Saturday, 31 July 2010

AZ immigrationlaw protests lead to arrests street closures

In Tucson and in Phoenix: Protests against and rallies for Arizona's new immigration-enforcement law went on as planned across the state Thursday, despite a ruling that blocked key provisions.


Updated Chart Shows Obamacares Bewildering Complexity

WASHINGTON, DC � Four months after U.S.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously declared We have to pass the bill so you can find out whats in it,� a congressional panel has released the first chart illustrating the 2,801 page health care law President Obama signed into law in March.


Legal Observer Arrested by Arpaio Deputies During AZ Protest

"This afternoon, [7-29-2010] Center for Constitutional Rights Attorney Sunita Patel was arrested while carrying out her legal observer duties at a protest of Arizonas unconstitutional immigration law, SB 1070.

As police began a sweep, Ms. Patel began to take down names of those being arrested and was promptly arrested herself."


Friday, 30 July 2010

Angle DISCLOSE Act already exists except it doesnt

Even though the Senate rejected it this week, Sharron Angle falsely asserted that the DISCLOSE Act is already the law of the land.


Wall Street nets trillions while workers get bupkis

The bottom line? When Wall Street is hurting, money's never a problem.

But when the states are on the brink of default and 14 million workers are scrimping to feed their families, there's not a dime to be found. Explain that to your kids.


Ivy Bean Known As Oldest Twitter User Dies At 104 NPR

Her tweets ranged from the mundane to the gossipy.

Ivy Bean had become an online celebrity for her embrace of microblogging at such an advanced age. She had accumulated about 57,000 Twitter followers and maxed out at 5,000 friends on Facebook.


Thursday, 29 July 2010

Blast hits Japanese oil tanker near Oman

A Japanese oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz is damaged by an explosion its operators say may have been an "outside attack".


The Drudge Report Trolls with Foxonian Visual Lies

While Right Wing screams about liberal media bias, and the scream even louder when they're busted flat out lying to their audience (Acorn video, Sherrod video, etc), they continue their assault on reality via any means necessary.

To this end, The Drudge Report felt compelled to use the Foxian trick of using imagery to lie for them yesterday.


Lessons from the BP Oil Spill

What the BP oil spill does not signal, however, is a change in direction.

Even as brown goo gushes from the Gulf 5,000 feet below the surface, and cleanup crews struggle to halt the slick from befouling beaches and shorebirds, companies are already developing the technologies to drill twice as deep off South America, Africa, and in the Gulf...


Mexico police find 8 human heads dumped near city

Eight human heads are found outside the northern Mexican city of Durango after anonymous tip-offs to police.


SEC Says New Finincial Regulation Law Exempts It From FOIA

Under a little-noticed provision of the recently passed financial-reform legislation, the Securities and Exchange Commission no longer has to comply with virtually all requests for information releases from the public, including those filed under the Freedom of Information Act.


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Digg Vs Reddit The Infographic

There's always been a form of healthy rivalry between Reddit and Digg, and its respective user bases.

I'm one of those indifferent people who think there's plenty of room for multiple sites of the kind, and that these sites actually make each other stronger and better in their state of co-existence. Rising tide lifting all boats and all that.


Source: Techcrunch (TechCrunch)

Who leaked the Afghan War Documents

The witch-hunt is on to find out who is behind the leak of tens of thousands of classified documents related to the Afghan war.


Yahoo Japan Confirms Google Switch from Yahoo

As BoomTown reported earlier today, Yahoo Japan confirmed it would switch its search technology and paid search provider to Google from Yahoo.

The move is a definite blow to Yahoo's new search and advertising alliance with Microsoft, although Yahoo sought to minimize the damage in a statement.


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Abuse of Trust Anatomy of a Breakdown Sherrod

The Shirley Sherrod Case


Both sides DONT do it

It's true that "both sides," to one degree or another, let their ideological and political preferences dictate some editorial decisions, such as what stories to pursue, how to approach them, who to interview, etc.

But what's underappreciated is the degree to which the Breitbart-Fox axis goes far beyond this...


Tom Tancredo ditches the GOP for the Constitution Party

Tancredos entry into the race is likely to split the GOP vote in the general election, giving Hickenlooper a win, said Dick Wadhams, head of the states Republican Party.


