Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Victims of WAKA WAKA

Victims of WAKA WAKA�


Napolitano Youre Never Going to Totally Seal That Border

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, whose agency is charged with securing Americas borders, told an audience in Washington, D.C., in reference to the U.S.-Mexico border, Youre never going to totally seal that border."


10 Most Stupid Predictions and Statements in History

We present a list of ten wrong predictions and statements that once said by� famous engineers, doctors, producers ...


NASA We wont be having sex in space At least for now

We're sure it will happen eventually.

But for now, sex in space is out of the question.


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Calamaties of Nature Comic Who Would You Deport

Arizona's Gov.

Jan Brewer ought to take a peek at this.


Death fumes at Miami Beach hotel a mystery

The shooting death of a man at a Miami Beach hotel remained a mystery on Sunday.

So did the origin of a strange odor that forced arriving officers to recoil and led to a ruined wedding reception, the leader of Belize being whisked away by Secret Service, and 1,000 stunned guests evacuated onto Collins Avenue


Man Climbed a Fence Burning off his Genitals in a Substation

Some 44,000 volts proceeded to pass through his body, Some think it had something to do with alcohol and that they turned off his power Friday afternoon and would not turn it back on because of a $87.61 bill that was due.

Now his body is burnt 90%, burning the clothes off his back and burning off his genitals, He climbed out & walked to the ER


Gulf Dead Zone Could Reach Size of New Jersey

The Gulf of Mexico's dead zone - an underwater area with little or no oxygen that has plagued Gulf waters for many years - will be larger than usual this year, scientists say.

Scientists are predicting that the area of this dead zone could measure between 6,500 and 7,800 square miles, or an area roughly the size of New Jersey.


Monday, 28 June 2010

Genes for Height Hiding in Plain Sight

Despite successes such as finding genes linked to Crohn's disease and age-related macular degeneration, gene miners have returned with slim pickings in most cases.

Even for highly heritable traits like height, gene hunters have dug up only a paltry 5% of responsible genes.


USIsraeli relations suffer tectonic rift

A senior Israeli diplomat has warned that the Jewish state's relationship with the United States has suffered a "tectonic rift".


Romanian Cave May Boast Central Europes Oldest Cave Art

A team of French researchers and Romanian spelunkers has announced finding a new painted cave in Romania that could be more than 30,000 years old.

The discovery suggests that prehistoric societies across Europe were linked by a common artistic culture.


Swedish ISP Blocks The Pirate Bay Following Injunction

Last month one of three injunctions obtained by Hollywood lawyers required that Swedish ISP Black Internet must stop providing access to the worlds most famous BitTorrent site.

The provider has just complied with the court order and in turn became the first in Sweden to cut their customers off from the site.


xkcd 3x9

Handy exam trick: when you know the answer but not the correct derivation, derive blindly forward from the givens and backward from the answer, and join the chains once the equations start looking similar.

Sometimes the graders don't notice the seam


Sunday, 27 June 2010

Country hip hop dancing

You can even add your shoulders if you want.

That's the fun thing about hip-hop dancing.


Top 10 FIFA Soccer Goals of AllTime

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup in full-swing on televisions around the globe we here at figured now was a better time than ever to dive into the top 10 goals ever scored in the sport of video game soccer (via an expansive YouTube search).


Dick Cheney hospitalized

Former Vice President Dick Cheney was admitted to the hospital Friday after experiencing discomfort, the latest health scare for the 69-year-old Republican leader who has a long history of heart disease.


Cheney was expected to remain at George Washington University Hospital over the weekend, said spokesman Peter Long.


David Bolinsky animates a cell Video on TEDcom

TED Talks Medical animator David Bolinsky presents 3 minutes of stunning animation that show the bustling life inside a cell.


Who Needs Enemies With Room Mates Like This

Don't you envy that guy for having a room mate who is so god damn funny?


Mud Fight Chinese Women Wrestle in a Mud Pool [PIC]

Mud wrestling, mud sliding and a mud king contest! What more could you want???


