Wednesday, 19 October 2011

INFOGRAPHIC The Best Retirement Options For Baby Boomers

What are the best options for baby boomers who want to retire? In these harsh economic times, it's often hard to tell.


How to make pizza cones from scratch

Make your own pizza cones at home with this fun and simple food hack.


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Perks of Working at Google Facebook Twitter and More [INFOGRAPHIC]

See what perks you get as an employee of Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Tagged and Gaia.


3D Printing Why Its A Big Deal

3D printing adds a whole new dimension to printing�literally�and has the potential to revolutionize manufacturing, just for starters.

We tell you what 3D printing is, what it can do, and how you can get involved with this exciting new technology.


The iConstitution how to protect user freedom in an app store world

Apple's locked-down app store has attracted the ire of Android and free software partisans for its restrictions on user freedom.

But app stores can be good for users�so long as they are made more transparent and accountable.


Digg Newsrooms Awards Cheat Sheet

Digg Newsrooms are a hit and so are the Awards.

Here is a list of the awards that I've seen and unlocked on the site so far.

Join the Digg Technology, Gaming and any other Digg newsroom that interests you to start working your way up the leaderboards.


iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Test

In this video, we test the iPhone 4S vs. the Samsung Galaxy S II to see which of these devices survives a waist high and shoulder ...


Monday, 17 October 2011

Couple Makes Sex TapeWhile Skydiving VIDEO

Remember when joining the Mile High Club simply meant doing the deed in an airplane bathroom? Yeah, well thats so 1997.

Today the bar has been raised.


The only soup Chuck Norris will consume

It doesn't get any more bad ass than that.


Mystery Behind Virgin Births Explained

An eastern diamond rattlesnake gives birth five years after mating.

How does she swing it?


Penny for My Thoughts How About a Dog Treat Instead [Pic]

This cute puppy doesn't mind modeling for the camera.


Sunday, 16 October 2011

Siri The Things You Should Know About It

Siri is basically from the CALO (Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes) project started in 2003 by SRI International and other researchers.

The basic aim was to allow intelligent, context-aware, question-and-answer interaction with humans using advanced technology. Then SRI mainstreamed this technology.


DPS The Mexican Drug Cartels Are Coming After Texas High Schoolers

The Texas Department of Public Safety issued a warning today to state residents...


How SMS Messaging is Changing the World Infographic

Though we think of texting as just as a means of day-to-day communication, it has been utilized in developing countries in a variety of ingenious ways to improve the lives of the people there.


Google There are more than 190 million Android devices

Google said that it has activated more than 190 million Android devices and that the patent attack on its platform won't work.


Marijuana Inc Officially Changes Stock Symbol To HEMP

Marijuana, Inc. has its stock symbol on pinksheets changed to read HEMP.


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Bad Dog George the Toilet Paper Thief

Do you have a toilet paper thief in the house? You're not alone! Check out George - a schnauzer with a most unusual habit -- stealing all the toilet paper in the house.


Bull Gores Matador Shocked Spectators Look On

In a macabre twist of fate, a bull brutally gored a matador during a bullfighting match in Spain last week, tearing through the man's jaw and pushing out his eyeball as spectators watched in horror.


Wall Street protesters get trolled by 13 year old PIC

The above picture has caused some fuss among the "99%" of people who are protesting Wall Street's greed.


Walking on water Angry swan sprints across lagoon in hot pursuit of love rival

Wildlife photographer Paul Budd spent three hours lying on a specially-built revolving viewing platform to capture the images at Watermead Country Park, Leicester.


Dominique StraussKahn attempted rape inquiry dropped

Paris prosecutors say Tristane Banon's claims 'lack sufficient evidence' but that ex-IMF chief admitted sexual assault


Shocked cat is shocked

Shocked cat is shocked.


Blood and Gores Louisianas Brutal Prison Rodeo Is Back

It's Angola Rodeo time again.

If you're not sure what that means, just watch this video, in which prisoners in Louisiana are gored by a bull to the delight of an audience noshing on fried food. Since 1965....


Friday, 14 October 2011

Analyzing the Blackboards Found In Porn Films

Blackboards in Porn is a site that reviews the blackboards found in school-themed pornography for accuracy and educational level.

The handwriting is large and generally clear, even though this c...