Former Shell presHayward made contributions deserves cash

Former Shell president John Hofmeister rushed to Tony Haywards defense today on American Morning by arguing that the pandemic of populism that has swept across the US � resulting in Tony becoming Public Enemy Numero Uno � is misguided because he totally wont walk away with as much cash as everyone thinks.


Darth Vaders Crime Spree In Photos

Darth Vaders bank robbery is just the latest caper in his long-running crime spree.

Heres photographic evidence that hes the Forrest Gump of fugitives.


Taliban Monkeys

Is the Taliban training monkeys?

Source: Livesciencecom ( Science Headline Feed)

Monday, 26 July 2010

Court Under Roberts Is Most Conservative in Decades

The courts center of gravity under Chief Justice John G.

Roberts Jr. has edged to the right, based on an analysis of four sets of political science data.


Sunday media call out Breitbart Fox for smearing Sherrod

Joan Wash, Frank Rich, Howard Dean, Van Jones, Mara Liasson


Why civility is necessary for societys survival

As the national conversation on civility gains momentum, the time has come to take a closer look at what civility is, why it matters and whether it deserves all the attention it is generating.


American Indian Women Some Leaders

The United States government and American historians have been as reluctant to acknowledge women leaders among Indian nations as they have been acknowledging women warriors.

The fact is that many Indian nations have had women leaders.


Terrell Owens Next Destination Rams Bengals in the Mix

Terrell Owens is still looking for a new team, but the Rams and Bengals have emerged as potential spots based on recent reports.


Mexican prison guards let killers out provided weapons

Guards and officials at a prison in northern Mexico allegedly let inmates out, lent them guns and allowed them to use official vehicles to carry out drug-related killings, including the massacre of 17 people last week, prosecutors said Sunday.


Sunday, 25 July 2010

Rachel Maddow Pwns Bill OReilly video

BillO: We kick your butt in ratings, madam.
Maddow: .....


The Best Counterprotest Signs at Comic Con PICS

The assgiraffes at the Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest at Comic Con. Their attention whoring has been overshadowed by sarcastic geeks with signs and chants of their own, however. As it should be. And it seems to have worked splendidly:


Switzerlands World War II Bunkers Get a Second Life

Used to store arms and hide troops during World War II, Switzerland's military bunkers have been turned into everything from hotels and banquet halls to stables and high-security vaults.


World Energy Problems SOLVED PIC

World Energy Problems = SOLVED! (PIC)


Saturday, 24 July 2010

Venezuela Summer Camp for NarcoTerrorists from FARC

Yesterday, the Colombian government presented evidence that the narcoterrorist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, have what amounts to "summer camps" on the Venezuelan side of their common border.

In a presentation to the Organization of American States, Colombian Amb. Luis Alfonso Hoyos charged that Venezuelan officials "tolerate the


Fresh Crater Found in Egypt Changes Impact Risk

One of the best preserved craters yet found on Earth, the Kamil crater was initially discovered in February during a survey of satellite images on Google Earth.

Researchers think the crater formed within the past couple thousand years.


Web Porn Seeps Through Chinas Great Firewall

Word leaked out slowly, spread by Web-savvy folks on Twitter: Internet porn that once was blocked by Chinese government censors was now openly available. "Are they no longer cracking down on pornographic websites? A lot of porn sites and forums are accessible," technology blogger William Long wrote on his feed.


Shahien Nasiripour Pay Czar Criticizes 17 BailedOut Banks

The federal overseer entrusted with investigating Wall Street pay has declined to take action, arguing that the public wouldn't be served by going after $1.6 billion that 17 financial firms doled out to their employees in the five months after taxpayer-bailouts began in the fall of 2008.

Among other duties, Congress granted Kenneth R. Feinberg,


Skateboard Hating Cop Cleared Of Abuse Charges

The decision is a blow to the Police Department and overturns an investigation led by internal affairs detectives who concluded that Officer Salvatore Rivieri had exceeded his authority in the incident.


White House Tax Cuts for Rich to Expire


Geithner said the White House will allow taxes on top earners to increase on Jan. 1, 2011, as part of an effort to help bring down the mounting budget deficit. He said the White House still plans to extend tax cuts for middle- and lower-income Americans and expects to undertake a broader tax overhaul next year.


Friday, 23 July 2010

Conflict Resurfaces With Lessons on NationBuilding

The continuing tension over Kosovo serves as a reminder of just how challenging the enterprise of nation-building really is.