Union bosses have a disturbing criminal streakNew York Post

Remember why unions were formed in the first place -- to protect workers from being taken advantage of?

Nowadays, the rank-and-file mostly need protection from their own leadership.

Read more:


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Vuvuzela in DOOM 2

Even imps and zombies hate it!

From ...


Glenn Becks Golden Fleece

How Beck and other right-wing talkers turned paranoia into a pitch for Goldline, the gold dealer one congressman says is conspiring to 'cheat consumers.'


Those pic

Those... (pic)


Rage Against the Oil Machine [Gallery]

With the BP oil spill dominating conversation in Washington and among talking heads, the people of the Gulf Coast are working to make sure their voices are heard, too, using a common post-disaster technique: the road-side sign.


Costner cleanup device gets high marks from BP

It was treated as an oddball twist in the otherwise wrenching saga of the BP oil spill when Kevin Costner stepped forward to promote a device he said could work wonders in containing the spill's damage.

But the gadget in question � an oil-separating centrifuge � marks a major breakthrough in spill cleanup technology.


Friday, 25 June 2010

Pizza Menu in Australia PIC

Pizza Menu in Australia (PIC)


Alternative Energy Bill Gets Broad Backing in California

A compromise bill in the Legislature would require privately and publicly owned electric utilities to generate a third of their power from wind, solar and other clean sources by 2020.


Scientists Prove Older People ARE Wiser

According to their research, although the brain slows down with age, this simply helps older men and women develop greater insight.


The Gore Allegations What You Need To Know TPMMuckraker

You've no doubt heard by now about the sexual assault allegations made against Al Gore by a Portland, Oregon massage therapist stemming from a 2006 incident.

It's a complicated case, and we've now read the 73-page police report so you don't have to.


Thursday, 24 June 2010

PGE Feels Solar Energys Heat Invests 100M in Startup

Not long ago, it would have been unthinkable for a big utility company to encourage customers to put solar panels on their roofs.

That's changing, as $13.4B PG&E announced it will provide $100 million in tax equity project financing to fund SunRuns installation of more than 3,500 new home solar installations across the nation.


A Quick Glance at Forms of Social Media

Social Media is a platform through which users can share information and interact online.

Various websites together form this huge platform and they all are what we call various forms of social media.


The Original Pac Man Artwork Unearthed

Toru Iwatani, original creator of the Pac-Man game was visiting Holland for their Festival Of Games exhibition.

And while he was there, he brought along a special folder, featuring the very first designs of the Pac Man game. Drawn on graph paper.


Australia gets first female PM after Rudd steps down

Australia's Labor Party has elected Julia Gillard as the new prime minister, making her the nation's first woman in that position, a party spokesman said Thursday.


Google How Were Making the Web Faster

Google is stepping up its efforts to make the Internet faster, using its software, servers and infrastructure to provide tools to help web site owners build speedier sites.

Google's Urs Holzle outlined the company's efforts in his Keynote at the Velocity 2010 conference.


100000 Is Plenty for Deposit Insurance

It looks as if Congress is about to permanently increase FDIC deposit insurance to $250,000 from $100,000 per bank account.

What's more, it plans to make this increase retroactive to Jan. 1, 2008, ...


Wednesday, 23 June 2010

How towns sort out medical marijuana facilities

In burgs like Galt in the Sacramento Valley, where cowboys and Republicans rule the zeitgeist, and even in the tie-dyed Sonoma County enclave of Sebastopol, dispensary operators have to work extra hard to make the neighbors feel comfortable with their businesses - because in towns that small, everybody knows everyone and attitudes are worn....


Man Group GLG Partners Merger

Man Group, the British publicly listed hedge fund, announced that it will soon acquire its smaller American rival GLG Partners.