Beyonc Parody Brings Pain of Student Loan Debt to Life

Student loan debt giving you the blues? This parody will make you smile.


xkcd X11

xkcd: X11


Video Shows Brutal Attack At Sacramento StripMall

Video shot in Sacramento has gone viral and in a word, it's brutal.

It shows a mentally disabled woman being mocked, spit on, then punched in the face at a Sacramento strip mall on Mack Road. News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Sacramento


we are not happy with you

'we are not happy with you'


My new Macbook decal is boss pic

My new Macbook decal is boss... (pic)


Playing Chicken with a Lamborghini Gallardo [Video]

Come at me bro...


Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cellphone subscriptions outnumber people in US for 1st time

The CTIA has released survey data that shows the number of wireless subscriber connections now outnumbers the U.S. population, adding up to a wireless penetration rate of 103.9%.


BlackBerry Service Disruptions Continue For Second Day

BlackBerry users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa were hit with service disruptions to their smartphones for a second day after an unexplained glitch cut off Internet and messaging services for large numbers of users around the world.


Before Netscape the forgotten Web browsers of the early 1990s

Does anybody remember Erwise? Viola? Cello? Twenty-one years ago Web founder Tim Berners-Lee released the libWWW code library that allowed developers around the world to build their own experimental Web browsers.

With the Computer History Museum's release of a map of that global project, we can trace the collaborative process which led to Mosaic, Netscape, and the modern World Wide Web.


FBI rolling out nationwide face search and recognition system

The FBI is about to roll out a nationwide facial recognition system with a goal of matching a name to every unidentified face in photos.

It's called the Next Generation Identification system and it will do much more than recognize faces; the $1 billion overhaul will combine biometric identifiers like fingerprints, palms, iris scans and voice recordings.


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Ugliest car ever

Ugliest car ever.


Facebooks iPad App Finally Arrives [PICS]

Facebook has finally launched its official iPad app, after months of speculations and leaks.


Steve Jobs on Why He Wore Turtlenecks

Steve Jobs's black turtlenecks helped make him the world's most recognizable CEO.

But the Apple co-founder wouldn't have worn them if his employees had accepted the nylon jacket he proposed as a corporate uniform instead.


Are Texting Apps a Real Threat to Wireless Carriers

Apple is poised to introduce iMessage � essentially free text messaging� � in iOS 5.

Is it the end of the text message as we know it? Perhaps, but not quite yet.


Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Breaking news Anonymous takes down NYSEcom for 1 minute

Anonymous ' call for a massive attack on the New York Stock Exchange 's website was met Monday -- but very, very briefly.


Berkeley Robot Uses Tiny Spiny Toes To Climb Cloth

Scientists working in robotics know that nature holds the best ideas for making robots that can perform with speed, agility, and efficiency.

At University of California, Berkeley, the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab is at the forefront of mimicking nature. Its lab mission is �to harness ...


What Happened to Super Speedy Trains

Even the hardiest maglev enthusiasts are a bit glum now as the future of the trains appears to have derailed.


Lulzsec hacker we still have Sun emails stored in China

Charles Arthur: Sabu, the erstwhile leader of the hacking crew, says he is effectively on the run as he gives interview to Reddit


iPhone 5 rumor rollup continued for week ending Oct 7

The best thing about the iPhone 4S is that it means the iOSsphere can keep rumoring about the iPhone 5.

And it is.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Android Ice Cream Sandwich launch delayed out of respect for Steve Jobs

Google and Samsung were going to announce a new smartphone running the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system at the CTIA Enterprise and Applications show. The conference runs from October 11th through the 13th with pre-conference seminars on the 10th.


Apple Sells Through Initial iPhone 4S Stock

AT&T says that it received more than 200,000 preorders for the iPhone 4S, while Apple's Web site no longer promises a delivery on October 14.


Steve Jobs religious icon for true believers in tech Can salvation be downloaded

For every magical thing Steve Jobs revealed in his Apple keynote addresses, there were many other things he concealed.

Like the devices he created, his life was more and more opaque even while becoming more and more celebrated. So his death this week came as a shock for nearly all of us, even though we knew that only grave illness could be keeping him from the company he co-founded and loved. He told us almost nothing about his prognosis�right


The IPhone 4S On ATT Vs Sprint Vs Verizon Which Network Is Best

The iPhone 4S went up for pre-order late Thursday night, and for the first time ever the new iPhone will be available on the three largest cell phone networks in America: Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Perhaps, with these mobile carrier options, you're trying to decide which network to choose for your new Apple phone; the information below should help.


