Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Look At PostGraduation Regrets

According to a survey conducted by Adecco, 71 percent of recent college graduates wish they had done something differently in college in preparing for the job market.


Apple From a Computer to a Lifestyle in 16 Easy Steps

Jobs and Apple have been integral in the evolution of computing as we know it and, today, Apple is not just a technology company, its a lifestyle.


Memories Through Photography PIC

A cool artsy way of revisiting someones past.


Yo Quiero Redemption Taco Bell Considers Suing Company That Sued Them

The lawsuit that claimed Taco Bell was serving fake beef was dropped earlier this month, but the company is still as unsettled as a just-neutered Chihuahua.


The Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Cupcakes

#2: Cupcakes bring a smile just by looking at them.


China to ban smoking in enclosed public places from May 1

China set to introduce new rules on smoking in public.

China is set to introduce new nationwide smoking rules by 1 May in an effort to cut cancer-related deaths.


Get That Cucumber Out of Your Mouth

Sliced cucumbers tossed with earthy alfalfa sprouts, sprinkled with coarse Fleur de Sel ... it's a perfect, healthy recipe to refresh on a hot summer day.

If it doesn't kill you!


Friday, 29 April 2011

IceT Declares Stephen Colbert Good in the Hood Video

"You don't do drugs," Colbert said, "but you do have plenty of street cred.

Do you know where I could score some pure, uncut cred? Because I'd like a little more cred."


The History of Wrestlers in Movies

A looks back at the likes of The Rock, Hulk Hogan, El Santo, Kevin Nash & Stone Cold as they attempt to turn thespian.

Plus, vampires and diarrhea.


25 Borderline Pornographic Album Covers NSFW

Gallery of 25 Borderline Pornographic Album Covers, featuring smutty art from all over the world.


Five Comic Book Characters That Would Make Great TV

With Smallville ending in a few weeks, Human Target (unfortunately) hanging on by a the skin of its teeth in ratings, The Incredible Hulk in pre-production and the Wonder Woman pilot now shot and awaiting word on series pickup possibilities, this is a great time to discuss what other comic book franchises would be well served by a live action TV adaptation.


The 25 Most Awesome Action Comics Covers of All Time

This week, DC is releasing Action Comics #900, a milestone issue for the comic that not only introduced the world to the Man of Steel, but kicked off the age of the super-hero way back in 1938.

That's why today, we're celebrating along with Superman with a look back at a legacy that runs through the entire history of modern comics by going through every single issue and coming back with a look at the 25 Greatest Action Comics covers of all time!


The Babes of Fast Five

The Fast and Furious franchise is always full of hot babes - and the latest offering is no exception.

Featuring the return of Jordana...


Jodie Foster Puts Hollywoods Problem with Female Directors in Perspective

Why do female directors only account for 7% of Hollywood movies? Is there a specific resistance from executives? The two-time Oscar-winner lays it out.


Thursday, 28 April 2011

Designer Makes LegoStyle Helmet That Reads Comics to Kids

Inspired by the comics in old LEGO magazines, UK-based designer Jonathan Robson has created an interactive comics-reading platform in the beloved LEGO idiom.


WHO warns of enormous burden of chronic disease

Chronic illnesses like cancer, heart disease and diabetes have reached global epidemic proportions and now cause more deaths than all other diseases combined, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.


Salt Americans think its low in sodium

Americans don't understand salt, nor do they know the wine limits recommended by the American Heart Assn.


One More Reason Religion Is So Messed Up Respected Theologian Defends Genocide and Infanticide

A respected, mainstream theologian is seriously arguing that as long as God gives the thumbs-up, it's okay to kill pretty much anybody.


Which US cities have dirtiest and cleanest air

How clean is your air? Most U.S. cities with the dirtiest air are getting cleaner but half of Americans still live in in areas where it's often difficult to breathe, the American Lung Association reports today.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

BBC to show mans death on television

The BBC has been accused of insensitivity over plans to broadcast the "final breath" of a dying man on television next month.