The Sunday Times In UK Apologizes To Climate Scientist

In March, Simon Lewis, an expert on rain forests at the University of Leeds in Britain, filed a 30-page complaint with the nation's Press Complaints Commission against The Sunday Times, accusing it of publishing "inaccurate, misleading or distorted information" about climate change and about remarks he had made to a reporter for the a


Smartphones Flunk for Blind Users

For many in the blind and visually impaired community, the absence of physical buttons on most smartphones makes interactions with some devices virtually impossible.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

FX artist creates stunning tour of classic scifi spaceships

If all the spaceships from the sci-fi shows you loved as a child were actually real, they'd probably be on display today in some kind of air show.

Since that can't exist, Bill George decided to create one online in the form of a gallery, and it's stunning.


Senators slammed by PelosiAFSCME on jobs bill failure

Nancy Pelosi took aim at the Senate on Friday for once again failing to a jobs/unemployment extension bill. "The House has repeatedly sent jobs-creating bills to the Senate since December -- Build America Bonds, small business hiring incentives, and importantly, summer jobs -- and yet Republicans continue to block approval of jobs legislation."


Times Square Bomber Pleads Guilty Hours After NR Yells DOJ

Today, Faisal Shahzad pleaded guilty in federal court in Manhattan to trying to detonate a homemade car bomb in Times Square.

He has been cooperating with federal authorities,� the NYT reported. Shahzads guilty plea puts the National Reviews Andrew McCarthy in an awkward spot. This morning--hours before he said DOJ failed to secure the plea.


Should Church control access to health care

We repeatedly confront the tragic consequences of the Catholic Church's sustained hostility to reproductive health services when it imposes its theology on public policy.


Dean Baker America Speaks Back Derailing the Drive to Cut

Pete Peterson-funded America Speaks will be hosting 20 meetings, asking people to come up with proposals for the budget deficit.

The way the problem is outlined guarantees that most opt for big cuts to Social Security and Medicare. The results of this song-and-dance exercise will then be presented to Pres. Obama's fiscal responsibility commission.


Monday, 21 June 2010

In Elena Kagans emails politics often trumps policy

As an aide to President Bill Clinton, Kagan's job was often to place political considerations ahead of her policy views.


E3 2010 Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Reboot Announced

The developers behind the popular Burnout racing series, Criterion Games have unveiled their newest project, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit � a title thats said to take the Need for Speed series back to its roots,� intense cops vs. racer chases.


Emanuel links fall elections to GOP support of BP

Rahm tells ABC's "This Week" it would be "dangerous" if the GOP held power in Washington.

Because of course things are going so smoothly now.


Giant wind turbines the future of UK green energy

Huge wind turbines with a span rivalling that of the London Eye could be part of the UK's energy future, an expert says.


Supreme Court No More Deportation for Minor Drug Offence

This week, the United States Supreme Court struck down a 1996 law that made it possible to deport documented immigrants that were convicted of minor drug-possession.


Study Reveals Fathers are Key to Their Childrens Faith

During the colonial period in America men defined themselves by their level of community involvement and fatherhood.

Marriage and fatherhood were seen as being among the highest aspirations in a mans life. Todays culture in general (and as a result, many fathers themselves) has reduced the role of fatherhood to something nonessential or unnecessa


Microsoft Confirms 199 Xbox Slim Configuration for Fall

Microsoft Confirms $199 Xbox Slim Configuration for Fall, The document released by Microsoft does not confirm any details at all for the $199 unit, such as whether or not it will contain a hard drive, Wi-Fi, or wired or wireless controller(s?). The statement in fact only said that a configuration would be available at the $199 price point..


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Somali Pirate Cook Saves Hostages Then Disappears

CONSTANTA, Romania - The pirate cook smuggled food to the terrified hostages held by his gang off the Somali coast.

He bought them cell phone cards.


US Tourists Robbed Threatened At World Cup

A group of American tourists visiting the 2010 World Cup Games in South Africa were treated to some of the local flavor when a robber threatened to kill them with a knife last week.


E3 2010 The Best and Worst of Gamings Biggest Show

Having thoroughly hashed out these important matters with a number of colleagues over some adult beverages, here's my list of highlights and let-downs from this year's E3. -=W/ VIDEOS=-


RI school to alter policy that banned soldier hat

The superintendent of a Rhode Island school district that banned a second-grader's homemade hat because it displayed toy soldiers with tiny guns said Saturday he will work to change the policy to allow such apparel.