Say cheese iPhone app catches thief

"iGotYa" app naps photo of robbery suspect who tried to unlock phone he stole from Queens woman


Computer Virus Hits US Drone Fleet

A computer virus has infected the cockpits of America's Predator and Reaper drones, logging pilots' every keystroke as they remotely fly missions over


Rdio Offers Free Music Streaming Service

Ah, you gotta love some healthy industry competition; consumers always win.

Todays win is brought to you by online music service Rdio, which now offers free Web streaming. The music streaming market has plenty of players, and with the recent arrival of Spotify to the U.S., it makes sense for Rdio to elbow for more room by rolling out...


Sunday, 9 October 2011

How iPads Could Help Blind Children to See

The tablet computers could transform the way children living with severe vision problems communicate, say Kansas University researchers .


What is it about Steve Jobs

What is it about Steve Jobs? What is it that makes millions of people who have never met him, mourn his passing? What makes them feel like they knew him.� What made his death so personal.


Paralyzed father saved by Facebook

A father from Wales, who woke up paralysed due to a crippling spine condition, owes his life to Facebook after posting a request for help that was seen by friends 6,000 miles away.


Removal of restrictions can decrease music piracy

Contrary to the traditional views of the music industry, removal of digital rights management (DRM) restrictions can actually decrease piracy, according to new research from Rice University and Duke University.


ISPs exaggerate the cost of data

Cost of extra gigabyte of fixed-line data is only a few pennies, claims new report


Top 10 Tactics for Diagnosing and Fixing Your Sick Technology

Technology is great until it breaks and you have to spend hours trying to figure out what's wrong before you can even fix the problem.

Often times the entire ordeal will take even longer because you've failed to consider the obvious, or a particular strategy that worked in the past.


iPhone 4S already the most successful iPhone launch ever says ATT

After being on pre-order for less than 24 hours, the iPhone 4S is already on its way to being the most successful iPhone launch ever, with AT&T already processing over 200,000 pre-orders


Saturday, 8 October 2011

An RIP Logo

Elvis left the building . . . and we loved him.


The Subversive Comics of Edward Sorel [Pics]

The School of Visual Arts honors Sorel this month with a 'Masters Series' exhibition of his illustrations for many of the major magazines


Cast of The Princess Bride Where Are They Now Photos

The cast of 'The Princess Bride reunites on 'GMA.' Where are they now? Storming the castle?


The Tech Worlds Tributes to Steve Jobs

From Bill Gates to Spike Lee, friends, colleagues, rivals, and admirers of Apple's visionary offer thoughts about Steve Jobs after his death at 56.


Fall TVs Hottest New Stars

Check out these hot, new faces that'll brace the TV this Fall!


TVs Biggest SmartyPants

These characters really know it all!


The Crazy One Steve Jobs tribute

Apple's "Think different" commercial, remixed in appreciation of Steve Jobs.

More at Ken Segall's Observatory ��


Friday, 7 October 2011

Video Wozniak cries remembering friend Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak spoke with The Associated Press Thursday morning about his friend and former business partner Steve Jobs.


Steve Jobs the five Apple products that changed the world

Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and former CEO who died today aged 56, leaves a
lasting legacy in the form of his revolutionary inventions.

Here are the
five core Apple products that changed the face of the technology, music and
publishing industries.


Whats Digg Up To With Its New Social Newsrooms

Digg has made the beta of Digg Newsrooms available to the public.

Newsrooms are topical channels (like Technology, Politics or Entertainment) that use awards as incentives to motivate users to curate them. Users cannot currently create their own newsroom, but Digg says it is "interested in exploring" the option. Newsrooms display an activity feed showing Diggs and buries by individual users in the newsroom. They also implement the Newswire, relea


Samsung Nexus Prime specs leaked Verizon only in the US

The Nexus Prime leaks are coming fast and furious on the lead-up to Samsung's Mobile Unbox event on Tuesday.

BGR has a source that lays out all of the juicy details on Googles next developer phone


An Apple without Steve Jobs

Apple now faces a future without its co-founder and icon.

