Friday, 30 April 2010

DIY table cloth

Here's one you should like, just uploaded on my main site - Funtastic Plastic offer a white PVC Table Cloth that you decorate yourself.

The Table Cloth changes as time goes by and more and more notes, drawings and decorations are added.


CNN Reporter Quits After Network Denies Him Time Off

Michael Ware, the only reason to watch CNN, is leaving to recuperate from PTSD. "His work for CNN over the past four years has been an astonishing and brutally honest look at the causes and results of war.

Not easy subject matter to watch� but he made us care. His urgency and passion burst through our television sets and made us pay attention."


FactCheckorg fact checks Politicians tweets

For politicians, 140 characters is more than enough to make false and misleading claims. found several examples of tweets in the past several days from both parties that misinform their followers, from reinforcing misperceptions about their opponents to making flat out false claims.


German hotel hits back at Laura Bush poison theory

A German hotel where George W.

Bush stayed in 2007 angrily rejected Thursday claims by his wife Laura Bush of possible poisoning, accusing her of a publicity stunt for her memoirs. "We see absolutely no evidence to support (these allegations) at all," said Christian Ploeger, a spokesman for the hotel."The food was checked by security staff."


The Worlds Most Bizarre Collections [Slideshow]

If you can name it, someone collects it.

A gallery of collectors and their (unusual) obsessions


The History of Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie has, in some form or another, graced ladies' bodies for thousands of years.

It's only in the last century or so that things have gotten, shall we say, sexier. Check out this history of some of the more enticing things women wear.


Man stabs 28 children at kindergarten in China

A jobless knife-wielding man attacked and injured 28 young children and three adults at a kindergarten in eastern China on Thursday in the third school stabbing frenzy in a month, state media said.


Toktumi Line2 has an answer for ATT iPhone hangups

Even if you love your iPhone, you may not love AT&T.

Cell reception can be unreliable. Toktumi hopes to fill the gap with Line2.


Thursday, 29 April 2010

Although humans best friends

From my main blog : might hardly be able to read, they deserve this purr-fect gift with their personal bowl.

Wagging tails guaranteed.


Want to Meet Facebooks Mark Zuckerberg Heres How

Facebook privacy holes "let you see where strangers plan to go," Even founder Mark Zuckerberg was caught in the loophole -- here's an API stream of Zuckerberg's public (i.e. open) events.


9 Ways to Get Paid to Be Outside

There are plenty of opportunities to work outside and earn some extra cash in your spare time (and they don't all require an "outdoor office").


AOL Sells Instant Messaging Service ICQ To DST For 1875Mil

AOL has officially sold the pioneering instant messaging service ICQ to Russian investor DST (who also is a big investor in Facebook) for $187.5 million.

In a release, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong said "As AOL continues its turnaround effort, were fortunate to find a great home for ICQ with DST."


Respect The Pig pic

Just your basic 'Pig-With-Giant-Balls-Confronting-An-Old-Lady' situation...


Comcast Wins Worst Company In America Award

Comcast beat runner-up Ticketmaster in the last round of voting by a margin of 59 to 41 percent -- ending a two-year losing streak that saw it crushed by AIG in 2009 and run over by Countrywide Home Loans in 2008.


Piracy problems Music industry grew in 13 markets

The recording industry saw revenue growth in Sweden, Australia, the UK, Mexico, and South Korea in 2009, which it says was caused by tougher anti-piracy laws.

The data doesn't really support that thesis, however. What it does show is that innovation works wonders and that the labels are overreaching on Internet disconnections.


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Become a belt designer

From my blog - By chance I walked into their store today, but of course you can do it all online: Out of a big range of buckles and belts you can combine the one buckle&belt combination that fits you or the person that deserves it best.


Study Fair Use Contributes Trillions to US Economy

One study after another purports to chronicle how much intellectual property piracy hurts the economy, and contributes to every societal ill from terrorism to child porn and slavery.

A new study sets out to examine intellectual property in a different light. How unauthorized fair use of copyrighted material actually benefits the economy...