MIT Researchers Use Viruses To Build More Efficient Solar Panels

Teams of viruses can help build better solar panels by ensuring nanoscale components behave properly, according to a new study.

MIT researchers say their virus-assisted breakthrough could improve solar panels energy conversion efficiency by one-third.


My kind of art 72000 bottles of beer you can drink VIDEOPIC

Check out this exhibit by Cyprien Gaillard at Berlins KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

Its called The Recovery of Discovery� and consists of 72,000 bottles of the Turkish beer, Efes. Apparently, you can climb the pile of cases � at your own risk � and drink away. The rules are you cannot take any bottles out of the room or clean anything.


State of The Internet Fiber Fast Cities Faster Broadband

The last three months of 2010 were good for broadband, thanks to growing demand for high-speed connections and growing popularity of fiber-based networks in Asia and Europe, according to the State of the Internet Report put together by Cambridge, MA-based Akamai Technologies.

According to Akamai data, the global broadband adoption at the end of 2010 was about 61 percent with nine of the top 10 countries having ended 2010 with broadband adoption l


McDonalds Fries vs Wendys Fries FRY FIGHT

Natural cut, sea-salt covered fries from Wendy's goes head-to-head with the golden arches classic.

Whose fries will reign supreme? Let's roll the play-by-play.


Epic Meal Times Fast Food Lasagna VID

We got 45 burgers, a whole bunch of liquor and bacon.... this is Fast Food Lasagna.


Why gas prices go up much faster than they go down

You might have heard over the weekend that skyrocketing gas prices have finally "plateaued." If gas prices were like gravity, you would anticipate they would start plummeting soon.

Raise your hand if you expect that.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Every Secret Ingredient in Iron Chef America

Which one is your favorite? Digg, ad comment below!


xkcd Etymology

xkcd: Etymology


Florida Americas Weirdest State

Among journalists and news junkies, Florida is widely considered to be the state that generates the most weird news -- and the weirdest weird news.

But what is it that makes Florida so strange?


The 7 Most Impressive Examples of Animal Architecture

Animals have been cranking out architectural marvels since humanity was still trying to figure out how pooping works.


Monday, 25 April 2011

Church Police block Beijing Easter service

The site of a planned outdoor Easter service at one of China's largest independent "house" churches was eerily silent Sunday as police blocked more than 500 worshippers from leaving their homes and detained more than 36 for attempting to attend religious services in Beijing, church officials said.


ITS OFFICIAL Apple Has Brainwashed The Whole Country How Else To Explain The Lack Of Outrage Over Apples Secret Location Tracking

Just imagine if any other company had done this.


WikiLeaks Discloses New Details on Whereabouts of alQaeda Leaders on 911

Cache of classified military documents also offers tantalizing glimpses into operations of Osama bin Laden right after Sept. 11 attacks.


RETRO VIDEO So How Do Computers Work

Did you ever wonder how computers work? By magic? UFOs? Are vampires involved? There's lots of theories out there.

Let's ask an educational video from 1990 to see if it can shed any light on this "touchy subject."


Sunday, 24 April 2011

Your Worst Passwords Ever

Check out these unbelievable passwords that left you vulnerable and made you blush.


Amazon Malfunction Raises Doubts About Cloud Computing

Companies are expected to reassess backup and recovery after the interruption at Amazon Web Services.


Sony Makes it Official PlayStation Network Hacked

Sony has confirmed that it took its PlayStation Network and Qriocity service offline to recover from a hack attack


Awesome RoomSized Spirograph Machine [Pics]

Inspired by the harmonograph, a 19th century mechanical apparatus, Danish-based artist Eske Rex built a pendulum-driven machine that makes wall-sized drawings.


Top 10 Photography Hacks

Your digital camera, whether it's built in to your cellphone or it's a hefty DSLR, is an incredible creative tool. If you've only used it as it comes straight out of the box, however, you're only scratching the surface.


OnLive lets you share a game with a simple link

OnLive, the online game streaming company, is quietly introducing this weekend an interesting way to share a high-quality online game.