Saturday, 19 June 2010

Judge presiding over CA Prop 8 trial is himself gay

The biggest open secret in the landmark trial over same-sex marriage being heard in San Francisco is that the federal judge who will decide the case, Chief U.S.

District Judge Vaughn Walker, is gay.


Ethnic attacks in Kyrgyzstan PICS

Beginning one week ago, thousands of young Kyrgyz men rampaged through parts of southern Kyrgyzstan with weapons and torches, attacking ethnic Uzbek neighborhoods, burning homes and stores, and, according to reports, beating, raping and killing Uzbek residents.


E3 2010 The Biggest Disappointment In E3 History

There was plenty of excitement in the air, with promises of big things that would revolutionize the gaming industry and propel it forward in 2010 and beyond.

But those promises didnt become reality.


10 Essential Homemade Survival Items

We have found 10 innovative homemade survival techniques to keep you alive, with a few dollars left in your pocket.


Toy soldiers run afoul of schools weapons ban

A Rhode Island mother says her son's school cited its no-weapons policy in stopping her second-grader from wearing a patriotic hat he made to honor Army troops.


E3 2010 Booth Babes in HD Video gamrFeed

E3 2010: Booth Babes in HD (Video) - gamrFeed


Door Flies Off American Airlines Plane

As passengers exited an American Airlines flight from Brazil to DFW International Airport, the main exit door of the plane ripped from its hinges.


Friday, 18 June 2010

Utah prisoner faces death by firing squad

Execution of Ronnie Lee Gardner, convicted of murder, will be the first of its kind in the US in 14 years


Tea party readies for harsh scrutiny

A slew of�books, films, conferences is in the works.


America Still the best guarantor of freedom and prosperity

The U.S. still possesses unprecedented power projection capabilities, and just as important, it is armed with the goodwill of countless countries that know the U.S. offers protection from bullies.


Iceland Passes Proposal to Become New Media Haven

If you're looking to say something contentious on the Internet, then Iceland is the place to go.

The Icelandic Parliament unanimously passed a proposal yesterday to make the country a "new media haven" in an initiative inspired and strongly backed by Iceland-based whistleblower website WikiLeaks.


Pew poll Lebanese favor suicide bombings over Obama

Global Pew Research Center poll finds Obama approval four times higher than Bush's was in Europe but slipping in Muslim countries -- but perhaps the most shocking finding is that Obama earned a 35 percent approval rating in Lebanon, while 39 percent expressed stronger support for suicide bombings.


Missouri Schnucks stores see the light no longer gun free

The Schnucks grocery chain, which had banned licensed concealed carry in its MO stores since the 2003 passage of the state's concealed carry law, took down its "no guns" signs on June 1, after realizing that this policy protected no one (aside from criminals).

This follows a late Oct. armed robbery of several women as they left a St. Louis Schnucks


Thursday, 17 June 2010

European flooding The Big Picture

Over the past month, heavy rainfall from different storms across parts of Europe has caused massive amounts of flooding - some water moving slowly across river plains and farmland, some moving swiftly through cities and villages.

Dozens have lost their lives, many thousands evacuated their homes, some repeatedly - Poland in particular is suffering


Tortoise helps a friend

With good friends you don't have to worry.


Strong Turbulence Cause Womans Breasts to Act Like Airbags

The woman with the largest breasts (size F) in Russia just announced that she is suing Swiss International for causing her breasts painful injury.

According to Irene Ferrari, strong turbulence on her flight made one of her breasts hit the seat in front of her, causing "bruises and strong pain in her left breast".


Sharron Angle Quit Republican Party at Height of Reagan Year

Nevada Senate nominee Sharron Angle, a tea party favorite who describes herself as a conservative's conservative, left the Republican Party at the height of the Reagan revolution and became a Democrat for at least several years, government records show.

