Monday, 28 February 2011

Ugly US medical experiments uncovered

Shocking as it may seem, U.S. government doctors once thought it was fine to experiment on disabled people and prison inmates.

Such experiments included giving hepatitis to mental patients in Connecticut, squirting a pandemic flu virus up the noses of prisoners in Maryland, and injecting cancer cells into chronically ill people at a New York hospital.


New ZealandLike Quake Disaster Could Strike Seattle

The soft sediment under Christchurch magnified quake damage in a way seismologists expect to see for cities in the Pacific Northwest.


A shadow across the Shuttle PIC

On Saturday, the Orbiter Discovery was in space, circling hundreds of kilometers above our planet.

Heres an interesting picture of it� but wait a sec! If it was in orbit, what could cast a shadow across it?


BURIED ALIVE Men Found Buried Alive At Gaddafi Compound

Disturbing new evidence of the barbarity of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime in Libya east, where the opposition movement has seized control.


Sunday, 27 February 2011

Your Incredible Shrinking Paycheck

The recession is over, but its legacy of falling wages is likely to stick with us


Saylor family awarded 10M by Toyota for deadly accident in 2009

In august 2009, an off-duty California Highway Patrol officer and his family were killed when a Lexus accelerated out of control, and courts have now approved a settlement.


Nintendos 3DS Is Now Out In Japan

Go here for a complete guide to pricing, games, and more


3 dead in assassination attempt on Mexican mayor

The mayor of a town in northeast Mexico survived an apparent assassination bid Friday after his bodyguards repelled the attackers in a gunfight that left three gunmen dead and two others detained.


Star Wars The Old Republic How stuff works Speeder bikes

Speeder bikes and swoop bikes are small, fast transports that use repulsorlift engines, usually carrying one or two passengers.

Speeder bikes emphasized speed and maneuverability over conventional speeders and were popular with thrill-seeking teenagers and military scouts.


Bahrain King Reshuffles Cabinet

Bahrain's king reshuffled his cabinet Saturday as protesters continued to call for reforms and a key opposition leader returned to the country.


Saturday, 26 February 2011

10 Movies You Never Thought Would Be Nominated For An Oscar

Every now and then the Academy will throw a rather odd nomination into the mix just to shake things up.

They usually dont win, but its interesting that they recognize them.


LARPing Might Have Just Got Funny

You have got to see this.

This is awesome!!


9 Fictional Dictators We Love to Hate

For decades, filmmakers in need of a villain have turned to autocrats, and I doubt recent events in the Middle East will diminish their role.

And as a tribute to these ruthless rulers of cinema, Ive compiled this list of fictional movie dictators.


Two and Half Men Canceled for Rest of Season

CBS cites the actor's "statements, conduct and condition" for ending the season early


Ranked Radiohead Albums from Worst to Best

We tossed all their albums in a pit and watched them have a Weird Dance Off.

Only one survived.


PETA Protests Use Of Chickens To Randomly Pick Oscar Winners

Animal-rights group PETA is protesting the Academy's use of chickens randomly stepping on buttons to choose Oscar Award winners each year.


Banksy [Have You Reached a Verdict]

A unique audio-visual approach to the graffiti artist's (and now also a director) Banksy's street art.

Photos courtesy of

Music, production and sound fx by


Friday, 25 February 2011

Beer to be classified as alcohol for first time in Russia

Beer is to be legally classified as an alcoholic drink in Russia for the first time as the Kremlin forges ahead with the toughest anti-alcohol campaign since the fall of the Soviet Union.


Scott Walker Admits Hes Trying to Trick Wisconsin State Democrats

Governor Walker made an ass out of himself today and he also gave away his big hush hush plans to get those Democrats!


Can Social Media Be Used to Incite Corporate Revolutions

In the case of the recent Egyptian revolution, controlling the social media was pretty difficult -- although the Mubarak regime did find a kill switch for the Internet -- so they became the protesters' communications channel of choice.