All you have to do is share a web page link.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

Slideshow Crazy Stuff That Has Happened on 420

Brace yourself.

You might want to sit down for this, especially if you're stoned out of your mind, which you kind of seem like you are (I can totally tell; everyone knows, actually).

Source: good/lbvp (GOOD Main RSS Feed)

The New Old Spice Guy [VID]

You may want to repeat the phrase "You smell like you look amazing" quite a few times�


5 Bad Ideas Humanity Is Sticking With Out of Habit

Old habits die hard.

And sometimes, they don't die at all.


Women Are Like Refrigerators [Pic]

So true!


Best college graduation sign ever [PIC]

We're sooooo proud...


When Unemployment Hits Hard [Pic]

Whatever pays the bills I guess


Not trying to discourage anyone but [Pic]

Not trying to discourage anyone, but... [Pic]


Friday, 22 April 2011

Infographic The HighEnergy Cost of Getting High

For 4/20 (a date we hear has meaning for marijuana enthusiasts), we take a look at all the electricity it takes to grow America's indoor pot.


White House announces plans to reduce prescription drug

President Barack Obama's administration unveiled on Tuesday a plan to fight what it calls a prescription drug abuse epidemic.


Is Roadkill Safe To Eat [wVid]

Several news sources have recently pondered, is roadkill safe to eat? The answer? Well, sort of.


The Most Dangerous High Paying Jobs in the World[Infographic]

If you have recently found yourself needing to make more money, and found a job that seems to pay too much to be true, think twice! Some of the worlds best paying jobs are also the most dangerous...


The USMexico Border Amazing Photo

Slight differences on each side


Scotland Yard plans preemptive strike against royal wedding anarchists

Scotland Yard is planning a &;pre-emptive strike� against anarchists who are planning to disrupt the royal wedding, senior officers have revealed.


Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lenovo Smart TVs Slated for Launch This Autumn

Lenovo is trying to take a good bite into the Smart TVs niche and has announced that production has kicked off.

The first models will be ready sometime in the second half of the year.


Government IDs 100 data centers for closure this year

The government is moving forward with its federal IT reform plans, identifying 100 data centers that could be shuttered by the end of the year and about 75 agency-identified programs to shift to cloud computing.


Googles Angels Others Back IO Turbine

The angels who wrote the first check to Google, also were the first backers of startup IO Turbine, which comes out of stealth mode today with details about its fundraising, its founders and its planned product for speeding up I/O bottlenecks on virtualized servers.


Zillow files for a smallish IPO

Online real estate company Zillow will join the wave of consumer Web companies filing for initial public offerings.


Smartphone Market Android vs NokiaRim

Nokia is suffering dramatic falls in market share worldwide, and RIM has seen a calamitous fall in its US sales - while the Android mobile operating system is streaking past rivals in almost every developed country to become the dominant player everywhere.


Microsofts Office 365 Opens For Beta Testing Cloud Office Apps For The Masses

Ever tried Microsoft's Office 365? Now you can! The company's long-awaited cloud productivity suite is now ready to be used, with the service opening up on Sunday night for beta use.

Final launch is still slated for sometime later in the year, but this opening is a major step towards that goal. Office 365 is designed to help small, medium...


Apple vs Microsoft By The Numbers

It's a matter of opinion which company makes the better operating system or is likely to grow its smartphone market share.

But data doesn't lie -- or exaggerate.


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What You Didnt Know About the Muppets

Odd fuzzy facts you should know before the reboot this Autumn.


Danny DeVito Quacked Out at Coachella [VID]

We didn't think it was possible -- but Danny DeVito upstaged his incredible dance performance at last year's Coachella Festival by rocking this year's in a duck mask.


The 22 Cockiest Songs Ever To Become Popular

Disclaimer: 98% of Hip Hop songs are cocky, so we apologize if your favorites didnt make this list.

We encourage you to add yours in the comments section below.


Doctor Who actress Elisabeth Sladen dies

A sad day for Who fans everywhere.

RIP Sarah Jane.