Where Arizona Got Its Immigration Policy [CARTOON]

Steve Benson discovers the source of Arizona's harsh anti-immigration laws.


The State of FlatPanel TVs Infographic

Prices on big-screen flat-panel TVs have taken a steady plunge in the U.S. since the first plasmas went for over $10,000 in the late nineties.

But that's for no lack of quality or demand. This infographic takes a closer look at current and future trends of the flat-panel TV trade in the United States.


Oh God Kill It With Fire pic

Oh God, Kill It With Fire! (pic)


Police Seize Gear From Gizmodo iPhone Blogger

We knew it was coming...


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Your mix of news in a printed version DAILY

Here's one you should like, just gone up on my blog - Unfortunately only in german, but that sounds great to me: niiu is a customized printed daily newspaper not in your inbox, is delivered daily to you on paper.

The best feature of that new business idea is that you choose & mix pages and ressorts from regional, national and international newspapers plus relevent content from


10 Greatest Undrafted NFL Players Gallery

Check out the new list of players who were great in the NFL but never got drafted.


Why Climate Change is Making Your Allergies Worse

A new study from the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) suggests allergies will likely become even more fierce if the planet continues to heat up.


Rude Man Beaten and pelted with pasta

A Roxbury man who apparently didnt show enough chivalry was hit with a plate of pasta, punched, kicked and beaten with handbags by two women who told investigators they needed to teach him a lesson� for not holding an elevator door for them, Boston police said.


The National Debt A Tsunami of Red Ink

Please notice the trend.

We are continuing along the same path. That path will cause a monetary crisis. It is a mathematical certainty. Take a look.

Source: ink 1.png

Clean Water Restoration Act just another land grab

>...Adler presents the legal background of the CWRA and argues that it represents a massive land grab that has no connection to the original intent of the CWA....>>


Monday, 26 April 2010

Licence plate for juniors

Here's one you should like, just uploaded on my blog : Here is something for juniors.

You can customize a stroller plate for your little one�s or the stroller of your friends.


Simon Johnson When Will Chris Dodd Start Taking Yes For An


Chris Dodd is a tactical legislative genius--keep this clearly in your mind during the days ahead. In terms of maneuvering for the outcomes he seeks, managing the votes, and controlling the floor, you have rarely seen his equal. The presumption is that Senator Dodd is negotiating with one or more Republicans who are easiest to bring on board.


How Gizmodo Monetized an iPhone Spectacle

When the gadget blog Gizmodo paid $5,000 for an iPhone prototype, questions were raised about publishers providing money for information.


100 Days of Work Money Matters This extended length Special Edition episode of 100 Days of Work finds Ilario Pantano at Iron Gate Partners in Wilmington discussing economic policy, regulation, and taxation.

Throughout this series Ilario has explored economic solutions with all types of business owners and operators in South East North Carolina


While agencies disagree old mine pit keeps filling

A disagreement between two government agencies has stalemated a solution to a big problem for the Iron Range town of Bovey.

That's where a nearby mine pit continues filling with water that could inundate Bovey if not stopped.


Arizonas Shameful Immigration Bill

It is nothing short of astonishing that Arizona Gov.

Jan Brewer Friday signed a bill that could make it dangerous just to look Hispanic.


Dan Goleman Earth Day Every Day

Every day can have meaningful eco-consequences if we make shopping a vote for a better planet and use new tools, like, that tell us about the ecological impacts of a product.


Sunday, 25 April 2010

become a bookcharacter

Hopefully you'll like this one, just uploaded on my main site : We�ve seen photobooks and home made movies, but this seems a very personal mashup.

You can choose between 8 prefab stories and add the images of the characters by yourself and make a personal book. Could be for you, or forsomebody else of course. Suggestion to Let people write their own stories.


Personal Finance Roundup Does Going Green Save Money

Going Green

There's no doubt that going green is the new thing to do.

With designer reusable bags and eco-clothing costing a pretty penny, it can seem like going green is expensive.

But is it really? Shouldn't going green save us money in the long run? We gathered up some posts from around the web to find out


George Will Japanese American heroes bereft of bitterness

Susumu Ito's parents moved from Hiroshima to become sharecroppers near Stockton.