Analysts Predict Kinect Will Sell 3 Million Units

Many analysts are claiming that the Kinects $149 price tag is appropriate�, and that 3 million units could sell this holiday season.


Keep Your Head down I Cant See

Keep Your Head down.

I Can't See.


The Breakup 20 How new media is used to end relationships

An Indiana U. professor's new book looks at how people today are using new media to break up with each other and how mediums designed to create connections create all sorts of problems for those trying to disconnect.


The 20 Awesomest AntiBP Images

It's a known deal that BP is just about the worst company in the world as of today.

Check out 20 of the funniest pictures and videos that have been created to get back at the oil spillers.


Thursday, 22 July 2010

Most Massive Star Detected

Evidence suggests a newly found star is more than 300 times bigger than the sun -- twice the size of anything previously discovered.


8 Incredibly Expensive Ways to Rest in Peace

The sad truth is that dying is expensive.

Even a no frills funeral can cost $6,000. But not everyone tries to save money on funerals.


The Tough Road For Potential Elizabeth Warren Nomination

Progressive pressure on President Obama to appoint Elizabeth Warren to head a soon-to-be-created consumer financial protection bureau has reached a fever pitch.

But in a troubling sign for her supporters, the White House is remaining mum, and key senators aren't rallying to her defense. In some cases quite the opposite.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Calf Police seek family believed to have killed one child

Police in southern California are on the hunt for a missing family of five they believe are connected to the suspicious death of a child found Sunday in their home, an officer told CNN Monday.





Fox News Discussion Of Ground Zero Mosque Fair and Balanced

Because Muslims have received permission to build an Islamic cultural center including a mosque 2 blocks from Ground Zero, the right wing has been engaged in a collective freak out for several months.

Aiding and abetting is Fox News which never wastes an opportunity to stoke the fires of hatred and intolerance towards Muslims.


Why does he get the aisle seat PIC


Marketing Tip Consider Video When Marketing to Twitter User

Twitter has emerged as an online Video Power broker.

This is because it has been noticed that not only is Twitter the top referrer for most video sites but Twitter traffic tends to watch the videos for a longer time.


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Sarah Palin tweets for peaceful Muslims to refute Ground

Muslims want to build a mosque "in the eye of the raw grief" of 9/11 - Sarah says noooooooooo!


Poachers kill last female rhino in South African park

Record levels of poaching are endangering survival of rhinoceros in South Africa


World Cup Final Most Tweeted Event in Twitters History

Twitter revealed today on the Twitter Blog some statistics regarding the South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup.

According to the company, the World Cup final match between Spain and Netherlands was the most tweeted event in Twitters history.


To President Obama STOP LYING

The Market Ticker � "But too many of our small business owners and those who aspire to start their own small businesses continue to struggle, in part because they cant get the credit they need to start up, grow, and hire."
Capital formation does not come from borrowing. It comes from savings. But your policies and the Federal Reserve have inte


Monday, 19 July 2010

GOP senators Obama failing in oil cleanup POLITICO

Just days after BP temporarily plugged the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico, Senate Republicans on Sunday lashed out at the Obama administration for failing to clean up America's soiled shoreline.


Were better than this Racial mudslinging will not win

America must guard against descending into a nightmare version of the national conversation on race that President Obama hoped for, as irresponsible ideologues and partisan demagogues cynically try to convert fear and hatred into political power.


Tech that denied dying woman gunned down

An EMT who was being probed for allegedly callously ignoring a dying pregnant woman during his coffee break last year was shot and killed early this morning after a dispute near a Downtown nightclub, police said.


One begrudged point awarded pic

One begrudged point awarded (pic)


Sunday, 18 July 2010

Corporations Profiting Sitting on Cash and Not Hiring

Nonfinancial companies are sitting on $1.8 trillion in cash, roughly one-quarter more than at the beginning of the recession.

And as several major firms report impressive earnings this week, the money continues to flow into firms coffers. If corporations are sitting on so much money, why arent they hiring more workers?


Climate change deniers Is it hot enough for you

As temperatures topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking records in the nation's capital, and the pavement turned into a skillet, my thoughts raced back to the frigid days of last winter's "snow-pocalypse."


91YearOld Man Dies After Being Run Over by Amish Man

John V.

Rohrer, 91, died in a Decatur, Ill. hospital Wednesday after being run over by a horse-drawn cart driven by an Amish man.