Documents on file with the Humboldt County, Nev., clerk's office


Top 10 Most Annoying Sounds

Vuvuzelas have been all the buzz at the 2010 World Cup, but not in a good way.

Here's a look at some other sounds that are not music to our ears. Yes, if you snore you are annoying.



WoW Any number of Toppings Oh wait

WoW� Any number of Toppings! Oh, wait�


Stripping Is The Best PartTime Job In The World

At least that's what the manager of one gentlemen's club would have young women believe. "With the economy being down...

This is probably the best part-time job in the world for a girl," he claims.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Keeping Up with the University of Stupid

>...Very few people knew that the University of Arkansas was a holdout, maintaining hearty general education requirements for the past fifty years.

ACTA (American Council of Trustees and Alumni) recently awarded the university a rare A on its report card on general education requirements.....>>


A little sympathy for Rep Etheridge please

So, what are we to gather from Congressman Bobby Etheridge's mia culpa about having a "bad day" when he cuffed a college kid for asking if he supported the Obama agenda?

How about a little sympathy - that's right, sympathy......>>


Jacob Heilbrunn Obamas Fools Gold in Afghanistan

Afghanistan has overnight turned into the "Saudi Arabia" of precious metals, has it? But even if Afghanistan does turn out to possess everything the Pentagon claims it does, the sad truth is these resources are, more often than not, a curse for Third World nations that harbor them.


Batman XXX or The Dark Knight Comes Again [NSFW]

According to a blurb on the box, Axel Braun's 'Batman XXX' is 'the most anticipated XXX parody of the year."


Man cuts off his own arm

Jonathan Metz says the ordeal of getting his arm trapped in his furnace and deciding to cut it off was "surreal." Metz says he started thinking about amputating his arm 12 hours into his ordeal, and it took him about six hours to "psych" himself up.


Barry Saves Gulf Tourism with Turtle Soup

>...another opportunity to meld food and oil into an epicurean object lesson has surfaced in the Gulf...>>


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

More College Grads Are Turning To Trades

They started out studying aerospace engineering, creative writing and urban planning.

But somewhere on the path to accumulating academic credentials, they decided that working with their hands sounded more pleasant -- and lucrative -- than a lot of white-collar work.


Financial Reform Lawmakers Confront Lobbying Tempest

Congress' final tinkering with Wall Street overhaul this month offers lobbyists a last-ditch shot to reshape the package on behalf of clients with billions at stake.

Even as the legislation gets tougher on banks by the week, agents of influence are hardly strangers on Capitol Hill.


Virginia authorities at drunkendriving checkpoint find goat

Authorities said a regional drunken-driving checkpoint led to the discovery of a goat, bound and shoved in the trunk of a car.

The Bedford Sheriff's Office said the car, driven by 32-year-old wo...


Room for Debate First Steps to Digital Detox

If individuals can unplug, will it start a social movement?


Children of Illegal Immigrants Fight for the American Dream

The DREAM Act, or the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, is a way for students to achieve citizenship in the United States, a country that all of them consider their home.


A Cheaper Way To Own A Vacation Home

An LLC (Limited Liability Company) offers owners many of the same protections as a regular corporation, including tax benefits and insulation from lawsuits, but its not usually associated with homes.

While the practice is common in France - where more than one owner shares costs - it is relatively new in the United States.


Monday, 14 June 2010

Goodbye Unlimited and Free

It seems, two of the basic tenets of the early Internet Era - free and unlimited - are waning.
For the die-hard pirate movie downloaders and YouTube fanatics, for those who would rather sever a digit than type in a credit card number to pay for online content, this will be bitter medicine.

But the plreality is, free just can't compete with tiered.


NY Post does not understand the concept of victory




Facebook Facts some of which You Probably Didnt Know

Love it or hate it, you have probably heard of Facebook.

You have visited the site, seen if its for you, and made the decision to either try it out or dismiss it as a fad or worthless time-drain.


Sunday, 13 June 2010

Start your year Today

Posted this on my blog - Usually a yearplanner is not the thing to talk about.