Thus began a saga that recently brought Ito, 91, to the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, where he and 119 former comrades in arms were honored. While his army unit was succoring survivors of Dachau, his family was interned in a camp in Arkansas.


Afghan Exit Strategy Wont Remove Troops Will Last Decades

Amazingly, initial indications are that the exit strategy� wont involve actually removing any troops, but instead will hand over select provinces to the Karzai government while keeping the NATO troops there too for support.

This handover� is expected to last decades, though officials were quick to note it was not calendar-driven.�


The Brokest Generation Ever

All their lives young Americans were taught if they studied, got an education, and worked hard the American Dream would be waiting for them. But now millions of them are learning a different reality.

Source: businessinsider (Business Insider)&utm_content=Google Reader

The Histories Of Fighting Games [Infograph]

Here's a look at both the peaks and valleys of the fighting genre, as explained by Capcom, and the countless non-Capcom fighting games, as selected by Kotaku, that helped shape the landscape of fighting titles over the past two and a half decades.


The Rise of the FleetFooted StartUp

A fresh approach to creating companies has attracted much attention in the last year or so among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, technologists and investors.


A grizzly bear vs cariboureindeer

From ...


Saturday, 24 April 2010

Make your own stamps

Here's one you should like, just gone up on my blog - Oh no, it�s not about potato-stamps, is a real offer of Austrian Post: You can create individual Stamps for snail-mail letters.

They thinK BIG, so they start at 100 stamps (means roundabout 200 ), so it�s not the cheapest gift, but I would call it a highly individual and personal present.Plus I just figured out


Chris Berman The Fastest Angriest Index Finger in Football

Chris Berman was not happy with a decision his producers made last night.

In response, he morphed into an angry orchestra conductor.


Lady Gaga VS Hitler [PIC]

Gaga takes on her most formidable foe to date.

Don't miss it!


Method developed to identify musical notes at any venue

A team of telecommunications engineers from the University of Jaen (UJA) has created a new method to automatically detect and identify the musical notes in an audio file and generate sheet music.

The system identifies the notes even when the type of instrument, musician, type of music or recording studio ...


Diplomats Iran agrees to more IAEA overview

Iran has agreed to give the U.N. nuclear monitoring agency greater inspection and monitoring rights to a sensitive site where it is enriching uranium to higher levels, diplomats said Friday.

The move � indirectly confirmed by a senior Iranian envoy � comes as Tehran mounts a diplomatic offensive meant to stave off new U.N. sanctions for its defian


Why its possible to fly near Eyjafjallajokull

It seems like a disconnect: Most of the media stories about flights grounded because of Iceland's volcanic eruption were accompanied by spectacular aerial photographs of the volcano.

That flashed through the mind of ABC News' Neal Karlinsky when he flew over Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano twice during the past week, even landed on the crater.


X37B unmanned space shuttle to be launched tonight

It looks like the space shuttle's more diminutive cousin - but experts say it was created with technology from a generation beyond.

The U.S. military is poised to launch the mysterious X-37B unmanned winged spacecraft tonight - but what America plans to do with it there is anyone's guess. The mission has been wrapped in secrecy from the get-go.


Friday, 23 April 2010

fold a gift

Here's one you should like, just uploaded on my blog - Easy thanks to the instructions, last minute because everything is online, almost for free because a piece of paper you find in any household: on origami club you can pimp up your gifts and make even (maybe) boring ideas look shiny. fold on!


CNBC calls Obama out for lying about taxes

A VAT would violate Obama's central campaign promise - a "firm pledge" that no family making less than $250,000 per year would see "any form of tax increase."


79 of Americans Dont Want Ronald Reagan on Their Money

Republicans have continued their push to pass a bill that would replace President Ulysses S.

Grant on fifty dollar bill with Ronald Reagan, but a new Marist poll found that people not only dislike the idea, but reject it soundly. 79% of those surveyed and 71% of Republicans don't want Reagan's smiling mug on the $50.


Obama Earth Day Flights Burn More Than 9000 Gallons Of Fuel

It happens every time a president leaves town to make an Earth Day speech.