Joseph GordonLevitt Marion Cotillard Officially Added to The Dark Knight Rises Cast

To the surprise of no one, the long-rumored two-some of Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have been added to the already-bulging cast of The Dark Knight Rises.

What may surprise, however, is just which characters the Inception co-stars are playing.


Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Sir Richard Branson Sparks Lemur Relocation Controversy

Sir Richard Branson sparks controversy among environmental experts and conservationists with a plan to import lemurs to the British Virgin Islands and release them into the wild.


Man casually chats as tornado passes right by him

Video from Steven Hoag, who took it from the Fred's Food Club parking lot next to Walgreens in Wilson, NC, AS THE EF2 TORNADO is hitting Walgreens.


Every once in a while a Youtube commenter strikes gold [pic]

Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.


Burger King Whopper Bar Replicates Japans Meat Monster

It starts with a Whopper and piles on three bacon strips, two cheese slices, another beef patty, and a chicken breast.

Total calories: 1,160. But why should Japan have all the fun (and angina)?


Only in Holland Sexy Traffic Lights [PIC VID]

The traffic-stopping lights were changed by some ingenious and ever-so-slightly perverted prankster in a town in Nimwegen, Holland


Monday, 18 April 2011

7 ScienceEducation Battlegrounds of 2011 Wired Science

Less than four months into 2011, lawmakers in seven states have proposed nine pieces of legislation designed to undermine public science education.

It's a record-breaking pace on schedule to eclipse 11 similar bills proposed in 2009.


Farmer paints sheep orange to prevent rustling

A farmer painted his entire flock of sheep orange to discourage thieves, after rise in rustling.


Adobe throws in towel adopts HTTP Live Streaming for iOS

An upcoming version of Flash Media Server will use HTTP Live Streaming to send video to iOS devices as well as compatible HTML5 browsers lacking a Flash plug-in.


At least 40 killed in US storms as many as 14 in one NC county

A violent series of fast-moving storms churned north Saturday, ripping off roofs, toppling trees and killing nine people in North Carolina, according to the National Weather Service and a state representative.


Sunday, 17 April 2011

Man Drives Huffs Passes Out Drives Again

It's a loop of loopy behavior that might have gone on into infinity or its inevitable horrendous ending.

But more than one concerned citizen called police to report what they believed to be a man driving and then inhaling from an aerosol can...

Source: InvestigationDiscoveryStupidCriminals (Investigation Discovery %3

Keyjackers Steal Keys Leave Car

The Epps brothers of High Springs, Florida have long criminal histories.

This week they redefined the term senseless� crime...

Source: InvestigationDiscoveryStupidCriminals (Investigation Discovery : Stupid C

Funny and Odd Vintage Computer Ads [Pics]

Honestly I can't even imagine how computers used to have to advertise to get people to buy their products.�� This is before computers were a necessity.


Vandals Unleash New Weapon to Terrorize Neighbors Cheese [pic]

Please, anything but the cheese...


Bad Grammar Dooms Bank Robber

Give money, I gun.�It seems that Minneapolis apprentice felon Joe Nathan Michael had failed to provide the attention to detail that is so important to a successful crime: Make sure your threatening note is comprehensible.

Scrambling to recover, he cleared things up by explaining to the teller that he wanted all the money.

Source: InvestigationDiscoveryStupidCriminals (Investigation Discovery : Stupid Cri

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Apple White iPhone 4 is Real and Late

Reports are surfacing again, but wouldn't it make sense to just ship a white iPhone 5?


President Obama complains White House technology is 30 years behind

President Obama may be content using a slightly outdated (though admittedly secure) BlackBerry while on the go, but it seems that he's far more disappointed in the technology at the White House itself.


IOS 432 Jailbroken Already

The latest jailbreak works for the iPhone 4, the iPad, and the third- and fourth-generation iPod Touch.


Toshiba launches three new laptops

Toshiba are pushing out the boat by launching not one but three business laptops, the Tecra R840, Tecra R850 and Portg R830.

So what is the difference between these three new models?