Combine the revolutionary tweets and Facebook postings that helped motivate and organize protesters, the broader media's actions in focusing world attention on Egypt, and protesters' willingness to go in the street


House Vote Blocks Gas With E15 Ethanol Will Senate Follow

The latest episode in the long-running drama over whether U.S. drivers will be offered gasoline with more ethanol in it came very early Saturday morning.


A Bloody Week in Libya PICS

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi still retains power in the capital city, Tripoli, but has apparently lost much or all control of several towns to the east and a few to the west.

As government opponents step up their demonstrations and are joined by dozens of defecting military and diplomatic officials, Qaddafi seems to be digging in -- issuing defiant speeches, reportedly employing foreign mercenaries to crack down on the opposition, and threatenin


Thursday, 24 February 2011

Federal Government Will No Longer Defend Defense of Marriage Act

Attorney General Eric Holder said President Obama concluded his administration can no longer defend the federal law that defines marriage as only between a man and a woman.


How The National Enquirer Broke The John Edwards Story That No One Else Would Touch

The story that altered a presidential election and earned journalistic credibility overnight.


Man resorts to carjacking to escape from kidnappers

In fairness, he did drive the stolen car straight to the police station, so ...

Oh, and this happened in New Jersey, not Florida.


Wisconsin Gov Caught in Prank by Caller Posing as Donor

A prank caller pretending to be billionaire conservative businessman David Koch was able to have a lengthy conversation with Wisconsin Gov.

Scott Walker about his strategy to cripple public employee unions, the governor's office confirmed Wednesday.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Despite 8615 Percent Growth Android Market Revenues Remain Puny

You read the headline


Can Anyone Afford an IBM Watson Supercomputer

After Jeopardy, IBM's Watson supercomputer will first be tailored for the healthcare community at prices that appear to be a bargain compared the cost of other medical technology.

But most any business can afford a Watson, depending on how fast they want their answers.


How One Hacker Took Over the Billion Dollar Cyber Crime Underground

Published Tuesday, the new book by senior editor Kevin Poulsen tells the story of Max Vision, a white hat computer hacker who turned to the dark


Anonymous says they are NOT threatening Westboro Baptist Church

Taking down a church's website because you don't like what they say? (A) Even if they're total dicks, you don't get to police free speech, and (B) as if WBC would give a shit if its websites went down for a few days as long as everyone heard about it.

Well, now Anonymous has an open letter saying there was never any intention to attack Kansas' most famous congregation.


Empty suit the chaotic way Anonymous makes decisions

In a group that claims to have no leaders, it can be impossible to know when "official" pronouncements are made.

As the recent troll war between Anonymous and the Westboro Baptist Church shows, this can be a real weakness for the freewheeling hackers. But it's also a source of strength.


If you take a picture of a screen of a Asus laptop it will break video

If you take a picture of a screen of a Asus laptop it will break (video)


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Inside the Nickerson Gardens Projects with Rapper Jay Rock

They can call anyone a terrorist, a gangbanger, and put cameras in your neighborhood.


Immigrant Cattle Doing the Jobs American Cattle Wont Do

America imported more than two million cattle last year, and the government did everything possible to make it even easier to bring in more bovines.

How long until hamburger eaters begin blaming immigrant cattle instead of directing their ire at the American working-cow class?


TSA Screeners Steal 160K

A pair of TSA screeners were caught stealing $39,000 from a passenger's bag and have since admitted to thefts totaling at least $160,000.


Beware theDramatic Eagle vid

Beware the...Dramatic Eagle (vid)


Dad of Kids in The 5 Browns Group Pleads Guilty to Molesting His Girls

Featuring the two boys and three girls playing dueling pianos, the 5 Browns' four albums since 2005 have topped the classical charts.

They were the first group of five siblings to all attend Julliard, and they've been featured on Oprah and 60 Minutes.