Reporters scramble to point out how much fuel was expended so the President could talk about conserving energy and using alternative fuels.


Xbox 360 shipments top 40 million units worldwide

Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division had operating income of $165 million for the three months ending March 2010.

Microsoft shipped 1.5m X360s worldwide, down 12% year over year.


Borneo Rainforest New Species Found Include LungLess Frog

The search for the new species was part of the Heart of Borneo project that started in February 2007 and is backed by the WWF and the three countries that share the island.


Thursday, 22 April 2010

Bling Bling Blingee

Here's one you should like, just uploaded on my blog : It�s not about the cute dog, the virtual gift is the blingbling around it.

On you can easily set up an image for your social platforms or as a e-card or gift card for birthdays, anniversaries etc.


General Motors repays TARP loan in full

The Treasury confirmed that GM had repaid in full the $4.7 billion balance it owed under the government's Trouble Asset Relief Program, five years before the loan maturity date and ahead of an accelerated repayment schedule set last year.


Google Tries to Wriggle Out Of US Energy Rules

Google took aim at new standards on heating, refrigeration, and air-conditioning, saying that while efficiency requirements should be set, groups shouldn't dictate how data centers achieve it.


GOP Rep Broun Beware Tyrannical Govt Mother Jones

A GOP congressman calls on activists to reclaim the US from "domestic enemies."
At a 2nd Amendment rally in the shadow of the Washington Monument, Rep.

Paul Broun (R-Ga.) fired up an already boisterous crowd of gun lovers, sign toters, and self-proclaimed Constitutional defenders by railing against his "socialist" colleagues on Capitol Hill ...


Dexter Filkins Afghanistans Make Or Break Time NPR

New York Times foreign correspondent Dexter Filkins has just returned from Afghanistan.

He discusses what he's seen since the recent troop surge and explains the challenges the U.S. faces in trying to drive the Taliban out of the country.


ACTA Released Only Very Slightly Less Awful Than Expected

After fighting every step of the way to keep the ACTA secret, the USTR last week disengenuously proclaimed that it was finally time to make the international agreement public -- to "help the process of reaching a final agreement."


Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Name necklace

From my blog - In case your loved one�s name is Justine, you already found it.

But in any other case you can get your personal and individual namechain here. (Bad luck if your parents just followed their feelings and called you ''Rock �n�Roll" only letters allowed)


Young adults too fat to fight

More than a quarter of young adults are unable to meet physical requirements to join the military, creating a potential threat to national security.

Source: rss/cnn_latest (RSS: Most Recent)

Two NJ county GOP chairs announce support of Menendez recall

The chairs of two New Jersey county regular Republican organizations, one each in North and South Jersey, announced yesterday their support of the committee seeking to recall Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) from office.


Police Burglars Tunneled into Medical Marijuana Clinic

LAGUNA HILLS -- Three men tunneled into a medical marijuana dispensary in Laguna Hills from an adjoining business to steal marijuana plants, according to authorities.


Ezra Taft Benson comments on the Fairness Doctrine

A 40 Year Old speech by Dwight Eisenhower's Secretary of Agriculture, and President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Ezra Taft Benson comments, from the grave, on the evils of the so called "Fairness Doctrine".


Just What DO Teabaggers Want

They don't trust government.

They don't trust politicians. They don't trust science or scientists. They don't even trust an official birth certificates when they the issuing state provides a photocopy.


Modern Warfare 2 Warning Extended [VIDEO]

"You can't say they didn't warn you.

Over and over again."


Latino lawmakers urge veto of Arizona immigration law

Latino members of Congress Tuesday called on Arizona's governor to kill a state bill that would require police to determine whether people are in the United States legally, arguing that it unconstitutionally authorizes discrimination.

Source: rss/cnn_latest (RSS: Most Recent)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

no way go wild amp design your own shoes

Hopefully you'll like this one, just gone up on my blog : I couldn�t believe.

The Keds hype just arrived local stores in town and now that: you can go wild and customize every detail on the sneaker and even slap on images and texts. I wouldn�t suggest to write ''happy birthday" if you design it as a gift, but in case you know somebody who never


Man cries like a goat vice versa

This guy looks like its the first time he has expressed an emotion and he is not quite sure how to do it.