But this one is different. Not that you can only choose color and add a headline, here you can start your year whenever you like. Let�s say: today. . Not to mention that this is an inspiration that C.B.D.B.Y.


Obama Spending Cut Could Hurt Older Americans


President Barack Obama warns some doctors could stop treating older Americans if lawmakers fail to act. In his weekly address Saturday, Mr. Obama urged GOP lawmakers to stop blocking legislation to delay the 21 percent reduction in payments to doctors who treat older Americans through the government's Medicare program.


9 Awesome Fictional Alternatives to Cars That Dont Use Gas

Forget electric cars.

If you want a mode of transportation that helps you save the planet AND look cool while doing it, then youve got to go to the world of fiction to find it.


Fox bleeps Obama but showcases Gagas twofinger salute

Rupert Murdoch's media empire has flourished across the globe partly due to its reliance on two tabloid industry maxims: manufacturing outrage and exploitation.


Adopt Bioremediation for the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Please sign the petition.

We will only show the first initial in your name for your privacy. Every time the petition reaches 100 new signatures, we will send it to the President, each Governor and BP.


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Multiple choice dress

Here's one you should like, just uploaded on my main site : With a quick click you select your very own dress from Studio28couture.

Become your own fashion designer.


New oil numbers may mean more environmental damage

New numbers showing the amount of oil gushing from a well in the Gulf of Mexico may be double as much as previously thought means the crude is likely to travel farther away, threatening more birds, fish and other wildlife that call the fragile waters their home, scientists said Friday.


9 JawDropping Caves

Humans have discovered and stepped on almost every swath of terrain on the planet, yet there are still places that have not been explored.

Here are nine amazing caves from around the world.


Pelosi Eliminate liability limit for oil spills

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says oil companies that cause major spills like the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico should face unlimited liability for economic damages.

Federal law caps liability at $75 million for economic damages beyond direct cleanup costs.


Just like pelicans people cant avoid oil either

So the Gulf oil spill has you ready to quit petroleum cold turkey? Louisiana's brown pelicans have more of a chance of avoiding Big Oil than you do.


Arizonas Next Immigration Target Children of Illegals

New legislation is being planned to go deny birth certificates and automatic U.S. citizenship to the babies of illegal immigrants


Video games follow Hollywoods 3D lead

With 3D movies boosting both audience experiences and box office coffers, videogame publishers are following Hollywood's lead and developing 3D games to immerse players more into virtual worlds.


Beach mayor GOP who denied disaster can take a swim

The major of Orange Beach, Tony Kennon, noted, "I'm a conservative," but went on to insist, "The Republican senator that said this wasn't an environmental disaster was a complete fool.

He needs to come down and take a swim off Louisiana's coast, if it's not a disaster."


Friday, 11 June 2010

Safety first but in YOUR own style

Hopefully you'll like this one, just gone up on my main site - Finally a scooter helmet without all these stickers and boring colors.

Customize this important life safer in fancy combinations.


AFP World Cup fever infects millions in Asia

BANGKOK � World Cup fever is sweeping across Asia as hundreds of millions of fans in the football-mad region count down to the start of an event that's a surefire winner for pubs, clubs and bookmakers.


South Africa warns against crime ahead of World Cup

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) � South Africa on Thursday urged World Cup visitors to exercise caution against crime, after two groups of journalists were robbed ahead of the opening match.


The World Cup Doesnt Need the United States WSJcom

Strong U.S. ticket sales and better results on the pitch haven't impressed FIFA.


Oil Disaster Shows Need for Endangered Species Act Overhaul

Of the many regulatory problems that helped make the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster possible, the Endangered Species Acts shortcomings have received little attention � but fixing its flaws and loopholes could help prevent future catastrophes.

Oil companies never considered the impacts of a massive spill on the Gulfs sperm whales or .....


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Bubbles not bombs

From my main blog : I have some troubles with the name ''bath bomb maker" but I like a lot some good scents and relaxing bubbles when i take a bath.

