waters in Brisbane began to recede, residents faced a fresh threat in the form of a cyclone.


Thursday, 13 January 2011

Toyota Prius PlugIn Can it measure up to Chevrolet Ford and Nissans offerings

Ford and GM have staged comebacks that hinged in part on the carmakers embracing of the new era of electronics, launching greener cars with smartphone apps and wireless and voice-command capabilities.

Toyota's joining the crowd by offering all of the above.


Apple Doubles US Patents in 2010 To Reach 46th place

Apple successfully won 563 patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office during 2010, says IFI Claims Patent Services.

The number is roughly double the 289 seized by Apple in 2009, and has allowed the company to crack the top 50 businesses with a rank of 46th


Is Apple Holding Their Customers Back

For the past several years I have been intrenched with in the world of Apple mania, waiting for every new product release and drowning myself in Steve Jobss Apple flavored Kool-Aid.

Like some many other Apple minions I am starting to have a wandering eye. I am noticing the higher performance from the other computer manufactures, and wondering when am I going to be able to have that kind of power. It just seems like us Mac users have been left


Apple again turns iPhone buzz into gold

Despite all the talk of possible bells and whistles, Verizon Wireless looks to be offering the iconic smartphone on roughly the same terms as AT&T.

The only clear winners will be Apple's masters of hype.


Computer History Museums Stunning Exhibit [Slideshow]

This Thursday, the Computer History Museum in Mountain View will unveil "R:Evolution," a $19 million renovation focusing on the first 2,000 years of computing.

And it's amazing.


Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Earliest Known Winery Found in Armenian Cave

In the same Armenian cave where the oldest known leather shoe was found, barefoot winemakers were likely stomping grapes 6,000 years ago.


Stuff You Should Know The Paranormal

Everything you never knew you wanted to know about the paranormal.


Be like Larry and Sergey Google hosting online worldwide science fair for teens

Google is urging youths ages 13 to 18 to take part in a worldwide science fair that will be hosted by the search giant online.


Kicked Out of Kindergarten

The true story of what happens when an unemployed dad and his rambunctious six-year-old son are forced to conduct an involuntary experiment in homeschooling.


Should Economists Reveal Who Pays Them

Some economists who testified about the global financial crisis were compensated by financial firms.

As economists gathered for a meeting in Denver, several urged adopting a code of ethics to help restore credibility to their profession. Others aren't so sure a code is needed.


Replacing Cattle With Edible Insects

Insects produce much smaller quantities of greenhouse gases per kilogram of meat than cattle and pigs.

This is the conclusion of Dutch team of scientists at Wageningen University, who have joined forces with government and industry to investigate whether the rearing of insects could contribute to more sustainable protein production.


Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Toyota Aims to Remain King of the Hybrids

As Toyota works at the Detroit show, it will be trying to convince customers that there is still mileage in the gas-electric hybrid technology it pioneered more than a decade ago with its Prius, the worlds first mass-produced hybrid car.


Jar Jar Binks Takes Over Twitter

For reasons absolutely no one can explain,everyone on Twitter has been talking about Jar Jar Binks


Some Users Seeing Phantom Data Use on WP7

Windows Phone 7 users are complaining over what they call "phantom data" usage. Crash debug info being phoned home perhaps?


IBM snares 5896 patents Apple debuts among top 50 patent winners

IBM earned more U.S. patents in 2010 than any other company, topping the list of patent winners for the 18th year in a row.

Apple broke into the top 50 for the first time with 563 patents.


6 Hilariously Botched Suicide Attempts

You've come to the end of your rope.

The woes of the world have pushed you over the edge and it's time for a speedy release from life's skullf-cking of your hopes.


Monday, 10 January 2011

Trauma surgeon says he is optimistic about congresswoman Giffords conditions 1 young girl dead

Trauma surgeon says he is 'optimistic' about congresswoman Giffords conditions, 1 young girl dead


Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Talks Palin Cross Hairs Video

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Talks Palin Cross Hairs map


AP sources Ariz gunman IDed as Jared Loughner

AP sources: Gunman in Arizona lawmaker's shooting identified as Jared Laughner


Bill OReilly Proves The Existence of God

"Sun up, sun down.

Tide in, tide out.� Dont know enough about science to understand why sunsets and tides occur? No time to ask or research? Dont really care to know? Youd rather learn about the world from bloviating monkeys on a fake cable news network?
Then Fox is the news outlet for you.


Andrew Breitbart is having a BIG Gay Party at CPAC for gay conservatives

Andrew Breitbart announces his support for GOProud and his plans to throw a party featuring the group at this year's CPAC convention in Washington DC.


2011 Gives Hope To Diggers or Does it

As the celebration of the new year comes to an end I have noticed some great changes on Digg.

Things which completely disappeared after Digg V4 was launched are coming back.


Sunday, 9 January 2011

Dogpee stabbing verdict Guilty

A jury took just a couple hours to find Adolfo Perez guilty in the brutal stabbing of his neighbor.

How'd their fight start? His dog peed on the neighbor's welcome mat.


Ted Williams First Voice Over for a Commercial

The man with a golden voice made an appearance with his voice on a commercial for the first time


Live From New YorkWere Buried In Our Own Shit

Like the inhabitants of virtually any city throughout history, New Yorkers have a history of trash problems.