Apple Slapped With a ClassAction Suit Over iPhone InApp Game Purchases

Apple is being hit by a class-action lawsuit after ruffling the feathers of few annoyed parents in Phoenixville, Penn.

The nature of the lawsuit concerns free iOS games that allow in-app purchases, which previously made it easy for children to run up their parents' credit cards with in-game purchases. Apple Insider reports that the parent [...]


Friday, 15 April 2011

The Most Influential Consumer Electronics

These five gadgets all changed the industry as we know it


A letter to my daughter [img]

Imgur is used to share photos with social networks and online communities, and has the funniest pictures from all over the Internet.


Thank Wes Craven And Scream For Making Zombieland And Tropic Thunder Possible

Just one year after the first Scream, Austin Powers sent-up bad spy movies.The first two, while a bit ludicrous, still operate as spy narratives themselves.

In 1999, the criminally underrated Galaxy Quest did the same thing for Star Trek.


US Congress Removes Wolves from Endangered Species List A Legislative First

Congress, for the first time ever, has removed an animal from the Endangered Species List.

Wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains were figuratively--soon to be literally--caught in the crossfire over the Federal Budget compromise made last Friday.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Geeky Banana Sculptures Are Very APEELing PICS

As Gwen Stefani would say, these banana sculptures are bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.


The Sex Ed Prank Pulled Off By An EighthGrader

The Reddit user named helloterence was a precocious prankster.

At thirteen years old, when most boys were still busy wondering what was going on "down there" (or lying about how much was going on down there), he sent his school into a panic by creating this official-looking memo and distributing it to all the class parents.


iPad 3 Not Much Different Than iPad 2 Say Manufacturers

Component makers think that the new rumored iPad 3 should only be an upgrade version of the second generation model, or a version that supports different communication format.


Two screen smartphone anything but ordinary

Its not uncommon for power computer users to have more than one PC monitor going at once.

That way, they can view different programs and tasks on different displays at the same time.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Bill Cosbys Latest Role Making Education More Equitable in New Haven

The opinionated actor and comedian is using his star power to mobilize low income communities around educational excellence.


Sorry no buttonless iPod Touch on the way

Sorry to kill any hopes and dreams out there, but there's actually no evidence of a buttonless Apple device in the works...


Lobster Balls Coming to Cruise Ships for Whacking Off

University of Maine bioengineers have made golf balls out of ground lobster shells.

Because the balls break down in water in about a week, the researchers say the balls could find an audience on cruise ships, where they can be whacked off the side of decks.


Google Invests in Worlds Largest Solar Power Tower Plant

Google is pumping more money into renewable, efficient, & clean energy.

It's counting on power towers to be part of solar energy's future.


Facebook Wins Legal War With Winklevoss Twins

A U.S. appeals court says they must accept their $65 million settlement from the social-networking site.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

6 Bizarrely Creepy Moments from the Mario Universe

It's a place where hitting a floating brick with your head and expecting money to come out is considered normal.

These games are classics, so we don't even stop to think about the absurdity of what goes on in them. For something to be considered creepy within that context it would have to be pretty messed up. Like, for example ...


GameStop Might Create Their Own Gaming Tablet

In an interview detailing the company's digital plans, Tony Bartel, president of GameStop, said that they are not ruling out to create their own gaming tablet.


Sony CEO says Nintendo devices are babysitting tools

SCEA CEO Jack Tretton thinks the Nintendo 3DS is for children, and that PlayStation devices alone will stand the test...


A Mass Effect MMO

Now this is a scifi MMO to get excited about.


Fast cars hot girls what more could you ask for

My ideal game...


Monday, 11 April 2011

LBP used to make a 1989 GameBoy Mario Land World 11

Pretty nifty job remaking the old game using Little Big Planet:


For Idaho Republicans Rape is Part of Gods Plan

Idaho Republican Brent Crane says no abortions in case of rape and incest because it's the work of the Almighty - yes, the God of the GOP is a Rapist


Sony Not Expecting PS4 Anytime Soon

This generation's console cycle is already looking to be longer than the usual five-year cycle.