With this product you can produce any bubble ball you want.


Casey Anthony case Judge denies 3 motions from Casey Anthon

Orange Osceola Chief Judge Belvin Perry denied three motions from Casey Anthony's defense team.

Anthony is accused of killing daughter Caylee Marie Anthony.


Britain gives US strongest pledge to stay in war

New PM Cameron pledged unequivocal support for staying in the Afghan war.


Secretary Gates We Need to Talk The Troops

We, as openly gay and lesbian service men and women, write to you today to express our dismay at a significant omission from current efforts to study the impact of repeal of the Dont Ask, Dont Tell� policy.

The dilemma created by current policies effectively prevents interviews of gay and lesbian service members and heterosexual colleagues...


California Voters Approve Open Primary Elections

Beginning in 2011, only the top two vote-getters from a single primary ballot that includes candidates from all parties will advance to the general election.

That means two candidates from the same political party could face off in a general election.


Gates backs cell phone banking for Haiti

In the wake of the earthquake, Bill Gates' charitable foundation backs a $10 million initiative to use mobile banking to speed the aid and recovery effort.

Read this blog post by Ina Fried on Beyond Binary.


Link between food migraines baffles scientists

In the world of migraines, the questions outnumber the answers � especially when it comes to food.

But a small portion of the 28 million Americans who suffer from migraines would tell you about the throbbing pain, the nausea, and the light and noise sensitivity that follow such indulgences.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Personalized phone holder

Hopefully you'll like this one, just uploaded on my main site - This micro dwarf got a special feature: It keeps your phone that you can watch series and your individual micro-version at the same time.


WSJcom DJIA Slides Under Flash Crash Low

The Dow fell 115.48, or 1.2%, to 9816.49, a seven-month low and below the May 6 trough of 9869.62.


BernardHenri Levy Why I Defend Israel

The flood of hypocrisy that seems to have waited for this pretext to sweep across the media of the world, as is the case every time the Jewish State slips up, is by no means acceptable.


How to Deal With Fanboys

Fnaboys are found everywhere.

Geography, Gaming, Electronics, etc. Here is a quick snarkist guide to dealing with fanboys.


NY Zoo Keepers Spray Obsession cologne Jaguars Go Nuts

Zoos have apparently been spritzing olfactory delights on rocks, trees, and other zoo accoutrement for a while, to "keep confined animals curious" But jaguars at the Bronx Zoo in New York City got crazy-curious when zookeepers Calvien Klein's Obsession for Men.

Zoo Curator Pat Thomas then tested out these 24 other fragrances on the big cats.


Why We Must Never Abandon Afghanistan

Today, 16 Afghan girls are recuperating in a hospital after they were poisoned and lost consciousness at their school.

This atrocity comes on the heels of a recent spate of similar incidents in April. The Taliban is the primary suspect for all offences. Ethan Crane discusses the moral dilemma the West faces in deciding what to do about Afghanistan.


The Most Beautiful Place In The World pic

Somewhere in the world it must exist


Talk about a tough bird Turkey takes an arrow still flies

The arrow entered the adult turkey's back and left the tip sticking out the front, yet this bird still managed to fly and evade would-be rescuers for a full week before being captured in a specially built trap.

Now it's being cared for by veterinarians.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Personalized pirate door sign

Posted this on my blog - That makes me wanna turn 6 again: If you get a personalized pirate door sign or take it as an inspiration for some home craft action it�s up to you.

But I can assure you that kids will love it.


Wireless car mouse for Fathers Day Better than a tie

"Inspired by the Porsche 9-11...makes a great gift item and conversation starter for any gadget lover...It is available in red, silver and black"...A carrying pouch is provided, which has an inner sleeve for spare batteries.

The batteries are installed in the trunk, and the USB receiver can also be stored saving technology...


Bye Bye Birdie Why Twitter is On the Outs

Like it or not, Twitter has become an unavoidable part of our online lives.

Created by Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone in 2006, the social networking platforms reach has grown remarkably over the past four years.