Saudi Billionaire Throws Money On Women

Talk about making it rain!


Software program claims to improve seniors driving skills

DriveSharp works with the idea that cognitive skills needed for driving can decline with age and can be strengthened with training, as muscles can be built by lifting weights.


10 Must Have iPad Apps for Bloggers

Complete guide which will let you start blogging from your iPad in no time.

Includes all the essential apps needed, everything from A to Z which you need to know.


US Housing Markets Facing Epic Hangover Study Says AOL Ne

(April 16) -- The housing crash that helped bring on the worst recession since the Great Depression will linger in the nation's hardest-hit real estate markets until 2025 -- or later.


Within the war family feuds

PESHAWAR, PAKISTAN -- Yar Dad Khan sleeps with a Kalashnikov assault rifle in his bed, primed for the day his cousin returns.


Monday, 19 April 2010

Unk Object in nearby galaxy sending mysterious radio waves

There is something strange is lurking in the galactic neighborhood.

An unknown object in galaxy M82 12 million light-years away has started sending out radio waves, and the emission does not look like anything seen anywhere in the universe before except perhaps by Ford Prefect...


Amazing New Gmail Feature [PIC]

The biggest problem with e-mail has finally been solved.


Sunday Funnies

And another edition Hits the stands....

Enjoy your Sunday


Study pins factors behind geography of human disease

If your home region has a hot, wet climate and a lot of different kinds of birds and mammals living in it, there's a really good chance the region will also contain numerous kinds of pathogens that cause human diseases.


Personalised Star of Fame Star of Fame Foundation

Posted this on my blog : Who does not want to become famous? And from now on you don�t have to apply or sign somebody for �"Big Brother" anymore.

You get a framed star certificate personalised with any name you want and also an individual lovely message from you if you want. �Whoever will receive that present even be added to


Naked Chinese Man vs Modern Society [NSFW]

Only in Jap...



MIT Working On Wireless Power CordFree HDTVs Within Sight

Wireless power remains one of the Holy Grails of electronics; even with wireless video and audio solutions in the market, there's still a power requirement that demands at least one cable.

It's the reason that wireless surround speakers can't easily be mounted anywhere; you still have to run power to each one.


Sunday, 18 April 2010

An Open Mind

Putting free courseware online was a first step in reimagining education.

What now? Wiki Us, smart courses and, maybe, learning.


Dr DoesItAll

Mehmet Oz publishes books, writes for magazines and newspapers, hosts TV and radio shows and still performs surgery.


Will Terrell Owens Land in Seattle

Terrell Owens is 36 years old and not the player he once was, and his 55 catches in 2009 were a full-season career low.

Add in his well-earned reputation as a me-first team-wrecker, and you have to wonder if anybody would sign him at this point.


Oh look he thinks its his mommy

My ex did the same thing one time.

Only instead of a boob on a statue, it was a...


A cut above

A necessary sequel to one of the greatest movies ever made.


Saturday, 17 April 2010

Famous Exiles [Gallery]

Famous Exiles [Gallery]


Why are people rebelling against lower taxes

Most Americans don't know they got a tax cut last year, according to a New York Times/CBS News poll.


Google shares slide amid Schmidt speculation

Google Inc shares fell more than 7 percent on Friday after its quarterly results came in short of expectations, leading some analysts to cut price targets on concerns about growth.


Who is here PIC

Who is here? (PIC)


Pole Dancing Cat Video

Need I say more?



Seriously, don't do it.


Read our lips no new taxes and to hell with the results

Money's so tight in Colorado Springs that the street lights are dark and the police have had to sell their helicopters on eBay.

Yet residents are ecstatic. David Usborne on a small attack on big government


Friday, 16 April 2010

Otarian The Planets Most Sustainable Restaurant

Otarian - The Planet's Most Sustainable Restaurant


Bachmanns Tea Party rally cost taxpayers nearly 14k

Several ethics attorneys and experts said that the spending on the Washington event likely fell within congressional rules....