Where does the company go from here?


Worlds Largest Solar Bridge Project Has Started

Over 4,400 individual photovoltaic panels are expected to produce around 900,000 kilowatt hours of electricity every year, providing the station with half of its energy needs, according to Solar Century, the UK company installing the solar roof.


Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hydropower vs Solar Power Advantages

Both hydropower and solar power are energy sources that do not consume limited resources but instead .....


Newsrooms Beta Now Open to Everyone

Several weeks ago we announced the launch of Digg Newsrooms, which represents our next step towards creating tools for finding the best news.

We've received a tremendous amount of feedback from loyal users and new users alike, and many more improvements and fixes are in the pipeline.

Today we're opening the Beta to all users!


Returning to the Nintendo 64 Era

Are you N or are you out for the Nintendo 64's 15th anniversary?


Sorry Zuck Facebook pioneer Parker is on Twitter

With an apology to his former business partner, ex-Facebook president Sean Parker has broken down and tweeted.


Kinect May Act As Xbox 360 Viewing Police With Parental Control Body Scanner

While a Microsoft Xbox TV deal is imminent, the future may include an Xbox 360 viewing police.

Microsoft is trying to patent a Kinect 3D body scanner to estimate age and function like an automated parent control.


India announces 35 tablet computer to help lift villagers out of poverty

India is launching a cheap tablet computer it says will deliver modern technology to help lift villagers out of poverty.


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tommy Thompson files paperwork for Senate candidacy signs antitax pledgeYay Wisconsin

Wisconsin Republican Tommy Thompson says he has filed paperwork allowing his U.S.

Senate campaign committee to raise and spend money on his behalf.
Thompson said in an email to supporters Tuesday that he filed his statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission. He incorporated his campaign committee last month.
He has not formally announced his candidacy despite hiring campaign staff, announcing supporters and raising money.


Treasury to Retain its Share of GM as Prices Tumble

General Motors stock hit an all-time low on Monday � falling below the $20 mark � prompting the Treasury Department to say it will be patient� with its remaining stake in the Detroit-based automaker.

The Treasury Department still holds...


ISPs face broadband ad overhaul

New guidance on how ISPs can advertise broadband services has been issued but not everyone thinks it goes far enough.


The 30 Most Valuable Internet Startups in New York

At least 28 companies in the Big Apple have $100 million+ valuations.

Only one is valued at more than $1 billion.


Best Countries for Business

Best Countries for Business


Pennsylvania couple attacked by bear after grizzly wanders into their home

According to Pennsylvania Game Commission spokesman Jerry Feaser the couple's dog was chased inside the house by the bear, who followed shortly after.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Solar company returns 25 million in stimulus funding

After laying off 40 percent of its local staff and phasing out a once promising line of business, Solar Power Inc. did the unthinkable last year: It returned nearly $25 million in federal stimulus funding.


Sex and the stormtroopers How French women fell for the Nazi invaders during the Second World War

Images of women kissing Nazi officers in bars and clubs and enjoying strolls under the Eiffel Tower in wartime occupied France are set to shock the nation.


As Occupy Wall Street Enters Third Week Protests Grows Nationwide

Occupation protests have spread to other cities, including Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles, where hundreds of protesters are now camped out in front of City Hall.

We host a roundtable discussion with Marisa Holmes, an organizer with the main organizing group of Occupy Wall Street, called the General Assembly, Marina Sitrin, an attorney who is part of Occupy Wall Streets legal working group, and Laurie Penny, a writer and journalist who reporte


Bus drivers forced to transport arrested Wall Street protesters union going to court to stop it

The Transport Workers Union, among the first unions to support the Occupy Wall Street protesters, is going to court to prevent the city from forcing its members to drive buses carrying arrested protesters.

Several empty buses were commandeered Saturday during the mass arrests at the Brooklyn Bridge and MTA supervisors ordered drivers to drive them:



Id Software isn't just about machine guns and shotguns.

Check out their approach to weaponry with our guide to the RAGE weapons.


Settling Into Wall Street Cartoon

#Occupy Wall Street


Sprint scores iPhone 5 exclusive thanks to 20 billion deal with Apple

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Sprint has entered into an agreement with Apple to purchase over $20 billion worth of iPhones over the next f


Monday, 3 October 2011

AshleyMadison Creator Noel Biderman Explains Why Men and Women Cheat

If checked out the New Times sex survey, you know that Miamians are either the horniest, sluttiest lot on the planet or a bunch of no-good liars.