One of Banksys Most Recent Pieces Vandalized Pic

Another Banksy piece, "Livin the Dream," which reportedly could have been worth six figures, was ripped from a CBS Outdoor billboard above Sunset and Laurel Canyon boulevards Wednesday and crumpled into a ball.


Monday, 21 February 2011

Tourette Preacher Replaces Curses with Whoa

He must've been watching reruns of Blossom.


Is the ad displayed in the right light

Is the ad displayed in the right light?


The Real Charlie BrownPic

Charlie Brown is up to no good...


Snow Days Then and Now

Truth, unfortunately...


City Workers Accused Of Stealing 48 Pounds Marijuana From Police

Two Alabama men who were working on renovations at the Florence Police Station are in jail after they were accused of taking 48 pounds of marijuana from the evidence locker.

The two men were part of a construction crew. Only 4 pounds were recovered.


Sunday, 20 February 2011

25 BoneBreaking Trampoline Fails

Watch these idiots learn about gravity the hard way.


If You Have Any Trouble PIC

Well the sign says you can so it must be right...


Stephen Colbert Vacuuming with a Nude Model on His Back [VIDEO]

I'm willing to bet you have never vacuumed with a nude model on your back, and that is why Stephen Colbert's bucket list has more checks on it than yours.


Hong Kong Launches its First Nude Cooking Show NSFW video

Flora Cheung, a model with no formal culinary training, is host of 'Naked Chef' (not to be confused with Jamie Oliver's old series), which debuts on adult channels in Hong Kong this month.

And yes, there is a NSFW video at the link.


Justin Bieber Shot to Smithereens on CSI VIDEO

This is almost definitely the last time you'll see Bieber on the show.

After setting a bomb that endangered the team, he was defiant until the end. He tried to get the driver of the van he was pulled over in killed, and then pulled a piece on the hordes of police.


Cat Laser Bowling

Involves cat, cups, towel and laser.

Product of dad being bored one afternoon. STRIKE!


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Medicare Fraud Highlights How Do You Remove 18 Toenails

A crime sweep nabs 111 alleged fraudsters.

Here are the skeeziest allegations


Ferrari FF Spotted By Passing Dog Sled [Vid]

Most remain divided on the styling of the new Ferrari FF and its controversial shooting brake bodystyle, and it seems no amount of official photography is going to persuade its detractors.


Why the Vampire Spider is Attracted to the Smell of Human Feet

Spiders that search out the scent of human feet!


Man Was Forced to Eat Part of Ear

Irish police are investigating claims a 21-year-old homeless man was forced to eat part of his own ear during an attack in County Kildare.


Best mens bathroom redesign ever PIC

Best men's bathroom redesign ever (PIC)


13 Fictional Characters Youd Love To Drink a Beer With

There have been many great fictional characters who people wish could have walked the Earth.

It can be argued that during their fictional lifetime, they became some of the most influential characters the world a has ever seen.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Linux News Community Is the Shade Coming Down on the Windows Era GodSpeed

If the human brain can be compared to a search engine, it seems fair to say that most of us tend to scan the news each day for search terms and phrases that support our existing point of view.

That, indeed, could explain why a recent post over at the Linux Foundation has drawn so much attention on the Linux blogs. "HP to Put Linux in Printers and PCs: It's the End of an Era for Windows" was the title of Executive Director Jim Zemlin's post.


Seven Tools To Start Your HassleFree HTML5 Project

Thanks to these excellent gems.


Americans Worry Health Information Will Show Up On Internet

Patients in the U.S. trust their physicians, but not the electronic health records those doctors are now implementing.

In fact, many worry that their health information will someday be used by criminals for blackmail or by companies to choose who they should hire.


Redbox Prepping Movie Streaming Service Could Partner With Amazon

Redbox already took down chain DVD rental outlets, and now Coinstar is expanding the popular DVD rental brand to the web with a movie streaming service.