While we are getting a successor to the PSP, it looks like the PS4 is not going to be with us in the near future.


David Cage Developers Should Approach Gaming like Poetry or Painting

Not too long ago, video games varied in genre, but in recent years the industry is gearing up for an all out assault on our love for explosions and multiplayer in the form of Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Quantic Dream head David Cage wants developers to try something new.


DICE Weve Already Made a Better Game Than Call of Duty

DICE Producer Patrick Bach is known to trump his FPS franchise - as he should.

Its also well known he doesnt think that much of the competition.� By competition he means the Call of Duty franchise. He has alluded to it, but has not named the franchise exactly� until now.


Video Games Help Stroke Victims Rehab Motor Functions

A new study has found promise in the use of gaming in stroke rehabilitation.

With the assistance of motion gaming devices such as the Eye Toy and the Wii, motor function of stroke patients in rehab programs improved by an average of 20 percent. Arm strength increased by nearly 15 percent, with nearly five times the chance for improvement. For all the technical info on the study, head over to Bloomberg Businessweek.


Hauntingly Compelling Top 10 Horror Games for the Xbox 360

Best Horror Games Xbox 360: We've sifted through the mass of titles on the Xbox 360 to find (number) of the most haunting & Scariest titles the system has to offer.

You'll want to play these games with the lights off.


Sunday, 10 April 2011

StumbleUpon Hits 1 Billion Stumbles Per Month

StumbleUpon is hot.

The discovery and recommendation engine that makes web browsing a lot like channel surfing just announced it's now handling 1 billion stumbles per month.


Samsung Launches the Sens SF311

The South Korean based electronics giant Samsung, has released the interesting Sens SF311 laptop and it will come with a 13.3 inch display complete with the firms SuperBright LCD technology.


Best Buy Gets Blacklisted From Selling the iPad 2

Although this comes in as a shocker, for the time being, Apple has decided to stop selling the iPad2 via Best Buy


Whats The Best Web browser

There is no computer program used as often as a Web browser.

Yet too many users never give the browser any thought, spending years with the default program installed on a once-new computer.


Justice Approves Googles ITA Deal With Conditions

The U.S.

Justice Department on Friday cleared Google Inc.'s (GOOG) planned $700 million purchase of flight-data company ITA Software Inc. but required several concessions from the search company to alleviate the agency's concerns that the deal would hurt competition.


YouTube Launches Live Streaming Page

Concerts, sporting events and interviews will be featured in real-time.


Saturday, 9 April 2011

The 2011 Chevrolet Volt More Electric Than Car

Despite what GM wanted you to think when it first launched its brand new 2011 Chevrolet Volt, its four-seat extended range electric car or plug-in hybrid does consume gasoline.


Baconalia Bacon Cologne And The Official Death Of The Bacon Meme

Its sad to watch people attempt to sustain the life of a once popular trend long after it has died out and everyones enthusiasm for it has dwindled back to normal levels of enjoyment Such is the life of the great bacon obsession of 2010


Americans Surpass French As Worlds Top Wine Drinkers

The U.S. surpassed France as the worlds largest wine-consuming nation in 2010, with wine shipments to the U.S. from California, other states and foreign producers growing 2% from the previous year to nearly 330 million cases, a record high for the industry, according to wine industry consultants Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates in Woodside.

The estimated retail value of these sales was $30 billion, up 4% from 2009. Total French consumption was


Google Bonuses Dependant on Social Media Success

Last Friday Page sent out company-wide memo, which was leaked to Business Insider, alerting all employees that 25% of their annual bonus will be tied to the success or failure of Google's social strategy in 2011.


Dear Boyfriend

Dear Boyfriend...


Kyocera Katsura Gaming Tablet Leaked

An interesting leak has revealed a new device from Kyocera.

Codenamed Katsura, it is a gaming tablet that is said to challenge the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play in the market by eating into the gamer tablet segment.


Friday, 8 April 2011

When HD TVs Are Too HD [COMIC]

Some shows weren't meant to be seen in HD, at which point they look like Mexican Soap Operas.