Deaf woman weeps after hearing her own voice for the first time

American Sarah Churman was fitted with a state-of-the-art hearing implant nine weeks ago, having spent her whole life in virtual silence.


BREAKING Occupy Wall Street Protesters Blocking Off Brooklyn Bridge Police Arresting Scores

Police arrested protesters from the Occupy Wall Street group Saturday afternoon after they marched onto the Brooklyn Bridge. Several protestors could be seen being taken away in cuffs on a live video feed.


Why Teachers in HighMinority Schools Are Paid Less Education

Federal data shows that teachers in minority schools are being paid $2,500 less than teachers working in whiter areas.

Here's why.


SAT Cheating Scandal Are Stakes Getting Too High for College Admission

Six high school students in Great Neck, N.Y., are facing misdemeanor charges for allegedly paying $1,500 to $2,500 to Samuel Eshaghoff to take the SAT for them.

Is the pressure to succeed too great?


5 Real Animal Friendships Straight Out of a Disney Movie

Sometimes, vicious carnivores of the world take an appraising look at centuries of biological necessity, then turn their back on it and say, 'Screw that noise, let's be friends.'...


Judge Calls Police Departments Handling of Sexual Misconduct by an Officer Shocking

In a court document posted on the Friends For Fullerton's Future blog, U.S.

District Judge Andrew J. Guilford writes some cutting words about the department and their handling of allegations of sexual misconduct by an officer. Officer Albert Rincon, who was hired by the department five years ago, allegedly had a habit of detaining women and either making sexual propositions to them, groping them, or doing both, the document states.


Sunday, 2 October 2011

Appless iPhone 5 features Forbes

As a marketing expert, the date is always suspect when��launching��a product. �� The date of Apples iPhone 5 release is no different.

We always try to��Incorporated��dates with our strategy. �� Apple is releasing the iphone on Oct 4th 2010. �� What does that mean? October (10Th) and the ��(4th) day. �� ��Considering��that [...]


Has Barack Obamas patent reform saved us from the rise of Skynet

If President Obama has indeed prevented the rise of Skynet by dampening innovation in the software and computer engineering fields, then he's a great hero.

On the other hand, this could also mean a delay in reaching the Singularity, in which we develop artificial intelligence and everybody lives forever.


5 Reasons The PC Isnt Dead Yet

Despite rumors of its demise, the PC will still be with us for years to come.

Here's why.


Samsung Galaxy S II Review

The Samsung Galaxy S II combines a state-of-the-art dual-core processor with a terrific screen and amazing battery life to make it the top smartphone available on AT&T right now.


TechCrunch Timelinescom Sues Facebook Says Its New Timeline Feature Could Eliminate Them

Timelines Inc., a small venture capital-backed Chicago company that operates the website, has launched a trademark-infringement suit against Facebook on Thursday, claiming that the latter's recently announced Timeline feature could "quite possibly eliminate" its entire business.


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Nude charity calender faces the axe after unedited pictures were posted online

Photographs of students from Portsmouth University have been posted on porn sites and forums where they have been viewed thousands of times.


Muslim mother stabbed daughter 40 times to exorcise evil spirits from her body

A Muslim woman disemboweled her daughter as a sacrifice to God after she became convinced the four-year-old was possessed by spirits, the Old Bailey heard.

Shayma Ali, 36, stabbed the girl up to 40 times and took out her liver while Koranic verses played in the background.


Oh Im Bisexual Is That Going To Be A Problem

This is a great guy, youre thinking.

Id like to get to know him better, youre saying. But then out of nowhere at the end of the date he hits you with the whole, Oh-and-Im-bisexual-is-that-going-to-be-a-problem? thing. Seeing as how you dont really want to come off as homophobic, you nervously sip from your double Americano, then: Um, I guess not? At the end of the date you give him a big hug�specifically not a kiss, as you are no


Medical Marijuana and Guns Bad Idea

The U.S.

Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Bureau -- which, as we noted earlier this week, is the same agency...


Burger King Introduces New Healthy DeepSteamed French Fries

Burger King Introduces New Healthy Deep-Steamed French Fries