Thursday, 17 February 2011

Google to Launch Subscription Service

Google announced a new online-payment system that will allow consumers to access published material across a range of devices and give magazine and newspaper publishers control of customer data.


Did Intel Just Leak The New MacBook Pros

Could his beautiful, svelte, and decidedly black laptop be the new Macbook Pro that should land in stores on or around...


Facebook Will Be Baked Into Dozens Of Mobile Devices This Year

But this is only the beginning


Steve Jobs Receiving Treatment At Cancer Clinic Where Patrick Swayze Was Patient

Steve Jobs - who is on another medical leave of absence from Apple, the company he co-founded and manages as its longtime CEO - is receiving treatment at a cancer clinic where Hollywood star Patrick Swayze was a patient in his final days.


Infographic How Netflix is Destroying Blockbuster

How is Netflix destroying Blockbuster in the movie rental wars? There is an infographic for that.

Its filled with a bunch of interesting facts like, did you know that Netflix has more subscribers than the entire population of Australia?


Topics the Future of Finding Content on Digg

So, did we miss this in the news or have we all overlooked something amazingly cool that will soon influence the way we view and discover content on Digg?


Freedom Box Freeing the Internet one Server at a time ZDNet

Eben Moglen, renowned free-software attorney, has proposed a new open-source software-based approach to the Internet to avoid censorship, network restrictions, and centralized control.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

John Boehner doesnt give a sht if you lose your job because of Republican spending cuts So be it he says

If House Republicans succeed in cutting tens of billions of dollars in discretionary spending over the next six months, some of the most immediate victims will be federal employees, many of whose jobs will be slashed as their agencies pare back.

At a press conference in the lobby of RNC headquarters Tuesday morning, House Speaker John Boehner shrugged this off as collateral damage.


A Glass of Red Wine Can Enhance the Positive Effects of Cancer Drugs

The ingredient resveratrol which naturally occurs in red wine enhances the effects of a drug used to combat the disease.


What if You Marry Kinect with a Roomba Vacuum

OK, so a Rumba robotic vacuum is, by it's very nature, hands free.

But what if you wanted to direct it now and then, but still, heaven-forbid, touch it? You can give it a hacked Xbox Kinect interface... and it doesn't suck even.


BBC News South Sudan Jonglei attack by Athor rebels killed 200

Some 200 people died, including civilians chased into a river, during last week's fighting in south Sudan, officials say.


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Man Arrested for Videotaping 140MPH Drive for YouTube

This dumbass forgot that driving 140 mph would simply get him thrown in jail--and the video footage? That's what prosecutors call "exhibit A."


Who wants to be tased A Michigan TV reporter gets his wish granted at a police chief convention

A Michigan TV reporter who wanted to be Tasered on camera for a news segment got his wish today.


Website for Egyptian Presidency best under construction page ever

Got that right, bub.

Link. via Jon Jensen.


Are climate change deniers worse than paedophiles Warming alarmists are getting desparate

If people like Charlie Spencer � touchstone of Middle English values � are starting to lose their faith in the AGW Consensus� (and I believe they very much are) then the situation for the Warmist movement is indeed getting desperate.


Now youre just being pathetic MySpace [IMG]

I have no reason to go to MySpace. But after reading a Digg link, I hit their home page, and I see this...


We only have sex with the lights off [comic]

We only have sex with the lights off [comic]


Monday, 14 February 2011

How overseas inflation could hurt investors

Inflation isn't hitting your wallet hard, but it is lurking in your stock portfolio.


AOLs purchase of HuffPo is more about its CEO than anything else

When Tim Armstrong arrived at AOL in March 2009, employees were ecstatic.

So much so that some adorned the company's walls with posters featuring Armstrong's image above the word Hope;modeled after the famous campaign posters of a certain president.