But ours seem particularly bad, from


A Brief History Of Sexting [Img]

A Brief History Of Sexting [Img]


What We Actually Do With Tools Intended Use vs Reality

D.I.Y. stands for Do It Yourself, Screw Half of It Totally, Buy Really Inexpensive Circular-saw, Kill Self (the S.H.I.T.B.R.I.C.K.S is silent.

Even though it's most often screamed at the top of your lungs.)


The Ski Mask Gets Even Creepier

We didn't think it was possible either, but the marvels of modern technology have proven us wrong.


Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Killzone 3 Story Trailer And Screens Redefine SciFi Warfare

In the trailer you will see some familiar faces in the form of Sev and Rico along with new entities in the form of Malcolm McDowell, who plays the Stahl Arms CEO, and Ray Winstone, who plays the gruff Helghast Admiral.


The Top Ten Video Game Narratives Of The Current Generation

For a game to exist as a living, breathing entity, rather than an exercise in mechanics, it must operate by telling a story.

In many games, even some of the most critically lauded, the importance of the narrative is shelved in favor of the action-movie gameplay and jaw-dropping visuals. But, for many of the gamers out there, those are only small facets. The beauty lies in what is communicated to us from the game, and in how we respond to its reso


Dog Not Included PIC

Warning: Choking Hazard.


7 Video Games That Provide Financial Life Lessons

Gamers know what skills theyre learning from video games, but sometimes the rest of the world doesnt understand the fixation on gaming.

Here is a list of seven games which teach players valuable financial life lessons.


Friday, 7 January 2011

10 Reasons Christopher Walken is Both Creepy and Awesome

Reality can be a pretty difficult thing for some people to handle.

What if you could ignore all the pressures and be someone else � someone successful, mysterious, respected and awesome?


The Best Christmas Gift Reaction Evar Vid

I wish I received something I liked THAT much.....


KFC employee does not want to be recorded video

You know how they say that you should never poke at an injured animal? Its true. This guy works at KFC. His pride, ego, and self esteem are all but crushed every morning when he puts on that hat. The last thing you want to do is make a video documentary of his failure.


Twiblings Siblings Born Days Apart From Different Wombs

Melanie Thernstrom, who didn't meet her husband Michael Callahan until she was 41.

The two appeared on the "Today" show Monday to talk about their so-called "twiblings."The couple are parents to a son and daughter conceived with Callahan's sperm and donor eggs and placed in two different surrogate mothers. The children were born only days apart.


Thursday, 6 January 2011

Gone the Way of the Dodo 10 Animals Presumed Extinct in the Last Decade

Here's a look at the species that were declared extinct this decade � and a few that scientists say may also have gone the way of the dodo during the 21st century.


Why cant we buy this Robot Monster hoodie for real

This concept art for a Robot Monster hoodie is the coolest thing we've seen in ages.

If someone actually created the thing, complete with gorilla torso and helmet top, we'd wear it with pride. Make it happen!


Worlds Laziest Police Impersonator On the Loose

If a man tries to pull you over using hand motions and a handmade sign, please, get video.


Penis worship in Bhutan

Many travelers to Bhutan find an odd sight: picture after picture of the penis.


Should the US Continue Making Pennies

If it costs our government more money to produce a penny than its actually worth, then why do we continue making them?


Thousands of Fake Fraudulent Profiles on Matchcom

Many profiles on were "likely placed by third parties for unlawful purposes." [DELETES ACCOUNT]


The 10 Dumbest January Holidays

As ridiculous as Squirrel Appreciation Day is, it's still only the tip of the iceberg.


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Top 10 Indie Games of This Generation

The importance of small developer outlets cannot be underestimated as things have changed a lot in recent years, ever since the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network got in to the groove.

We have seen a ton of awesome indie games released by a plethora of talent across the world.


Think you know gaming Until youve read these books you dont

Five Books Every Gamer Needs to Read


Fun at Abandonded Amusement Parks Gunaxin Humor

See the wonders that are the decaying world without us.


Super Mario Brothers [Pic]

Super Mario Brothers [Pic]


Battlefield of the Future What We Want in Battlefield 3

For far too long have gamers waited for a true sequel to the Battlefield series.

Bad Company 2 may yet stave our hunger for awhile yet, but it won't be long before we engorge ourselves on Battlefield 3.


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Old School Snowboarding Ads from 78 to 92

Today we take a trip down memory mountain, looking at some of the iconic snowboard ads that put the sport on the map.

Snowboarding hasnt always been the popular ride of the slopes that it is today; not long ago, some of us might remember, it was actually shunned by most of the ski parks. Boarders would literally have to hike to the top of a slope or get a snowmobile ride just to cut a line through some powder.
So give thanks for the pioneers o


Joshua Herron the little boy who forgets to breathe

THIS year can only be a happier one for brave little Joshua Herron -- and his parents.

In 2010 the nine-month-old had to be revived 19 times by his mum after he stopped breathing in his sleep.
When Susie and Damien Herron watch their son nod off for the night they are constantly alert for the beeping alarm of a neo-natal respiratory monitor, which will go off if he doesn't take a breath for 20 seconds.
Susie said: "I just haven't been able to sle