Saturday, 17 July 2010

For the Economy Help Is Not on the Way

Twenty years ago, in 1990, the American economy was in the third year of a deep recession.

It was impossible to find a job. The 1980s housing bubble had popped. Then, as now, the president seemed oblivious, aloof and clueless. Two years later, with no recovery in sight, angry voters turned him out of office.


Circumstances Where Whipping It Should Be Considered [CHART]

Flow Chart


10 Worst Video Games Ever Made wVideos

It takes a special kind of failure to make it into this list.

A game has to be more than boring or poorly executed. To become one of the 10 Worst, it starts as a bad idea and ends by actually lowering the quality of life of people who havent played it.


World Cup octopus predicts next Russian president

One of Russia's most popular newspapers said on Friday it had managed to get Paul, the oracle German octopus which accurately predicted the World Cup results to forecast who will be Russia's next president.


Google Buys Metaweb To Improve Results For Complex Search

Google moved to better its search results by acquiring Metaweb, a San Francisco based company that maintains a open database of


Friday, 16 July 2010

Dog trapped in hot car honks to alert owner Odds and Ends

MACUNGIE, Pennsylvania A veterinarian says a dog trapped in a car on a 90-degree Fahrenheit (32-degree Celsius) day in eastern Pennsylvania honked the horn until he was rescued.


100 Oil Wells Drilled Every Day

10,000 oil and gas wells drilled in US during last 90 days - yep, 100 new wells per day


Dont be fooled again by Republicans

There is no question that the American people are growing impatient because of our economic woes.

Families are suffering because of critical unemployment numbers. Congress is stagnated and can't get necessary reforms passed, primarily due to an obstructionist minority in both houses of Congress. Also, our memories are short on the GOP's record.


5 Things Hardcore Gamers Neet to get Over

No matter how much you wish these wouldn't be true they are, and we all need to get over it.


GOP has given us no reason to vote against Harry Reid

It is hard to imagine voting for Sharron Angle over Harry Reid, who has become the most powerful and successful U.S. senator in Nevada history.


Thursday, 15 July 2010

Chamber of Commerce Lashes Out at Obama Congress

In a scathing open letter to President Obama, Congress and the American People, the U.S.

Chamber of Commerce says that once the economy was stabilized, the White House and Congress took their "eyes off the ball."
"Instead of continuing their partnership with the business community and embracing proven ideas for job creation, they vilified industry


The 15 Million Death Incentive

"You don't know whether to commit suicide or just go on living and working," Eugene Sukup told the Wall Street Journal over the weekend.


Countries Look to Robot Armies for Border Defense

The House Homeland Security Committee will meet Thursday to discuss the use of unmanned aircraft to patrol America's borders.

The number of drones deployed on such missions has been growing in recent years, and lawmakers have begun to demand that the Pentagon provide even more along the U.S.-Mexican border.


Beware of Democrats when they are losing power

It would take something almost incomprehensibly huge�at this point to keep Democrats from losing their iron-fisted death grip on power this I would expect some kind of epic catastrophe or outrageous


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

IRAN Merchants protest governments proposed tax hike

>...Since Tuesday, strikes in Tehrans old bazaar rage on as merchants still refuse to accept the governments proposal for an increase on their income tax.

By some accounts, the bazaar protest is gathering momentum....>>


7 stupid retirement myths debunked

Half of American workers haven't tried to figure out how much they need to save for retirement.

Nearly 1/3 aren't currently saving for retirement, and half of those who have saved have less than $25,000.
It's a pretty sorry state of affairs, especially if any of the following myths are what's preventing you from saving:


Facebook assets frozen as man claims majority ownership

Paul D Ceglia says he signed a deal with Mark Zuckerberg in April 2003 to design and develop the website that ultimately turned into Facebook.

The contract, he says, gave him $1,000 and a 50 percent stake in the company.

And he claims that this stake was increased through a provision in one clause, so that it now gives him a majority share.


Video Woman calls cops gets tasered repeatedly

Two Georgia police officers are out of work after their dash cam video reveals woman who reported a prowler being repeatedly tasered and sprayed with pepper spray.


25 collectibles to covet at ComicCon

"Comic-Con 2010 is chock full of limited edition toys, comics, and collectibles that are available in ridiculously small amounts.

Here are 25 gee-whiz exclusives you may want to check out before they're pillaged by the fan horde."