Obama budget to cut deficit by 11 trillion

President Barack Obama's 2012 budget plan would slash the deficit by $1.1 trillion over 10 years, officials said on Sunday, but Republicans were unimpressed and vowed to push for deeper cuts in spending.


I Beat Anorexia Pic

This is how easy it is to beat Anorexia


Sunday, 13 February 2011

Phantom of the Floppera

Test run of my (d)iskette (O)rgan doing Toccata & Fugue.People have made floppy drives sing before, but this is my personal take on it.Features two 3 1/2...


Man dies in ER parking lot after the hospital tell police to call 911 instead of treating him

Officers ran into the ER to seek help from medical personnel, and were told to call 9-1-1 for an ambulance.


Sarah Palin Faked Pregnancy Says Woman Who Claims To Have Had Affair With Todd Palin

Shailey Tripp is now in the middle of two raging conspiracy theories.

After claiming that she had an affair with Todd Palin, the massage therapist now indicates that Sarah Palin faked her most recent pregnancy.


Outdone again Pic

Outdone again (Pic)


Reallife Mario Kart is back Video

The return of Remi.

Mario drops into the grocery store and security less than thrilled.


Saturday, 12 February 2011

Digg Removing RSS Option For Publishers

In a step backwards towards the old Digg, Digg Product manager Mike Cieri just sent out an email to partner publishers stating the intent to remove the RSS submitted stories feature.

For those of you that remember, the RSS submission feature was how stories from the Reddit publisher account on Digg were sent to the Digg front page in a rebellion against the redesign of the site last August.
The email says the content is not performing well, which


Widespread Success of Solar Will Hinge on Smart Grid

Solar energy continues to be plagued by high costs, particularly with natural gas continuing to be plentiful and cheap. But the Smart Grid could be the lynch pin to overcome the obstacles and drive widespread use of solar.


Does the Government Believe in UFOs A Respected Researcher Says Yes

The UFO Reporting Center is known worldwide among UFO enthusiasts, as it is among law-enforcement agencies and 911 emergency dispatch centers.

A one-man operation, Davenport, 63, who never married nor had children, works almost every day, "from wake-up to lights-out," and fully funds the hotline out of his own pocket�costs which can range from $500 to $5,000 a month, depending on how much he travels


The Year of Digital Energy Has Arrived

Its computers vs. climate change, and were rooting for the machines.

Can we harness the innovations of the global digital technology industry to save our planet?


Friday, 11 February 2011

Sopranos star Anthony Borgese in reallife mafia extortion case

The veteran character actor pleaded guilty to taking part in a brutal attempt to collect a debt using mob enforcers from the infamous Gambino crime family.


Porn Star Gets Pounded on Primetime Video SFW

Adult film star Taylor Wane made an unlikely appearance on ABC's hit reality-TV competition Winter Wipeout.

The adult actress appeared on the show under the name Joanna Dutremble.


12 Things Television Can Learn From Friday Night Lights

Get out your hankies: The series finale of 'Friday Night Lights' airs Wednesday on DirecTV, and the show's hourlong swan song is as wonderful and moving as you'd want it to be.


TVs Most Dateable Characters

In the spirit of embracing Valentine's Day, here's a list of TV's most dateable characters.

In the event that you spend the day alone, you can flip on your television or pop in a DVD, open that bottle of wine and pretend to have a date with a fictional character until you fall asleep making out with a pillow.


Thursday, 10 February 2011

PS3 jailbreak code retweeted by Sonys Kevin Butler no punchline needed

Travis La Marr (aka @exiva) tweeted the now-infamous PS3 METLDR root key towards Butler and challenging him to "Come at me." What's a spokeperson to do but confuse it for a Battleship refrence and retweet the entire code?


As Groupon Defends Its Super Bowl Ad HomeAway Apologizes

We dont know which has been more entertaining - watching how venture-backed companies spent their multimillion dollar Super Bowl ad budgets, or how they responded to the controversy created by their commercials.