XMen First Class Fan Posters That Are Better Than Real Ones

X-Men: First Class made headlines this year when it released this batch of posters.

They looked like fan-made photoshop hack jobs, but it turned out, they were real and produced by the studio.


Newly Released FBI Files Support Conspiracy Theories in Biggie Tupac Documentary 2002

Back in 2002, documentarian Nick Broomfield released the documentary Biggie & Tupac, theorizing that Death Row Records exec Suge Knight and members of the LAPD may have been involved in the still-unsolved 1997 murder.

This week, the FBI released eight years worth of heavily redacted files on the case, including confirmation of some of Broomfields theories.


Tina Fey is Pregnant

Do you think Tina Fey's babies will grow up to be as funny as she is? If so, I hope she and husband Jeff Richmond keep having them.

We just learned that comedienne Tina Fey is pregnant with her second child and she's already 5 months along.


Tron 3 is Happening

Despite some people proclaiming Tron: Legacy a flop after its $44 million opening weekend, it now looks as if the sequel is definitely going forward.


The 8 Sexiest Men on TV Cooking Shows

Producers of food TV don't just care if a guy can cook � most stars of cooking shows these days have to be hot enough to make viewers' plasmas sweat.

Behold, dudes with the power to sear our tenderloins with little more than a long, slow look into the camera.


Thursday, 7 April 2011

Laughing With Hitler part 14

This BBC documentary looks at the clampdown on satire and other undesirable comedians as the Third Reich grew in power.

The plight of specific groups (or "art") tends to get lost in the scale of the much bigger human cost of WWII. However here the film looks at how satire and jokes at Hitler's expense were encouraged to some degree as he came into power but gradually anything deemed "subversive" was squeezed out and telling such jokes gradually b


Scrabble video

A perfect way to make a big announcement!


Someone Mailed Rep Peter King a Bloody Pigs Foot

More controversy comes to the controversial figure


Slow the Fck Down [PIC]

Slow the F*ck Down [PIC]


A Peoples Victory in Wisconsin Supreme Court Race Too Close To Call

Joanne Kloppenburg surged forward to a narrow lead over incumbent Justice David Prosser for the Wisconsin Supreme Court last night.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dont Stop Beliebing [Video]

The chaps play Journey on a giant piano, tailgate a Philadelphia Eagles game, somehow get our hands on a rifle and wage war on a teenage sensation.


Larry Curly and Woe A Brief History of Casting the Three Stooges Revival

A Three Stooges feature film has long been one of Hollywood's more desirable yet elusive projects in development.

Heres a brief history of commitments, conjecture, dropouts and deliberations trailing this movie for the last few years.


Lil Wayne Owes 56 Million in Taxes

The IRS dropped a massive tax lien on Weezy.

Helpful hint for the rapper: not paying would put you back to jail and there aren't NCAA brackets in there.


Geek Fight Damon Lindelof LOST vs George R R Martin Game of Thrones

Lost, Thrones Camps Square Off Over GRRM's Dis of Finale


7 Everyday Scenarios That Would be Awesome to Drive the Batmobile To

Driving the Batmobile would be awesome -- and even more awesome when used in everyday situations! All hail the BATMOBILE!


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Emotion Vending Machine Sells A New Kind Of Snack

Maurice Benayoun's interactive installation provides joy, anger and love like a diet Coke.


7 of the Most Disturbing Yet Kind Of Cool Japanese Inventions

While many other reports on inventions hailing from Japan have cited the weird, wacky and pointless (silly inventions termed chindogu, meaning useless ideas�), I decided to take it a step further.


Farmers Join Forces and Sue Monsanto Before Monsanto Sues Them

More than 60 organic farms and seed businesses teamed up to file a federal lawsuit against Monsanto's use of genetically-modified crops.


7 Reasons Vladimir Putin Is the Worlds Craziest Badass

Vladimir Putin is what happens when James Bond gets one of his villains pregnant and the child grows up to kick both their asses.