Source: con/gallery/

PBS special Reagan George Shultz and Funny Funding

Many PBS stations around the country will begin airing a three-part, three-hour documentary tonight (7/12/10) about Reagan-era Secretary of State George Shultz.

According to the New York Times the unusually lengthy, completely uncritical tribute is partially sponsored by corporations linked to Shultz's corporate career.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

15 Things You Should Never Do At An SEO Conference

Conferences are a great way to pick up new ideas but more importantly are a chance to talk SEO without people around you screaming with boredom!


Spaniards Turn Arizona Alfalfa Farm Into 280MW Solar Plant

Spanish firm Abengoa Solar will construct a $2B solar plant in Arizona (with $1.45B of that guaranteed by the US Dept of Energy) on the site a former alfalfa farm. The plant will employ over 900,000 mirrors, 90,000 receivers, and utilize more steel than the Golden Gate Bridge.


Whats Killing Farmed Salmon Risk to Wild Salmon WTF

Epidemics of infectious disease are threatening the farmed fish industry, including one of its most popular products: farmed Atlantic salmon.

A team of scientists has found evidence that the disease may be caused by a previously unknown virus.


Unknown Chinese Animal Specie Found

It's a cat? it's a rat? China did it again!


Monday, 12 July 2010

Just who is antijobs

Republicans have continued their disingenuous attack on President Barack Obama, blaming him for the economic recession, in hopes of attracting votes this fall.

House Minority Leader John Boehners office has spearheaded the effort, last week calling Obama anti-jobs� and anti-business� even though those charges are patently false.


Farming Kicked Up Dust in West Africa ScienceNOW

Dust from the Sahara desert can warm the atmosphere, increase the production of clouds, and prolong drought conditions.

Now, researchers have found evidence that intensive farming is responsible for a significant portion of that dust. The connection suggests that factoring in dust production could lead to better global climate.


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Nokia Asks Russian Police to Get Prototype From Blogger

Nokia has asked Russian police to help it recover a prototype smartphone obtained by a gadget blogger, who penned a�critical review.

The blogger says Nokia is trying to discredit a critic.


Google Says It Got China Web License CNBC

Google said on Friday that the Chinese authorities had renewed its China-based search page licence.


Obama plans expanded PTSD care with 21st century VA

President Barack Obama announced Saturday his administration will make it easier for military veterans suffering from post traumatic stress disorder to receive the benefits they need.


Saturday, 10 July 2010

0 for 2 Professor Beck cant spell heroes or villains

On his Fox News program tonight, Glenn Beck teased tomorrow's program on the "history of heroes and villains in the textbooks." One problem: throughout the segment, the blackboard Beck repeatedly referred to was titled "Heros or Villians?"


Top 25 Fighting Games of All Time

We count down a list of the top 25 fighting games of all time.

Find out which games came out on top!


Friday, 9 July 2010

Hair Keeps Chemical Record of Where Youve Been

Your hair holds clues about where you've been through telltale chemical signs that start out in tap water and end up in your cells.

Even Coke, bottled water and sometimes beer leave a geographic imprint that lasts until you get a trim, because local bottling plants use local water, found a new study.


Magnetic Nanoparticles Can Remotely Control Worms

Using magnetic nanoparticles, scientists have found a way to remotely control neurons and affect animal behavior.

The work could also have applications in cancer treatments and diabetes therapies.


Stay Classy GermanyVid

Hundreds riot in the streets of Magdeburg, Germany after the German national team lost to Spain in the World Cup soccer semifinals.


Who is More Conservative Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama

The political line has moved so far that if Reagan tried to run as a Republican now he would be the laughing stock of the party.

Rush Limbaugh would tear him to shreds and Bill Kristol would say he is Neville Chamberlain.


Motorists Scramble to Pick Up 25 Mil in Spare Change

Motorists on a highway in southern Italy got an unexpected cash advance when an armored truck overturned and spilled its contents onto the asphalt.

The truck was carrying 2.5 million euros in coins, which tumbled out when the rear door opened up. It was on its way from the Italian mint to distribute to local banks.


Thursday, 8 July 2010

Gulf oil spill reaches Texas as tar balls wash ashore

Oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill reaches all five US Gulf states as tar balls land on a beach in Galveston, Texas.


Super Mario Sidewalk [Video]

You've never seen Super Mario Bros. played like this.

On a curb.