This New 360 Game Comes with a Vibrator Pic Video

Eroge mastermind Romeo Tanaka is updating the Japanese adult visual novel Cross Channel (which saw a PC release in 2003, a PS2 update in 2004, and a PSP port of the PS2 game last year in Japan with the new subtitle Of All People) with a 360 version.

This 360 update of the PSP game, titled Cross Channel ~ In Memory of All People ~ will feature "original post-game scenarios, additional CG images, additional voice, and more over the PSP version." An


How much money you can get for that old smartphone [Infographic]

How much money you can get for that old smartphone? [Infographic]


Time It Takes a Hackers Computer to Randomly Guess Your Password

Time It Takes a Hacker's Computer to Randomly Guess Your Password


Donald Rumsfeld Saddam Hussein placed 60m bounty on my daughters heads

The ex-U.S.

Secretary of Defense said that the former Iraqi dictator offered the bounty to anybody who brought him both girls' heads.


Today Is The Day You Become A Man HandWelded ATAT Available For 450

Conceptually, this AT-AT made of old computer parts is amazing.

Its well-detailed, includes real battle scarring, and it looks like it could stand in for one of the AT-ATs in the second Star Wars movie, The Wrath of Kahn. Practically, however, I worry that this $450 model available now on Etsy in a limited edition of 1 is really a make or break situation for a collector. Do you buy this and accept that you will no longer see a member of the opp


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Airport security wait times based on trust

Proposals to change airport security checkpoints include the Transportation Security Administration using known information about travelers to apply different screening techniques.


Chipotle Under Fire From Feds For Undocumented Workers


Immigration and Customs Enforcement is preparing to crack down on 60 Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants in the D.C.-Virginia area in an effort to weed out undocumented workers, the restaurant chain confirmed Monday.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:


BBC News French PM Fillon says Mubarak lent him plane on holiday

French PM Francois Fillon says Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak lent him a plane and paid for lodgings during a family holiday at new year.


Lack of sleep raises your risk of stroke or heart disease

Scientists have discovered that a prolonged lack of sleep increases the chance of heart disease by 48 per cent and strokes by 15 per cent.


Florida Bans CocaineLike Bath Salts Sold In Stores

The powder, which is being snorted and smoked to produce a cocaine- and meth-like high, has sent dozens of users to emergency rooms after violent behavior and hallucinations.

Louisiana has also banned the product.


Without language numbers make no sense

People need language to understand larger numbers, a finding that may shed light on the way children acquire their number sense


Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Brad Bird Acceptance Speech Held at Gunpoint by Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg

The funny starts around 4:32.

Academy-Award winning Director/Writer Brad Bird receives the prestigous Winsor McCay Animation Award and accepts it via ransom video with some help from the stars of Mission Impossible 4.


The 10 Greatest NonFiction Star Wars Books

The first hint of what a success Star Wars might be came in 1976 with the release of the film's novelization.

That unassuming tome was the first brick laid in the foundation of what would become a publishing... empire. In the subsequent years, spin-off books have taught us that Princess Leia loves hot chocolate and Chewbacca should avoid moons whenever possible. From personal memoirs to insanely researched production resources, this list is your


8 Great Animated Sitcoms That Shouldve Lasted Longer

Many of these shows were either mega ratings bombs or were canned for not pulling in Simpsons-esque numbers.

As a result, these series were canceled after their first season and way before they should have been.


If Movie Happy Endings Were Awesome [COMIC]

If Movie Happy Endings Were Awesome [COMIC]


The 6 Crappiest Interview Questions The Oatmeal

Where do you see yourself in five years?


SNLs Church Lady I want a taste of that sweet Bieber video

Dana Carvey resurrected The Church Lady when he hosted 'Saturday Night Live' in a skit with Justin Bieber.