Modern Element Trends In Minimal Webdesign of 2010

In depth article researching how to design really modern website using latest trends and technologies.

You will find a lot of examples to get you inspired here!


WTF is HTML5 Infographic

HTML5 is the next major revision of HTML and will be used for many new functions that will benefit web developers and Internet users alike.


10 Bad Ass Chicks of Video Games

The ultimate selection of females who can rip out your liver and stuff it in your mouth and still have time to do her nails.


Armari BrontaStor 4TE NAS review

UK-based manufacturer tries its hand at network-attached storage for the office.

We take a look.


Monday, 7 June 2010

What a yummy personal gift

Here's one you should like, just gone up on my main site - The idea is simple but yet personal.

Compose a meaningful message for your loved one and gift it in chocolate letters....It�s quite a big chance that it will bring up a smile.


1 step up 1 step back Spill may linger into fall

A containment cap was capturing more and more of the crude pouring from a damaged oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, but that bit of hope was tempered Sunday by a sharp dose of pragmatism as the federal government's point man warned the crisis could stretch into the fall.


The secret sex lives of crickets

Videotaping people 24 hours a day qualifies as voyeuristic and creepy.

Videotaping crickets 24 hours a day, however, leads you to some surprising insights about what does, and doesn't, factor into their reproductive success.


Chinas cancer villages reveal dark side of economic boom

Cancer rates have surged since the 90s to become China's biggest killer.

In 2007, it was responsible for one in five deaths, up 80% since the start of economic reforms 30 years earlier. While the govt insists it is cleaning up pollution far faster than other nations at a similar stage of development, many toxic industries have simply been relocated


Coney Island Gets FirstofitsKind Solar Energy Install

Coney Island, home of famous hot dogs, sideshows, and a heart-numbing roller coaster, has just added a pioneering solar energy installation to its roster of points-of-interest.

In addition to reducing energy costs and cutting greenhouse gasses, the installations cutting-edge solar thermal technology enables it to...


Using math to look for mathematical rising stars

Using mathematician's academic family trees, researchers map out how the success of a professor (as defined by the number of individuals they mentor) affects the success of those they mentored.


Sunday, 6 June 2010

More unique pillows to hug

Check out my blog - The inmod Design Pillow Studio has a big selection of really cool grafics which you can mix with different materials, colours and sizes to get out your individual pillow or duvet.

Chuck Norris would say: ''I punch the others, but I hug only myself." So guess what: he�s already in the rotation.


New intel chief Clapper held disputed Iraq WMD view

President Obama's choice to be the next director of national intelligence supported the view that Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq sent weapons and documents to Syria in the weeks before the 2003 U.S. invasion.


OS X 107 Cat Is Out There But Purring Quietly

Apples WWDC event kicks off on Monday with a keynote by CEO Steve Jobs.

There, hes widely expected to unveil the next generation iPhone, as well as show off more of the new iPhone OS 4.0 software. But this keynote will be a bit odd because...


Obama oversees progress made on oil spill response

President Barack Obama says progress apparently is being made in fighting the enormous Gulf oil spill.

But the president says it's "way too early to be optimistic" about BP's latest attempt to stanch the spill by capping the well and siphoning off some of the crude oil.


Behold the Lego Computer Case Mod [PICS]

The entire structure is designed like a plastic town that is custom built with tiny people who give the illusion of working in the system.

There are marked streets- an ATM, Postoffice, Fire hydrants, Basketball courts etc.


Kirk Misstated Another Instance In Which He Was Shot At

In a questionnaire he filled out for the Chicago Sun-Times this past January, the Illinois Republican was asked to describe the "wildest thing" that he had ever done in his career.

Kirk, who coasted with relative ease to the Republican senatorial nomination, replied: "Last year, I was with a Dutch armor unit in Kandahar, getting shot at." Not true.


Texas Couple Sentenced For Enslaving Nigerian Woman

An Arlington, Texas couple has been sentenced to jail after holding a widowed Nigerian mother of six as a slave for more than eight years.