George Michael Apologizes For Being Boring Screwing Up

After crashing his car in London, George Michael has apologized for being 'boring' and 'screwing up'


Exhumed Digging Up Famous Bodies [Photo Gallery]

13 cases of celebrities and famous people that quite literally came out of their graves


Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Michael Steele Right About Obama and the Afghanistan War

Michael Steele was right when he called Afghanistan Obama's war.

Well, sort of.


Sam Stein Democrats See Benefits To Revolt By Wall Street

On Tuesday morning, the Washington Post and Politico published dual stories exploring the "revolt" against Democrats by Wall Street donors angry with the party's push for financial reform.


Four Easy Steps to Telco Control of the Internet

Media giants are spending a fortune to convince lawmakers and regulators to dismantle consumer protections on the Internet and give industry absolute power over the most important communications medium of our time.


The More CEOs Make The Worse They Treat Workers Says A New

CEO pay has been blasted for increasing risk to the economy, being out of proportion to ordinary wages and being unrelated to actual company performance.

And, according to a new study, a high salary may actually make your company's CEO meaner.


Secrets of the Tea Party

The troubling history of Tea Party leader Dick Armey


How Does Your Water Glow

Radioactive waste threatens the integrity of the Ogallala Aquifer.


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Private Central Bank Controls Our Currency Runs Our Economy

This weekend we celebrated America's Independence Day. But are we really a free nation? The truth is that it is really hard to argue that we are "free" when our currency system and our economy are run by an unelected privately-owned central bank.
You see, the truth is that the U.S. government does not "print money" whenever it wants. Under the


The Top Ten Video Game Consoles of All Time

A ranked list of the best gaming systems ever.

Prepare to be inflamed!


Safety concerns factor in maid case

Forced to defend against a judges startling accusation of aggressive� and overreaching� prosecution, the U.S.

Attorneys Office says it elected to arrest a ranking Homeland Security official for coddling an illegal alien out of concern she might otherwise kill herself.


What do We do About it Nullify Now

Thomas Jefferson: "whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force."


Why African Women Run So Fast

Have you ever wondered why all the fastest running women at the Olympics,or World Track & Field - in fact most events you can think of, are AFRICAN?


Monday, 5 July 2010

McCain questions Steeles future as GOP head


John McCain (R-AZ) cast doubt Sunday on the future of the head of the Republican Party following controversial comments about the war in Afghanistan.


F600HD High Definition Car Camera DVR

The F600HD car camera DVR is claimed as the world���s highest definition DVR with 1920 x 1080P HD video recording capability.

Both lenses and LCD screen can be adjusted so that it can capture road condition in front of the driver. Too bad, the F6


Does the Declaration of Independence Tell the Truth

What about the self-evidence of the truths claimed in our founding document?


Doomsday Ark to be Housed on the Moon

If the human species should be destroyed on Earth, our future may reside on the Moon if plans being drawn up for a Doomsday ark� on the moon by the European Space Agency are carried through.

The Ark will contain the essentials of life and human civilization, to be activated in the event of earth being devastated by a giant asteroid or nuclear war.


A newspaper is now only using free webbased tools

YARDLEY, PA - Journal Register Company...The Company's Ben Franklin Project publishes using free web tools encompassing all of its daily operations...


Larissa Riquelme Naked Pledge Ends In Heartbreak PICTURES

Larissa Riquelme, a gorgeous lingerie model who promised to run naked through the streets of Asuncion if Paraguay won the World Cup, saw her nudity pledge end in heartbreak on Saturday.

Her national team held on tight against heavily favored Spain, but the Spaniards ultimately prevailed with a late goal.


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Elena Kagan Would Impose Gay Marriage Tony Perkins Warns

Tony Perkins' opposition to Elena Kagan's confirmation as Supreme Court justice revolves mostly around gay rights


Obama announces nearly 2 billion in solar energy contracts

President Barack Obama announced on Saturday the awarding of nearly two billion dollars to two solar energy companies that have agreed to build new power plants in the United States, creating thousands of new jobs.


David Livingstones lost letter deciphered

The contents of an indecipherable letter written by David Livingstone shortly before he met Henry Stanley have been revealed for the first time.


Biological Parents of Missing Oregon Boy Urge Stepmother to

The biological parents of a missing Oregon boy pleaded Thursday for his stepmother to cooperate with investigators.


Casey Anthony Attends Emergency Court Hearing

Attorneys for Casey Anthony have filed a motion to appoint a Special Magistrate during the inspection of evidence with expert witnesses later this month, reported.