Monday, 7 February 2011

Essential headgear of the revolution

Essential headgear of the revolution


Controversy Rages Over Houston Cop Beating Tape

Controversy Rages Over Houston Cop Beating Tape - Shows Suspect Being Kicked, Punched


Happy 80th birthday grandma Nice one granddad

Happy 80th birthday, grandma! Nice one, granddad.


Old Spice Guy Takes an Elaborate Scent Vacation

The Old Spice Guy is back with a brand new commercial, and after his re-introduction last month, he's ready for even more action.


Woman to Wear Same Dress for a Whole Year

One woman has committed to wearing the same dress every day for a year for a project that's part lifestyle experiment, part cultural protest.


This is why I love college science departments

This is why I love college science departments.


Sunday, 6 February 2011

It May Be a Sputnik Moment but Science Fairs Are Lagging

As science fair season kicks into high gear, participation among high school students appears to be declining.

And many science teachers say the problem is not a lack of celebration, but the Obama administrations own education policy, which holds schools accountable for math and reading scores at the expense of the kind of creative, independent exploration that science fair projects require.


Construction Specialties Commits to Healthy Chemistry

Construction Specialties discusses its chemicals policy and how it's cleaned up its chemical use in making building products.


Should We Add Ronald Reagans Face To Rushmore

More than 100 public and private sites -- from Washington, D.C. to Ballyporene, Ireland -- boast the Reagan name.

Fans have even tried to get his visage added to Mount Rushmore.


Could we really blow up an incoming asteroid with a nuclear bomb

A recent NASA survey of space rocks in our solar system revealed 20 new comets, more than 33,000 asteroids and 134 other objects near Earth.

If an asteroid got too close, how would we defend ourselves?


Verizon Asks Employees to Hold Off On iPhone Purchase

The Verizon iPhone will be available to the masses next week, and pre-orders have already begun for existing Verizon customers.

It seems like good news for everyone, unless youre a Verizon employee.


Apple hires new lobbyists to influence federal government

Company to use pressure for 'innovation'


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Developers See Dollars In Android Improvements

Getting paid on Android has been a touchy subject for developers, who have had trouble turning their apps into big money makers.

But now Google has rolled out a new web store for Android Market and in-app purchases for apps that developers are hoping will kick-start revenues.


Apple iAds twice as effective as TV ads for Campbells Soups

A Nielsen advertising effectiveness study commissioned by Apple and Campbell's Soups to evaluate the soup brand's iAd campaign said viewers were twice as likely to recall seeing it, three times as likely to remember the ad message and five times as likely to remember the brand as viewers who saw it on TV.


Google Considers Bing a Serious Threat

Behind Google's public attacks claiming Bing is copying results lies the fact that the search giant is worried about Bing as a competitor.


Survey Half of Verizon smartphone users to take iPhone leap

A good many current Verizon Android and BlackBerry users polled say they're ready to move to the iPhone after it's released February 10, according to survey firm USamp.


Friday, 4 February 2011


Peterson 505K BLADELIGHTS Snow Plow Light Kit SPECIALTY LIGHTING SPECIFICATIONSThe Peterson 505K functions as a head light and turn signal for snow


NASA NASA Finds EarthSize Planet Candidates In Habitable Zone Six Planet System

NASA's Kepler mission has discovered its first Earth-size planet candidates and its first candidates in the habitable zone, a region where liquid water could exist on a planet's surface.


11 Horrible Vlogger Fails

List of 11 Horrible Vlogger Fails, featuring stupid videos from a variety of video bloggers.


Used Cheap Golf Balls

Buy 4 dozen Nike golf balls, receive 1 dozen for FREE*
Buy 8 dozen Nike golf balls, receive 2 dozen for FREE*
Buy 12 dozen Nike golf balls, receive 3 dozen for FREE*
*Excludes Nike One models and 100-ball specials.


Where Does Mubarak Run To

As violence in Egypt escalates, the question being asked is why Mubarak, after a 30 year reign, chooses to hang on to a few more months of power. Scott Horton thinks he knows.