Monday, 4 April 2011

Can Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Win the Browser Wars

Microsoft's new browser is doing well but IE's market share is dropping.


Analog iPad 2

Sometimes, processor speed isn't everything.

Sometimes you want something kitschy and slow, that moves at 8 or fewer frames per second.


Unverified photo suggests Apple to add camera to 7thgen iPod nano rumor

A recently leaked photo purportedly shows Apple's seventh-generation iPod nano with a camera hole, though the report remains unverified.


How The Golden Years Disappeared

At 50, I made a startling realization: I was burning out, but nowhere near retirement -- and I wasn't alone


The RSA Hack How They Did It

A combination of a social engineering con and a zero-day attack was used to steal critical RSA information.


Top 10 Uses for Twitter That Arent SelfIndulgent

Since Twitter's inception, it's been looked down upon as a place for self-centered technophiles to share the mundane details of their lives.

We know better than that, though --here are our favorite ways to turn Twitter into a useful tool, without becoming one yourself.

Source:!5788266/top-10-uses-for-twitter-that-arent-self indulgent

Google Buzz settlement would give Google new privacy rules

When Google launched Google Buzz last year in a bid to challenge Facebook and Twitter, it drew an angry backlash from consumers and privacy advocates who complained that the company had disclosed potentially sensitive personal information about users without their knowledge.


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Rebecca Black fighting Ark Music Factory over Friday

It didn't take long for everyone involved in the Rebecca Black story to start squabbling.

Black -- whose song "Friday" hit Number 38 on Billboard's digital singles chart this week -- and her mother, Georgina Marquez Kelly, are accusing Ark Music Factory, which produced "Friday," of copyright infringement and unlawful exploitation of publicity rights.


Kanye West vs Bob Dylan Head to Head Language Battle PIC

Kanye West x Bob Dylan in this infographic mashup.


Seven Funny Clips from Your Highness

Danny McBride's raunchy medieval comedy "Your Highness" hits theaters in less than two weeks, and Universal has...


Charlie Sheen Hooks Up With Snoop Dogg For Torpedo Tour

Who knew Charlie Sheen and Snoop Dogg were homies?


James Cameron wants Avatar 2 to be 60fps 3D

Apr. 1, 2011 - When James Cameron finished Avatar, and 20th Century Fox released it in theaters, it set the bar 10x higher for both facial animation and CG generally in


7 Tarantino Films Immortalized in Art

No director has perhaps quite the cult following of Quentin Tarantino, and rightfully so.

The man has only made a handful of films, but practically all are are classics.


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Move Over iPhone Mobiado Aston Martin Concept is So Much Cooler

One of the little joys in owning an Aston Martin - and we're guessing there are many - is the little crystal key you get to start the car.

Sure, it has an enormously pretentious name, the "Emotion Control Unit", but the little glass sculpture is a pretty cool way to start your car. We bet it looks...


Full Hangover Part II Trailer Arrives And Brings The Party To Bangkok

Heres whats up according to the trailer: This time Stu is the one getting married and the boys go partying, only to wake up in a disgusting hotel room with no memory of what happened the night before.

Theyve lost someone (someone different this time) and they set out to find him. Thats also the plot of the first movie, except this time it takes place in Bangkok and theres a monkey. Good.


Helmets save lives BUT SOMETIMES




Nike Goes to Pot With Cheech Chong Shoe

Cheech & Chong, the '70s pot-smoking comedy duo, will be paid homage with an eponymous Nike sneaker on April 20, the unofficial international holiday for marijuana tokers.


Friday, 1 April 2011

Ford Apple Meet the iTruck

Sneak peak at the iTruck.


10 Virtually Empty American Ghost Towns

There are several counties in America, each with more than 10,000 homes, which have vacancy rates above 55%.

The rate is above 60% in several.


Photos from the Libyan uprising Pics

More Photos From the First Days of the Benghazi Uprising.


Republicans Plan to Halt Economic Recovery Through Mass Layoffs

Republicans plan to halt the economic recovery before the 2012 election by laying off thousands of of government employees.