Woman Allegedly Fakes Sons Death Her Own Death to Avoid Fo

Facing a mortgage payment she could not afford, a Massachusetts woman allegedly faked the death of her son serving in the military, and eventually faked her own death, to avoid foreclosure.


Saturday, 3 July 2010

Pelosi Unemployment Checks Fastest Way to create jobs

"It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative you can name."


Daleys not done on guns

After the Supreme Court ruled that cities and states must respect the right of individuals to own handguns for self-defense, Chicago Mayor Richard M.

Daley declared the justices to be divorced from reality. "They don't seem to appreciate the full scope of gun violence in America," he charged.


The Crash is Inevitable

Our government will not respond to this crisis by cutting spending and will therefore cause the economy to crash.

Karl Deniger shows us the numbers.


Overcoming Democrat Embarrassment Syndrome

Andrew Klavan is here to help those of you who temporarily lost your sanity and voted for Barack Obama in 2008.

No, were not talking about you Marxists who actually knew and understood what he stands for, but rather those of you who woke up to realize what a terrible mistake you made. There is hope�real hope. There is a therapy that can help, but


Palin Blasts Obama Foreign Policy as Enemy Centric hotair


President, this may come as news to you, but most Americans actually do like it. And so do our allies. They know it was our military might that liberated countless millions from tyranny, slavery, and oppression over the last 234 years. Yes, we do like it. As a dominant superpower, the United States has won wars hot and cold; our military has ad


Economix The G20s China Bet

The G-20 is betting that China can keep its growth high enough to sustain the global economy while also not getting drawn into some sort of bubble�particularly one that would involve big Western banks.

Given the nature of China & the volatility of global capital flows�international investors love you without limit, until the moment they leave--this


A Math Problem Solver Declines a 1 Million Prize

This is not the first time that Grigory Perelman, a reclusive Russian mathematician, has turned down an award for unraveling one of the worlds most intractable math problems.


Friday, 2 July 2010

Heroic intervention lands Madina Lakes Matthew Leone in H

Madina Lake bassist Matthew Leone has been hospitalized with severe brain trauma after intervening to stop a woman he passed on the street from being beaten.


Obama Fix a broken immigration system

President Obama today called for a "practical, common sense" immigration system that will help the U.S. economy and maintain the steady flow of immigrants who have always enriched the United States.


Whaleeating whale lived 12 million years ago

Scientists reported Wednesday the discovery of an extinct predator sperm whale with jaws and teeth so huge it probably hunted other whales not less than half its size.


The Feds shut down 7 websites for distributing pirated movie

In a sweeping move, the Federal Government shut down seven large websites (including for distributing pirated films on their websites.

TMP has the full press release and list of charges.


Pet Imperial Walker ATAT in the Afternoon [Vid]

Animator and filmmaker Patrick Boivin recently created his short film AT-AT Day Afternoon after a childhood dream of pet Imperial Walker.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Kagan made up facts regarding partial birth abortion

"Unless there is some other interpretation of these documents that does not occur to me, it appears that Elena Kagan participated in a gigantic scientific deception.

On behalf of the Clinton White House, she deliberately subverted what was supposed to be an objective scientific process."


Joe Biden Jeff Dunhams Puppet Separated at Birth [pic]

Ironically, the puppet whose words are chosen by the comedian would probably have fewer embarrassing verbal gaffes than ol' Joe.


Photo Gallery Anna Chapman Alleged Russian Spy


Deputys Son Shoots One of Two Intruders

The teenage son of a Harris County deputy constable opened fire with his father's automatic rifle Tuesday after burglars forced their way into the family's home, authorities said.

The boy went downstairs with the rifle and spotted an adult man and a male juvenile in the living room. "He was concerned with protecting his younger sister."


Hate Hate Hate Health Reform Or Maybe Not

I've never put huge faith in the polling on health care reform.

The public's grasp of the law is too fuzzy, the questions too easy to manipulate. But since nary a day goes by when somebody doesn't point out how incredibly unpopular reform is, the latest Kaiser Family Foundation tracking poll deserves a look.


Blagojevich Scandal Did Barack Obama Tell Thruth

The Balanoff disclosures stop short of incriminating Obama in Blagojevich's allegedly criminal scheme.

But they shed new doubt both on President Obama's declared commitment to transparency and the credibility of the staff account of his role in the Blagojevich matter.