Digital Downturn The 10 Biggest Tech Company Layoffs of the Recession

Take a look at the tech giants that have been hit the hardest by the most recent economic downfall.


The 12 Annoying Obnoxious People Youll Meet at a Super Bowl Party

Just like you can count on a "sexy cop" to show up at a Halloween party, you can count on this dirty dozen annoying and obnoxious individuals to be at your next Super Bowl bash.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Killzone 3 The Best Shooter Since Half Life 2

With Guerilla Game's flagship FPS franchise seeing its third major release (excluding Killzone: Liberation) later this month, now seems like a better time than ever to consider what to expect from Killzone 3.


New The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D images show a big improvement

See new shots of Link in action.


How ESRB Ratings Are Made flowchart

When a game company and a governing body love each other very much�


Undoing the Experience 9 Bad Habits in RPGs

When you play RPGs, you develop a lot of bad habits.

Some of them are easy to be rid of, but others�like those on this list, die hard.


Madden NFL 11 Steelers Will Win Super Bowl XLV

Cancel your weekend plans, stop making mountains of nachos, and send back all of those uncooked pizza rolls: the Steelers will win Super Bowl XLV according to EA's Madden NFL 11.

But, it'll be a...


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

100 Sled Dogs Slaughtered After Olympic Tourism Business Slacks

The story came to light only after the employee who killed the dogs had filed (and been granted) worker's compensation after he said he'd developed post-traumatic stress disorder from the gruesome ordeal.


Long before iPhones and Androids

Long before iPhones and Androids, there were these telephones from long ago.


The Rise and Fall of Yahoo Timeline

Within five years Yahoo! has gone from being the pinnacle of dot com success to a shadow of its former self.


Artificial Intelligence Based On Darwins Idea

There are too few ethicists contemplating scenarios of a future populated by out-of-control, differently sentient beings � a job science fiction writers have been doing for generations.

But when machines start thinking for themselves, there are no guarantees robots will be thinking about anyone else but themselves. Indeed, consider the robots at the University of Vermont that have already begun to evolve.


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tech 30 Hello Sleek iPad Goodbye Bulky Desktop Computer

The astonishing embrace of the iPad, coming on the heels of iPhone mania, will warrant a spot in technology history not only because it singlehandedly forged a new category of personal computing.

It will be remembered as the beginning of the end of the reign of the desktop computer.


Verizon iPhone LookALikes [slideshow]

Verizon iPhone Look-A-Likes [slideshow]


How to Use Keywords to Launch Almost Anything Quickly in Windows

What if you wanted to launch your Windows programs using keywords in the same way that you launch your bookmarks in Firefox or Chrome? In this article well show you how to setup keywords to open almost anything in Windows using keywords.

Believe me, this could go a long long way in decreasing the time you spent opening programs, files and folders.


ITU Finds 2 Billion Internet Users Worldwide 5 Billion Mobile Subscriptions

Following a weekend where much of Egypt had no Internet service at all, we're now seeing data that proves just how important the world wide web is to the society we now live in.

Just decades ago, there was no worldwide inter-connectivity. But the world has become a far smaller place with the advent of the Internet, and the UN's telecommunications...


Could Syria be the next domino to fall

There are a lot of similarities between Egypt and Syria and Syrians are following the Egypt protests carefully.

After Tunisia and Egypt, could Syria be the next domino to fall?


ATT Plans a Plethora of New Smartphones for 2011

AT&T is thinking ahead.

Knowing that Verizon will get a bigger portion of the market come February, the company has announced that they have huge plans for 2011. And that includes 12 new Android and 20 new 4G devices.


Android becomes No 1 smartphone platform Canalys Reuters

HELSINKI (Reuters) - Google's Android overtook long-time market leader, Nokia's Symbian, as the most popular smartphone platform in the fourth quarter, research firm Canalys said on Monday.All phone