Jobless claims jump in postEaster volatility

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of U.S. workers filing new claims for jobless benefits unexpectedly soared last week as applications held back during the Easter


What the MA Senate Race Says About the Fall Elections

Analysts who take the Massachusetts special election shock seriously see it mostly in terms of recycled mantras from the Clinton administration. "It's the economy, stupid." But this is plainly too glib.


Burgundy Interviews Lansbury

Burgundy Interviews Lansbury


Homegrown solo terrorists as bad as AlQaeda FBI chief

Al-Qaeda still aims to strike inside the United States but home-grown or unaffiliated extremists now "pose an equally serious threat," FBI chief Robert Mueller warned US lawmakers Thursday.


Thursday, 15 April 2010

4 Unlikely Famous People That Struggled With Debt

You would never guess these guys had any financial troubles.

Source: Unlikely People That Had Debt and Bankruptcy Problems &id=990

US Must Start to Rein In Deficit Bernanke Says

The Federal Reserve chairman said Wednesday that the government had to make difficult choices� to address its gaping deficits and warned that postponing them will only make them more difficult.�


NPR Economic Doubts Linger

"There is a tendency right now for everybody to get perhaps overly enthusiastic," says Dennis Jacobe, chief economist for Gallup. "The economy has struggled for a long time.

The latest economic data is all pretty positive, particularly compared to where we were a year ago. But I think it's right to be kind of cautious at this stage..."


Insider Palins Show Is quota New All Time Low for Discoveryquot

Last week Discovery had its annual sales conference for ad buyers for all of its 13 networks.

The presentation showcases all of their new shows across the different networks. That night the presentation was on Sarah Palin's Alaska.
Our source says "the whole thing [was] comical." Apparently the ad buyers were not impressed.


Dell We May Never Build Another Data Center

Dell executives have concluded the steady march of technology has made the need for new computing facilities a thing of the past.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010

French City Imposes Secret Tax on Human Energy

The city of Toulouse, France, is installing power-generating tiles in the sidewalks in the city center, using people power to create electricity to power nearby street lamps. The move is one of the latest in attempts by municipalities and companies to find ways to capture activities from daily life into energy-generating activities.


WalMart chairman Go green for money not image

The massive retailer's bet that "going green" would be good for business has paid off because Wal-Mart has focused on reducing waste and efficiency, not altruism, says former CEO and chairman Lee Scott.


Google unveils nextgen Google Docs

Google is set to roll out the next version of its popular Google Docs, with increased collaboration meaning that 50 people can work on the same doc at once, but a lack of Gears support meaning that offline editing is disabled.


Video Web Wizard

Also if you're interested in Video Web Wizard ...


The Dark Side of the Force has its Perks PIC

Sometimes it's good to be the Dark Lord.


Financial Reform Bill May Not Be Strong Enough

Stiglitz says there is a real risk the financial reform bill will do too little.
It's hard to claim as some in the financial industry do that, almost two years after the system's near collapse, Congress is moving with undue haste.

One might hope that out of this slow, deliberative process would emerge a finely tuned bill, weighing cost/benefits...


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Driver Checker review

New with offline driver update.Offline driver analysis is a brand-new technology to help you get the hardware analysis from an offline computer and run it on an online computer..


NY Senator Gillibrand Lets nationalize grocery stores

Democrats are communists.


Pulitzer Prize Winners 2010 Wash Post Wins 4 NYTimes wins

Columbia University has just announced the winners of the 94th annual Pulitzer Prizes. below are the journalism winners, awarded on the recommendation of the Pulitzer Prize Board:


Senate Republicans Block Over 100 Bipartisan Bills

Much has been made about Senate Republicans abuse of the filibuster, which has skyrocketed in recent years.

But less attention has been devoted to how Republican obstruction has held up hundreds of other important pieces of legislation, many of which passed the House with overwhelming majorities and strong bipartisan support.


Psychedelic Mushrooms May Help Treat Drug Addiction

Congratulations drug addicts -- doctors hope to prove that the cure for your addiction is the actual cause of your affliction: More drugs!